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The Amazing Spider-Man 3: What We Want to See

The wall-crawler's latest movie is now on Blu-ray, so it's time to think about Parker's future on the big screen!

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is available on Blu-ray today and whether you loved it, thought it's okay or even loathed it, there's just no denying the script had some noticeable problems. We love the web-slinger and want nothing but the best for his cinematic future, so we're going to share some reasonable ideas on what they can do to get Spider-Man's new movie mythos back on track! Once you're done reading our suggestions, please be sure to chime in with what you want to see in Spidey's future on the big screen.

Don't let buildup and backstory overshadow the present

A common complaint about The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is it spent so much time worldbuilding and promoting its future movies (most notably Sinister Six) that it was unable to tell a compelling story of its own and abruptly brought in one of the character's most emotional moments. By the time The Amazing Spider-Man 3 comes out, Sinister Six and Venom/Carnage will have most likely been released. If Guardians of the Galaxy can do a thoroughly satisfying job making the world fall in love with five characters they've likely never heard of before, there's no good reason why those two films can't at least do a serviceable job develop the characters within their own movies and give them an organic role in the third Peter Parker movie. Once they find a way to make everyone matter or at least have a fair role and depth, the third film will hopefully tell its own engrossing story while also giving us little bits and pieces to tease what's next. A movie shouldn't feel like totally separate story arcs are randomly brought together in the end and unfortunately, that's how many people felt about this sequel.

We get it's important to establish the fact this is an evergrowing cinematic universe and we love a good Easter Egg, but it shouldn't overshadow the standalone story. That's exactly what happened here, unfortunately. Max Dillon's shift in personality was swift and Harry Osborn's villainous role felt very rushed. His big scene came off like "you beat the first boss, Spider-Man, and now here's the second one!" A character shouldn't feel like they're placed on the fast track just to make them ready for the next movie because that means we can't establish a proper connection to them.

As for the backstory, it's safe to say they've established the fact that Peter's dad is good and Oscorp is bad, right? Parker now has his base and his dad's research, Harry has a reason to hate Peter (and vice versa), and Parker has, for the most part, moved on from ASM 2's tragedy. Well, he'll never get over that, of course, but they made it clear that he's able to move forward. Part of what worked so well is Andrew Garfield's dynamic with Emma Stone, so now it's time to see if they can capture that magic with a potential new Mary Jane Watson.

Oh, and we can't hold this against the movie itself, but if you're going to have a villain in the story for less than 10 minutes, please don't slap the character on posters and tease them in trailers. Even though Marc Webb stated in interviews that Rhino has a minimal role, all of the promotions gave a totally different message.

More Aunt May

A big part of Peter Paker's story is the importance of family, so let's see more of that with the very talented Sally Field! They've spent plenty of time looking back, so now it's time to focus on the family Peter Parker has right now. The dynamic between the two has so much potential for laughs and a whole lot of heart. They've had fun with comedic beats between the two and we've seen May's financial struggle (which will hopefully lead to Parker having more scenes involving J. Jonah Jameson since he needs cash), but it would be great to see the focus shift back to Peter trying to hide who he is and doing his best to protect her. The "will she find out" element is one that'll have us wondering when -- if at all -- she discovers the truth and where it'll go from there. If so, they should strongly consider taking notes from AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #479. But before they do that, it would enhance the interaction if they have Peter catch uncle Ben's murderer and finally put that plot point to rest. Field's an Oscar-winning actress and her role has unlimited possibilities when it comes to bringing us more laughter and emotional moments, so they should really give her more time to shine.

Better interactions between Peter and Harry Osborn

Harry's transformation felt rushed and we get where they were going with that conflict, but the lack of elaboration between Norman Osborn's son and Peter really hurt the dynamic. When the two finally came face to face, it felt like the big moment wasn't really earned. Awesomely presented, yes, but the key scene seemed like it could have been held off a little longer. Still, it's understandable why it happened. The conflict between Spider-Man and Green Goblin wasn't all that interesting, but what happened with Gwen Stacy brings the conflict to a whole new level. We may have not seen it yet, but Peter has every reason in the world to loathe Harry and we understand why Harry wants to see him suffer. Now that a legitimate reason has been provided for these two to clash, their relationship should be loaded with intensity. They've clearly wanted to turn him into the big bad and now it's time to prove he's worthy of that title. We all know we'll see more of Harry in Sinister Six -- he is organizing the team, after all -- but assuming the character is still in action when ASM 3 comes around, they should be more than able to fill their rivalry with a ton of heated exchanges and give us the big Green Goblin and Spider-Man fight we've been waiting for.

More fun with Spider-Man

The movie's tone jumps around a wee bit, but overall, it seems like the new movie was aiming for more popcorn entertainment and something that feels like a classic Spider-Man comic brought to the big screen. Stuff like Paul Giamatti embracing the ridiculousness of his character was hysterical, but the scientist at Ravencroft was too over the top and jarring. However, one thing that lovers and haters of this movie seem to like the most (aside from the charming interactions between Peter and Gwen) is Spider-Man simply being Spider-Man. The early scene of him web-slinging throughout the city is a joy and using slow motion to show how he solves dilemmas (thanks to his trusty spider-sense) is good fun. Garfield does a great job bringing Spider-Man's personality to life and the action scenes -- be it Spidey stopping bullies, goons or big villains -- are a blast. So, it's safe to say we'd all love to see more of that, right?

What do you want to see in Spider-Man's cinematic future? Don't be shy, tell the world in the comments below!

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Edited by G-Man

I wanna see the chimney that Peter cleaned since THEY HAVE NO CHIMNEY!!

Edited by dagmar_merrill

Want we want to see = Mysterio

Posted by CrazyScarecrow

Just give me Jonah.

Posted by dimitridkatsis

You already know what you'll see, SpiderGarfield fighting robotic versions of the Sinister Six in product placement environment.

Posted by gamiz7
Posted by brinkthemoviemyfavoritemovie

For it to not exist.

Edited by darkbeam
Posted by TommytheHitman
Posted by PunyParker

Different writers - new direction.

Edited by zaied

Continue developing Flash Thompson into Venom.

Posted by T_Aesir

The rights go back to Marvel Studios, so he can be part of MCU in 2020...

Edited by i_dont_like_comics
Posted by dimitridkatsis

@t_aesir said:

The rights go back to Marvel Studios, so he can be part of MCU in 2020...

That would be great.

Posted by CaptainMarvel4Ever

What I want is the opposite of Amazing Spider-Man 2.

But if I had to chose something specific, stop doing those scenes where everything slows down and goes CG, and do not include any more songs.

Posted by danhimself

@g_man said:

I wanna see the chimney that Peter cleaned since THEY HAVE NO CHIMNEY!!

I miss the plus and minus system that we used to have because this certainly would have warranted a plus

Edited by MadeinBangladesh

I don't want to see ASM 3 because ASM 2 SUCKED!!!!!!!

Sony, give Spidey back to MARVEL!!!

Posted by devinwifi

1.Change director

2. Mysterio


4.Make rhino better

Posted by Ostyo

Gwen coming back from the dead! What a twist!

Edited by Sifighter

Just undo the films, because they are horrible. I love Spiderman but the Amazing movies are just awful with very few redeeming qualities.

I don't know, maybe it's time to give Miles Morales a movie, see what they are capable of doing with him.

Edited by MadeinBangladesh
Posted by T_Aesir

@dimitridkatsis: Sony/Columbia is in suicide mode, after ASM 2 divide critics and fans, make a 2016 Sinister six movie, and 2017 unknown superhero Female lead, shows that... What a week foundation to build cinematic universe, just hope if Sinister Six fails they don t continue to saturate Peter Parker and his universe.

Edited by i_dont_like_comics
hey spidey. didja hear? they're making another one.

Posted by ShadowSwordmaster

How about a better third cbm ?

Posted by dimitridkatsis

@t_aesir said:

@dimitridkatsis: Sony/Columbia is in suicide mode, after ASM 2 divide critics and fans, make a 2016 Sinister six movie, and 2017 unknown superhero Female lead, shows that... What a week foundation to build cinematic universe, just hope if Sinister Six fails they don t continue to saturate Peter Parker and his universe.

Nah, they gonna milk that spider dry.

Posted by T_Aesir

@dimitridkatsis: It s not so linear, if their product continues miles away from the product of Marvel Studios, that at this point, is a regular movie going audience thrust brand, they could face some rejection to their products.

GOTG easly beat ASM2 domestic Box office, the most popular marvel character was beaten for a unknown property!!!

Posted by dimitridkatsis

@t_aesir I'm just preparing for the worst and hoping for the best, some people insist those were good movies you know but those statistics you mention make me optimistic.

Edited by GraniteSoldier

Despite it not being as good as the first, and the hate a lot of fans have for it, I still enjoyed the movie. Garfield is a great Peter. However having said that, I would rather Marvel had the rights. They would, I personally think, make a killer Spider-Man movie much better than the first trilogy or these two thus far. Anyway here's what I'd like to see:

  • Agreed on Aunt May. She's a very big influence on Peter's life and his mythos, considering she is often the one constant in the supporting cast. No deaths (Civil War/OMD era aside which was dumb anyway), no break up, just there being the great mother figure. Sally Fields did a great job with her limited showings in the ASM films, give her more to work with.
  • No new villain next film. What I mean by that is ASM2 obviously teased Peter fighting the Sinister Six in the next flick. Keep it with that, and expand on those characters without rushing them. Kraven, Mysterio, Goblin, Ock...these are all phenomenal villains with good backstories. Establish them in the Sinister Six film, and focus more on Peter overcoming the obstacle they impose and developing them further as villains.
  • Less love interest. The Gwen/Peter dynamic has been great, but in order for casual (non-Spidey) moviegoers to really understand how important Gwen's death is (since it was awfully abrupt) he can't immediately move on to Mary Jane in the next film. You need to balance Peter's interest in her with his demons about being "responsible" for Gwen's death.
  • No more past parent stuff. Let it lie. Unless they plan on using the Ultimate Venom dynamic where Peter and Eddie's father created the symbiote together (which would fit better in this universe since there is no established space races or expanded universe for the symbiote to come from) they don't need as much screen time. Focus on Peter and his own genius.
  • This last one is a personal one, so some might find it pointless but: more Peter Parker/Flash Thompson interaction. The first ASM had a great dynamic between Eugene and Peter, even ending with Thompson's idolization of Spider-Man and him and Peter being apparent friends. If they are going to expand into the Venom route, an Agent Venom film featuring Thompson would be a hit. Thompson has a great, compelling story to tell about how his wanting to be a hero like Spidey leads to his change in personality, joining the Army, and eventually donning the symbiote of one of Peter's arch-nemesis to do good with it. None of that matters or carries weight though if the audience doesn't understand the depth of friendship between the pair or how much Flash idolizes Spider-Man.

Just my thoughts. Great article.

Posted by McBig

I just wanna see Miles Morales someday.

Edited by vandinejd_1991

@k4tzm4n: Can you make articles like this a regular thing? I want to see something like this for Captain America 3.

Posted by StMichalofWilson

@mcbig said:

I just wanna see Miles Morales someday.

Same here

Posted by VeganDiet

I wanna see Spider-man lifting the collapsed machinery off his back ala ASM #33.

We saw his greatest failure last film. I'd like to see his greatest triumph in this one.

Edited by T_Aesir



GOTG Domestic $225,546,287 in 18 days Worldwide $421,946,287

CAWS Domestic $259,746,958 All Run Worldwide $714,063,958

ASM2 Domestic $202,853,933 All Run Worldwide $708,294,944

Country's That GOTG wasn't released yet

Germany 28 August 2014, Greece 4 September 2014, Japan 13 September 2014, Italy 22 October 2014, Austria 28 August 2014, China 10 October 2014 (CATWS made in China $115,620,000).

Sony/Columbia Spider-Man Franchise Domestic Box Office

2002 Spider-Man Domestic Box office $403,706,375

2004 Spider-Man 2 Domestic Box office $373,585,825

2007 Spider-Man 3 Domestic Box office $336,530,303

2012 TASM Domestic Box office $262,030,663

2014 TASM 2 Domestic Box office $202,853,933

Movie quality is very subjective, but the numbers show SATURATION from sony s Spider-Man movies...

Posted by DeathpooltheT1000

Go into Marvel Studios Faile so hard it destroy Marvel Cinematic universe and it cost Joe Quesada job.

Posted by dimitridkatsis

@t_aesir first of all thank you for the time you took to provide all that information that make me even more optimistic than before, I just think there's the contract problem which says Sony gets to keep the movie rights for the character if it makes a film every __ (insert number of years) but if it's more danaging than profiting maybe they'll drop it and we'll get to see him interact with other superheroes of marvel.

Posted by TheMantisShrimp

Please no death in this one. I get that Peter often has bad luck but I didn't see the need to kill Captain Stacy and Gwen in the first two. Let the next one end on a happy note, I enjoy both Amazing Spider-Man movies but don't like how either ended.

Edited by T_Aesir

@dimitridkatsis: You are totally right, but Hollywood is a business and if the start losing money in movies, you will see if they don t sell the rights back to marvel or other studio (if that s even possible)...

Remember that TASM2 cost around $330,000,000 to make, (with the publicity), and from the $708,294,944 that the movie made worldwide 1/3 goes to theaters so the movie barely made money for the studio.

The critical response wasn t good to TASM2, and their next movie is something that no one did before a villains movie, i could be wrong but i see Sony lose money in 2016 Sinister Six.

Edited by TheJester

I just want Mysterio.

Edited by Phalcon05

The rights to to MCU and do a spiderman origin that shows a high school kid in New York City who gets superpowers after the battle of New York around Norman Osborne as his big bad and introduces the symbiote. Norman and Peter cross over with the avengers. Agent Venom crosses over with GOTG. MCU post shield fall is tailor made for Norman Osborne's character

Posted by Devbob98
Posted by NorrinBoltagonPrime21
Posted by Juke

This movie is on the verge of not happening, actually. Amazing Spider-Man 2 didn't do too well and Sony is getting jittery. I've heard they're going to can it and try to jump to a Sinister Six film instead.

Edited by k4tzm4n

@granitesoldier: Great post and I agree with all of your points. There's so much room with the Sinister Six, and even if they get their own movie first -- which is the currrent plan -- there's still plenty of story and character potential with them. However, I feel like they really want to include MJ (seems like she was cut to make this one less cluttered and they'd just find a way to work her in down the road).

@vegandiet said:

I wanna see Spider-man lifting the collapsed machinery off his back ala ASM #33.

We saw his greatest failure last film. I'd like to see his greatest triumph in this one.

Would love to see this!

Moderator Online
Posted by GraniteSoldier

@k4tzm4n: They do seem to really want MJ, which isn't exactly a shame but like I said will lessen Gwen's death to the casual Spidey-viewer. Hell, it could even make Peter look bad like he just goes from one girl to the next without much else thought. I heard she was cut from the last film as well, so hopefully they introduce her and establish her as an important part of Peter's future, but don't dive into their relationship right away.

Thank you for the praise as well. As a life-long Spidey fan I'm desperate for that "perfect" Spider-film haha.

Posted by Teerack

Considering they already have ASM 4 confirmed I don't think the sinister six will be in 3.

Posted by AllStarSuperman

I want Gwen to come back to life as a Pink Goblin. Marvel should fire Scarlett Johanson, kill off her BW, & put Gwen & Pepper in costumes, they are the only two female characters Marvel has that are not horrible. I kinda liked Agent13 from Cap2, but she was over shadowed by that awful Widow.

What I do NOT want is that piece of shit Rhino.

Posted by scouts1998

Spider-man 4 with Raimi and Maguire back and to see their vulture

Posted by shikatema88

I see a lot of go back to Marvel, which could be cool but that would almost certainly be our 3rd Spidey origin story that gets old.

Posted by IDontLikeBirds

I'd prefer there to just not be anymore Spider-man movies. I like the character, but as others have said, there is over saturation, and I'm getting fatigue from all his movies. It feels like the same stuff again and again, plus I'll continually be comparing the Spider-man movies to each other, which is reasonable as they are not that old. It's not like comparing Nolan's Batman movies to the others, where there was quite a bit of time between them (enough time that some people, teens, didn't know there were other Batman movies). Also, I would prefer they stop having Spider-man do all his movies at night. It feels weird thinking of Spider-man as this hero who fights mainly at night now like he's Batman, gives a darker feel. I like that he jokes around more as he should, but he should be doing things during the day as well and actually be the friendly neighborhood Spider-man. I couldn't keep my attention with ASM2, and kept losing interest. There were parts here and there that I liked (especially the end with The Rhino), but more of it that I zoned out during. Harry felt forced and so did Electro's shift in character. If the rights did go back to Marvel sometime soon somehow, I don't think I'd want to see the movie, just because it feels like its been done so much.

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