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THE BUNKER #1 Print Edition Sells Out - Second Printing Coming

Check out the new cover and when you can get it.

We've talked about THE BUNKER on more than one occasion. The series by Joshua Hale Fialkov and Joe Infurnari started out as a digital comic (at A print edition was just released through Oni Press and it's been recolored and remastered. You can read our review HERE. If you've already purchased and read the issue, you can look forward to a special edition podcast with Josh and Joe this Monday to get some writer commentary on the issue and series. You'll find out they did more than just add color to the chapters (which are really amazing, by the way).

As for the first printed issue, it was just announced that the first issue did sell out. A second printing is on the way. Check out the glorious cover.

Issue #1 is sold out at the distributor level. You might still be able to find a copy at your local comic shop. Once they're gone, they're gone. Let your comic shop know immediately if you want or need a copy of the reprint. Cut offs are this Monday.

You can let your retailer know that the 2nd printing as well as Issue 2 are available using the following codes:

The Bunker #1 – Second Printing: JAN148063

The Bunker #2 – JAN141259

The second printing of #1 will hit stands on March 12th, and then issue 2 hits on March 26th, both in print AND on ComiXology.

Oh, and, if you have letters to go in our letter column, drop us a line We're prepping issue 2's column right now, so get your letters in.

And check back on Monday for our special edition podcast with Josh and Joe to hear more about the comic and series.

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Posted by longbowhunter

Great read, love the second printing cover.

Posted by MaccyD

Got a free copy from comixology, might read it now, always good to support indie devs.

Edited by CitizenJP

That's awesome! Good thing too cuz I haven't picked it up yet so hopefully this will be my chance! :O

Posted by DonFelipe

This would be a nice poster, too!

Good to see the print version is selling well, the second issue is coming up soon, and Joe & Josh will be on next week's podcast.

Edited by Zumafire

My store brought in 5 for the floor. Each time we sold one I kept saying,"I need to go out there and grab me a copy". ..... and then we sold out.. never got me a copy...

Edited by MadeinBangladesh

Awesome first isssue