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The Amory Wars Returns

Anyone read this?  How is it?  I always say you should try something new.

Claudio Sanchez, the creative force and lead singer of prog-rock supergroup Coheed and Cambria , returns to the universe of Heaven's Fence for "The Amory Wars: The Second Stage Turbine Blade, Vol. 2." Issue #1 of the new comic book mini-series debuts in stores today.

THE AMORY WARS follows the science fiction/horror saga of the close-knit Kilgannon family, who are placed in the center of a cataclysmic terrorist plot led by the evil Supreme Tri-Mage, Wilhelm Ryan.

The comics, conceptually and lyrically linked to Coheed and Cambria's debut album, "The Second Stage Turbine Blade," bridge the entertainment space between music and comic books.

"THE AMORY WARS is a visual expression of the conflicts and relationships we explore in our songs," Sanchez said. "You don't need the comics or the story to understand the music, and vice versa, but together they compliment the overall vision of Coheed and Cambria."

Volume 2 completes the (Second Stage) story which began in Sanchez's first mini-series. It received rave reviews from both comic book and music fans, and was a best-seller in 2007. The new series is off to an even better start, "the numbers [of THE AMORY WARS vol. 2] are almost double where they were with vol. 1," said Image Comics' Joe Keatinge. "Image is thrilled with the improved success, and look forward to seeing Claudio's vision unfold to its completion." Currently, each comic sells over 25,000 copies, and the interest only grows over time.

Sanchez added that the new mini-series is full of surprises and material that fans will be love, because so much of the lyrics come to life in this volume, and "the new books also have a darker, more detailed look, closer to what i have always envisioned."

Acclaimed Argentine artist, Gabriel Guzman, adds a gritty visual edge to Sanchez's scripts. Covers are created and composed by Eisner Award nominee Tony Moore ("The Walking Dead," "Fear Agent"). Sanchez publishes the 5-issue mini-series through his Evil Ink imprint. THE AMORY WARS continues to be distributed by Image Comics.

Posted by faceless253

This was  great series. I was unable to read these until they had released both volumes in TPB form. Been a fan of Coheed and Cambria for awhile, great to see their album story translated to the page. Can't wait to see what they do with "In Keeping Secrets Silent Earth: 3"