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The Avengers Trailer: Scene Breakdown and Analysis

These shots reveal a lot more than you think.

The long awaited trailer for 'The Avengers' is finally here and it looks to be action packed. We see a lot of familiar faces and a lot of the action flashes by quickly. Many have already watched the trailer multiple times (how can you not). Let's take a look and see what we can piece together about the actual plot of the film.

What we knew before was Loki would be involved. That makes sense as it was Loki that was the driving force that brought the team together originally in the comic. Loki isn't one to do all the dirty work himself and we've heard rumors that he might be getting some interstellar help. Could those rumors be true?

== TEASER ==

The trailer begins with some explosions in New York City. This is a sign of what's to come. The Army has been called out to face some deadly threat but we all know they won't have the firepower to deal with this.

Being the intro of the trailer, we're getting a sense of what's going on. Last we saw Loki (in THOR), he fell off the Bifrost Bridge. He did make a little cameo at the end so we know he's going to cause some mischief on Earth. When we first see him here, he's in a dark room while some soldiers attempt to apprehend him.

This is going to be a summer action movie. That means you can't have lots of scenes of mass destruction in the city. Hopefully this won't affect tourism in New York City. It's not fully clear if this destruction happens at the beginning of the movie. We know there has to be some major threat that give reason for the Avengers to finally get off their asses and do something together. Who's causing the explosions?

With all that taxpayer property damage, it's time to do something. Agent Coulson and Nick Fury haven't really been see together much. You know if they're getting together, it's serious business. This is the moment before getting the Avengers to fully assemble. While they have been gathered or invited to join the Avengers Initiative, it's doubtful they'd be hanging around whatever location they'll be using as a base. This crazy destruction is going on so it's up to Fury to call them in.

With the team called out, we see glimpses of the individuals as they begin to arrive.

Coulson, "What do we do?"

Fury, "We get ready."

Wonder why they're letting Black Widow take the lead...
Labeled so no one accidentally puts on the wrong costume.
Where has Banner been hiding?

We've seen most of the Avengers now in other movies. As later pointed out by Tony Stark, they're not used to working together. It's going to be up to Nick Fury to motivate them to buy into the idea of the Avengers.

There was an idea, to bring together a group of remarkable people. So when we needed them, they could fight the battles that we never could.

If the scene with Loki at the beginning does come from the beginning of the movie, it could show the start of whatever crazy scheme he has up his sleeve. It looks like he's going to seriously attack the soldiers but we don't know the condition Loki is in and how exactly he arrived on Earth. It could also be part of his plan to get captured. We later seen him being escorted into custody as if he accepted defeat as he gives Black Widow a smug look as he walks by.

The next sequence shows a ship about to crash. There have been rumors that Skrulls will be in this movie. Upon first viewing, I assumed this could be an alien Skrull ship. That most likely isn't the case. It's probably a safer assumption that this is some fancy SHIELD ship or possibly the movie version of a quinjet. Either way, make way below as it's about to attempt a safe landing.

It's obvious that Robert Downey Jr will have some serious screen time in the movie. He's the only character with two movies already under his belt. In the next shot, we see Tony Stark in his typical fashion getting ready to unveil his latest Iron Man suit.

Now it's time for Nick Fury to show he's sexist. He's called the team together but despite Black Widow being present, he refers to them as "Gentlemen."

Gentlemen, what are you prepared to do?

"What are you prepared to do?"

It's kind of funny to think of Fury giving Thor a pep talk.

More shots of the team in action and Stark suiting up in his armor.

Getting ready for some 3D action? Thor calls for Mjolnir.

We want to see the team fighting some massive enemy together. But with the team just getting together, if they were all chummy from the beginning, that wouldn't be much fun. Each character isn't used to fighting with each other. They probably barely even know each other. As you can imagine, there's going to be some butting of heads before they all become buddies.

Stark, "No offense but I don't play well with others."

Thor and Black Widow watch as Stark and Rogers see who has more testosterone. At least Thor is enjoying the banter.

But the movie isn't going to be all about petty squabbles. In the next shot, you can see Iron Man chasing after a high speed object.

Is that just a regular missile or could it be something...more?

Everyone is getting their share of the action. Fury brings out his guns as Cap and Hawkeye fight in the middle of the battlefield.

Black Widow isn't going to sit out on the action. We saw some of her movies in 'Iron Man 2' and it looks like she's still as deadly as ever.

Are there or aren't there any Skrulls?

Since those sneaky guys are capable of shape-shifting, it's possible they could appear at any time. They could have already been in the trailer multiple times. The next scene gives the impression that perhaps that is the case. Sure superheroes always get into misunderstandings and end up fighting but could it be that one of these two is actually a SKRULL?!?

You'll notice Cap is in an earlier version of his suit and not the...updated version we see him wearing later (and in his locker). Maybe this Cap is the Skrull. If so, for the Skrull's sake, he better hope he managed to get his hands on the actual shield or at least some super-strong alien metal because when that hammer comes down...

Then again, maybe it's just boys being boys.

Captain America reminds everyone that he doesn't just throw his shield around. He has been trained with firearms as well.

In the next shot, we see that ship again which leads us to believe that it is a SHIELD craft and not an alien ship. For some reason, Tony Stark is inside with Loki. If that wasn't bad enough, he's not wearing his armor. Doesn't seem like the smartest move as he gets thrown out.

Now is where we might be seeing more of Loki's plan. He must have allowed himself to be put into custody. Or at least he wanted a place to crash and rest. As he makes his attack, we see that he won't be fighting with his fist. He brought some of his Asgardian toys with him.

Have we seen any signs of Skrulls yet? As the city is under attack, there appears to be some sort of laser blasts unleashed. Could it be from Loki or is this actual fire from a Skrull spaceship. What are Thor and Cap looking up at?

As the Avengers get settled into their new headquarters, we get a nice shot of how Iron Man is able to launch himself out. No more crashing through the ceiling. He appears to have a secret exit underwater.

What about Banner? Is he under some sort of heavy sedation? Is it really a good idea to bring him into the Avengers new base?

Don't make him angry, Tony!

We may not see any green-skinned Skrulls but we do (finally!) get a glimpse of what HULK will look like in this movie. Let's hope if there are Skrulls, Hulk will be tearing them apart.

Did you catch anything else? Time to watch it again.

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Edited by CODYSF

Captain America just parry Thor hammer lol don't mess with the Captain.

Posted by Burnstar1230

That pep talk Fury was giving to Thor, it might be referring to the fact that they might have to kill his "brother" to save the world. It's not like Thor was able to do it the first time

Posted by 00MirageKnight00

This MUST be the best movie ever!

Posted by Or35ti

SO pumped for this! If one of Cap or Thor is actually being impersonated by a Skrull, it'll be the one who attacks first so probably Thor.

Posted by TheOlympian

its got that Michael Bay aura about it. Thats not a bad thing. However, I really wanted this to impress me. Undecided...

Posted by danhimself

I'm honestly not expecting a ton of character development in this....we saw all of that in the solo movies....this should be tons of them beating up bad guys together and huge explosions of awesomeness

Posted by frozenedge

God I can't wait for this movie to come out. I'm really geeked for it lol

Posted by Grim

what are they looking at?


Posted by punisher131313

I just hope that people don't over hype themselves for this movie to the point that it is impossible for it to deliver.

Posted by yo_yo_fun

Freakin awesome!

Posted by jcbart

One thing I noticed was that Black Widow is wearing a leotard and tights when she takes that guard out. Is this a hint to her ballet past? Does the base get attacked when she's in a compromising situation?

@TheOlympian: The thing with Michael Bay movies is that they're great on action, but lackluster in terms of story and/or dialogue. However with The Avengers, Joss is at the helm and wrote the script, so you KNOW the story will be phenomenal.

Posted by daredeville

@danhimself: I dunno, this is a Joss Whedon production, and character-driven story is his thing, so we may have some. Hawkeye at least has to be introduced (I hope in a pre-credits sequence dealing with his and Black Widow's old team-ups).

As far as analyzing the trailer, those purple laser blasts look pretty Skrull-y to me! Or Thanos-y... both of them like their purple. And Loki's scepter in Thor blasted yellow I believe..? And in this trailer it blasts blue.. so methinks the purple = a third party.

Black Widow putting the moves on that thug: She appears to possibly be in a dress of some kind. She definitely has stockings on, so this could be some sort of covert infiltration gig..? Possibly related to an early sequence in the film introducing Hawkeye or bringing in Banner...? I don't think Loki will be holding any galas that need to be crashed for her to dress this way.

I love how Loki's eyebrows look in that first scene... creepy.

Most likely a Quinjet.

The Avengers will probably have to take down Hulk at some point... especially to even get Banner to the Helicarrier.

It's a good point about the whole Skrull shapeshifting thing that I completely didn't think of until you mentioned it. They could be among people the whole time and we wouldn't know it, so many of the humans could in fact be Skrulls, as could the Avengers themselves... ooh.. that'll make for fun surprises in the third act.

Also, remember we have the whole Cosmic Cube issue. It was last seen sucking the Red Skull into outer space or somewhere, and then in a briefcase being eyed by Loki... so we know it will factor in somehow. And the good doctor Skarsgard is also in the cast, so he has connection to the Cube, and from that post-credits Thor scene, he may be being influenced by Loki...

...and Loki is a manipulator, so he's got to be getting reinforcements from somewhere... calling in the Skrulls..? Bringing back Red Skull...? Calling in a certain Infinity Gauntlet harbinger of doom..?

Posted by skrutop


I just hope that people don't over hype themselves for this movie to the point that it is impossible for it to deliver.

Nah, that'll never happen.

Posted by Grimoire

Finally they showed even a few seconds of The Hulk and that was what I was waiting for. lol

Posted by Fantasgasmic

Hulk looks exactly the same to me, as he did in the Ed Norton movie.

Posted by mikeclark1982

i think it is time for me to slap the "too big to fail" stamp on this film.

Posted by Icon

The action and dialogue seem really hokey to me.

Posted by MichaelBach

Loved the trailer, Robert D stole the show, loved his comment to Bruce Banner.

Posted by OldManJoe

This movie is going to be great. Next year is going to be a great year for movies in general.

Posted by The Impersonator
Hmmmm......That Cap shield looks marvellous. I must have it. SHIELD! HEAR ME AND COME FORTH! 
Posted by fACEmelter88

I noticed when the lab blew a split second after that someone is either jumping (seems more like a jump) or getting shot out of that lab. I saw a bit of red (I'm color blind so it might have been green, brown etc.) but it was to slender and slim to be Tony in armor but I guess it could have been Thor wearing his cape (but I doubt it)

Posted by ogarza

Captain America needs to keep his mask on.

Posted by rym

man that trailer looked awesome and i so cant wait for this and is it me but you know that scene when tony is wearing the armour look familiar

you think marvel just used a shot from ironman 1 and used it in this trailer

Edited by Tempest55

There has to be skrulls in this film, i don't see any other way how this team up film could work besides each hero fighting loki one at a time, then ganging up on him at the end after learning friendship is magic.

I want to see a big battlefield where they are each fighting sections of skrull soldier working their way to some big boss battle.


Posted by tensor

This looks really good ,DAMN GOOD

Posted by Timandm

It looks EXCELLENT! This trailer makes me want to see the movie...

Posted by KRYPTON

Great breakdown Tony, I'm even more going to look at the trailer from this point on

Posted by Doctor!!!!!

This Movie is making me excited for Earth's Mightiest Heroes season 2!!!!!!

Posted by thanosrules

Did anyone else think that Hawkeye's bow looked really flimsy when he "sprung it" into action?

Anyway, very cool trailer, excellent breakdown, thanks for sharing! :)

Posted by RedheadedAtrocitus

Wow, sure is a lot of shots to look at! Great stuff though. Looooove the Hulk shot!

Posted by Shatterstar

Well I'm excited.  
Still haven't seen Captain America yet *ducks*

Posted by SUPER-MAN 23

Third times the Bruce Banner change. Eric Banna did an okay job being Bruce Banner in the first Hulk Movie, Edward Norton did a better job as Bruce Banner than Eric Banna, however they changed him again? I was hoping for Edward Norton to reprise his role, but eh, things happen. Movie biz and all

Posted by IamKryptonite

This looks pretty dope. I'm a fan of Robert Downey but I didn't really like the Iron Man or the Hulk movies, Haven't seen Capt. America yet though I hear it's "really good" so I can't wait to see that, will probably watch that when it comes to blu-ray or itunes and after watching this I started DLing Thor so we will watch it tonight. The guy who plays Hawkeye, I think his name is Jeremy Renner or something like that. He's a really good actor. I can't say I know exactly who Black Widow is, but Scarlett is sexy and she knows how to rock it. So this should be a good. Lots of explosions which I love.

Posted by TheHT

@Tempest55 said:

There has to be skrulls in this film, i don't see any other way how this team up film could work besides each hero fighting loki one at a time, then ganging up on him at the end after learning friendship is magic.

I want to see a big battlefield where they are each fighting sections of skrull soldier working their way to some big boss battle.


In the footage of the cancelled Avengers game (that looked awesome btw) the enemies were all skrulls. Sure, movie video games tend to deviate, at times significantly, from the movies themselves, but the enemies were ALL skrulls.

Posted by tbpinkfloyd

That's not Cap's older version of his suit. It has the blue belt pouches like the new one.

Posted by mistersarcastic

...I can not wait for this movie.


Posted by collegestudent

Isn't it obvious that Loki uses the cosmic cube? I mean, most people that saw thor saw the post credits scene.

Posted by cjc1303

This is going to be awesome. Cant wait till May

Posted by Sammo21

I am so ready for this. I will have to make a new captain america for this midnight showing...WW2 just won't do :)

Posted by Asok

I wish that Norton was back. He was great.

Edited by Iron_Turtle

The moment Thor realises just who has been using his Herbal Essences. 
Posted by Jamiracles

I'm so glad I didnt see this trailer in the school library. I let out the girliest scream.

Posted by cmaprice

I don't know; the trailer didn't live up to my hopes/expectations. Looks like it'll be a cliche group action film.

I'd heard the skrull rumors as well, but you're really stretching things if you saw hints of them in the trailer. Throwing in a skrull plot into the origin of the team while Loki's already there (presumably getting his hands on the Cosmic Cube from the Cap movie and end of Thor)

As for any potential imposters/shapeshifters, Loki is the likely culprit if there is one. as we saw in the after credits sequence of Thor, Loki was either impersonating or controlling Erik Selvig.

Also, pure speculation (but in my opinion more logical than all this Skrull nonsense) If we have Loki behind all of this and heroes fighting one another, Enchantress could just as easily be involved. No evidence for this, though.

Posted by AsgardianXeno929

@Jamiracles said:

I'm so glad I didnt see this trailer in the school library. I let out the girliest scream.

Me too! I was going to watch at lunch on my phone. But im happy i waited because i screamed then ran all over my house (the last parts a lie, im to lazy to run after school.)

Posted by sparty-dbq

Those lasers on the bridge have GOT to be from the Skrulls. Or at the very least, they're not from Loki.

Posted by theicon

Ultron, and the black panther need to be in this movie like seriously! Kang and Dr Doom as well

Posted by difficlus

@sparty-dbq said:

Those lasers on the bridge have GOT to be from the Skrulls. Or at the very least, they're not from Loki.

i agree Secret Invasion here we come!

Posted by howlettgrowl

I might get a lot of crap for this, but Spider-Man and Wolverine would actually be good additions in the movie...Spider-man would be like the inexperienced rookie and Wolverine would be the experienced fighter...I would also love to see the relationship between Wolverine with Spider-Man, Hulk, and Captain America since he has been so involved in their lives int he comics.

Posted by jazzblade

The combination of Joss Whedon and all this avenging is gonna be epic!!!

Posted by tbpinkfloyd

Also, we can't really place Nick Fury's "Gentlemen," line because as you recall, in the teaser after Captain America: The First Avenger, the line went, "Gentlemen, you're up."