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The Biggest News from Marvel Comics at Comic-Con 2011

What were come of Marvel's big announcements at San Diego this year?

Hey guys! San Diego Comic Con had a ton of HUGE announcements. Thanks to everyone who was checking out all the live panel action from myself and Tom Pinchuk during the week. We had a lot of fun and it was awesome getting the news directly to you.

That being said, maybe you missed out on something from the coverage, so let's take some tap to wrap up the major news we brought you from the Cup O' Joe, Amazing Spider-Man and his Avenging Friends, and the Marvel's Next Best Thing, and the Year of the X-Men panels.

== TEASER ==

Let's get right down to business. During the Cup O Joe panel, there was one GIGANTIC announcement. Jeph Loeb and Ed McGuinness will be working on a book called, "Cable Reborn" in December of 2011. They couldn't release too much else info, so we all have to be patient and wait on this one.

Season One starts next year and ends in May and it will be a great jumping on point for new reader since it takes a look at the first few years of some of Marvel's iconic character: Daredevil, Fantastic Four, Spider-Man and X-Men.

The series is meant more for new readers as origins may be touched on a bit more and there may be re-imaginings of older stories, but you'll also get some brand new stories from some great creative teams.

Marvel is releasing two short, live-action films featuring Agent Coulson. We got a very short sneak-peak at it, and the first of the two shorts, entitled "The Consultant" will be on the Thor Blu-ray, coming out soon.

There were a few big announcements during the Marvel's Next Big Thing panel that will rock your socks off. There will be some Avengers Origins one-shots in November featuring some of the Avenger's oldest team members: Ant-Man and Wasp, Luke Cage, Scarlet Witch, Vision, and Thor. These are all characters who haven't had their origin stories told too often, so it will be nice to see an update to these beloved characters.

Evil Deadpool! Daniel Way is writing this upcoming Deadpool storyline. Evil Deadpool is a collection of Deadpool's former body parts. It's Deadpool without a conscious. "Deadpool will be one of the most wanted people in the world... This is a big one."

Daniel says the storyline will lead to something much bigger.

Red Hulk heads off to Arabia starting in issue #42. Red Hulk will go up against the Secret Avengers. While that's happening, Greg Pak's run on Incredible Hulks continues.

Pak on Hulk: Certain themes are coming up. It’s been about a guy who’s insanely angry and wants to be alone, yet he surrounds himself with family.

The Hulk has been trying to protect his family and the final arc is called “Wishing Well.” Fin Fang Foom will be back.

Now onto the Year of the X-Men panel. There was a bit more talk about Evil Deadpool, but what stunned the audience more than that was that Cyclops will be gone after Schism ends. They did not say he would be dead or if he just left the X-Men, but when it splits into two books, Wolverine and the X-Men and Uncanny X-Men, Cyclops will not be around.

There's an important reason that Schism and Fear Itself both end at the same time, so keep an eye out for that, and X-Men Regenesis will be the next storyline starting in October.

Next up is the Amazing Spider-Man and his Avenging Friends panel. So much of this panel was about the upcoming storyline, Spider-Island. We even saw a video of Dan Slott being super-excited about it. Spider-Island is all about everyone getting Spider-powers.

There are many tie-ins to Spider-Island, and yes, the Venom book will tie-in. The only real big announcement that came out of the Amazing Spider-Man and his Avenging Friends panel was a single image.

They were asked in earlier panels if Ben Reilly would be coming back and they kept saying, "nope," so were they just deflecting questions, or will we see a return of Ben Riley? Maybe a ghost Ben Riley?

Who knows? We'll see where this takes us in 2012!

Thanks guys for reading and we'll have a DC wrap-up up soon! Make sure to check out all the San Diego Comic Con coverage, including the panels for more details and news we couldn't fit into here!

Amazing Spider-Man and his Avenging Friends panel

Year of the X-Men panel

Marvel's Next Big Thing panel

Cup O Joe panel

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Posted by Condriac

Can't wait for Spider Island

Edited by The Impersonator

Cyclops won't be around? I thought he's still the leader of the Uncanny X-Men. I just hope he's not dead. 
Anyways, Cable looks b@d@$$ on that poster. I have a question about his upcoming new comic. Will Cable Reborn be a mini or an ongoing series?

Posted by scnjedi

What of the announcement that Incredible Hulk is relaunching with Jason Aaron writing and Marc Silvestri on art? That was the Marvel announcement I was most excited by.

Posted by keith71_98

Hopefully they won't pull a "it's time to kill off someone else to get some press".
Posted by Mr. Dead Pool

Can I just say how funny Evil Deadpool sounds? Think about it. Evil DEADpool

Posted by GBrutality

maybe cyclops will do something so outrageous in schism that maybe he gets incarcerated or something along those lines.

Posted by shawn87

I'm excited for the Cable series

Posted by Bestostero

Not sure what to make of the Cyclops issue...

Posted by shiftplusone

I don't like the art on that cable image. The arm looks really stubby and like the angle is messed up.

Posted by RedheadedAtrocitus

Good stuff!

Posted by Michiel76

Okay some news got me excited a bit, but again a new jumping on point for new readers?
Sure i understand marvel for trying to get new readers on board all the time, but come on didn't we just have the whole .1 jumping on points?
Why not just reboot the whole MCU like DC does? imo this has been looong overdue.

Posted by jubilee042

cyclops gone  good riddance

Posted by SirSparkington

Cable could've stayed gone but if the story is good, I'll be there.

Posted by Nosfistis

Don't kill Cyclops! Seriously, don't. The character deserves better and still has lots of cool stories that could be told for him. Nightcrawler, Cable, Bishop. There's been enough drama for the sake of drama (since all those will be coming back sooner or later, Cable sooner) already. Although, I could see Cyclops gone for a few months if he indeed does #$%@ up big time in Schism.

Posted by inferiorego

@scnjedi said:

What of the announcement that Incredible Hulk is relaunching with Jason Aaron writing and Marc Silvestri on art? That was the Marvel announcement I was most excited by.

I'm just wrapping up the panels we covered. It wasn't announced at any of the panels we went to, which is weird because you think that would have been announced at either Marvel's Next Bes tThing or Cup of Joe.

Posted by doomsilver

Evil Deadpool!!!!
Posted by djotaku

Ever since the Schism thing started I've been saying that we didn't know Cyclops was going to lead the other team.  (See my comments throughout the site)  Glad to know I was right.

Posted by jcbart

Cable coming back?! It's been a year!  
Cyclops not being in comics? If they kill him after all his awesome development in the past decade I will rage. 
Oh great, just because Deadpool is now popular they decide to throw him into the spotlight of a big event regardless of whether it suits his character or not. 

Posted by SpidermanWins
@Condriac said:
Can't wait for Spider Island
Posted by TheCupcakeRogues

I agree about good riddance to Cyclops - he makes my eyes glaze over in boredom and annoyance. Evil Deadpool and Cable returning could be interesting if done correctly... I worry about the Evil Deadpool a bit because they're over-saturating him, but Daniel Way is definitely the best writer for him, so it could work.

Posted by Primmaster64

Ben Reilly

Posted by danhimself

you know what would have been a good announcement?  Marvel telling us when the J. Scott Campbell Spider-man miniseries is finally going to be's been what, 5 years in the making? more?

Posted by WonderBoy1132

YAY! Scarlet Witch gets an origin!

Posted by Sparky_Buzzsaw

I've mentioned this elsewhere, but if Cyclops does indeed leave the X-Men instead of dying, as I believe will happen, I think it'd be great to see him join a team like the Avengers. The storylines could be intrinsically complex and make for a better study of Cyclops as a human being. Would he struggle in a role of non-leadership, or would he be relieved (at first?) to no longer be a leader? Would he fight with the leaders of the Avengers teams and take matters into his own hands?

Posted by Green ankh

I have waiting for Cyclops to be killed off for like.......the 1980's