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Posted by AllStarSuperman

so pumped for this movie!

Posted by GeekBait

This movie truly does look amazing.

Edited by lifeboy

I will be seeing this I wont be seeing the winter soldier. Oh, wait, jamie fox.... nevermind.

Posted by EscGamer


Posted by TheUnN4med

I'm so meh with this movie. I don't liked the first one. I don't like (as an actor) Andrew Garfield. So, i think i'm going to skip this one.

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Not as epic as Captain America, but still looks great as well.

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Besides Marvel Studios, Sony is the only other studio I trust to handle Marvel properties on the big screen :D

Sure they had a fluke with Spider-Man 3, but it really looks like they've learned their lesson. EXCITED >:D

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@lifeboy said:

I will be seeing this I wont be seeing the winter soldier. Oh, wait, jamie fox.... nevermind.

ALERT! ALERT! Someones a daisy downer.

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I wonder if this green goblin's identity is the same in the comics right now

Posted by Dark_Guyver

What's that song playing at 1:40 when Spider-Man is talking to Max?!?!? Anyone know?

Posted by SandMan_

What's with the dub step?

Posted by danhimself

that third trailer was pretty awesome!

Posted by GraniteSoldier

Can't wait for this.

Posted by Wolverine08

Loved it!

Posted by OmgOmgWtfWtf

Electro looks bad@ss!!!

Posted by Jonny_Anonymous


Posted by AmazingWebHead

Electro's origin, check. R.H.I.N.O. armor with machine guns, check. Green Goblin, albeit the crappy costume, check.

Oh yeah. This is gonna be awesome.

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Is Electro mentally disabled or something?

Posted by Supermanwithatan01

This looks great! My only concern is they've been talking about having more Spiderman movies, including venom and sinister six movies, but Andrew is only signed on for 1 movie? I'm going to be pissed if they kill Peter off like the dumbass move in comics or if the switch Spideys. Consistency is what I'd like, hopefully some crossovers with the Xmen and FF.. But with Andrew as Spiderman. For now, this is disconcerting.

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Is Electro mentally disabled or something?

i'm asking the same question

Posted by RisingBean

Looking like a good year for movies.

Posted by StMichalofWilson

That was interesting. I have not problem with the actors, I just really hope the plot is good.

Posted by Fallschirmjager

Music was stupid, but everything else was amazing.

Posted by thunderer_7

I am hating Rhino as a mech.

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A Spiderman movie where the bad guy isn't actually bad and the green goblin is in it........Yes, I think I've seen this before.

Posted by Jonny_Anonymous

cant wait for this

Posted by laabitres

these were so badass!!!! so pumped

Posted by TimeLordScience

I am hating Rhino as a mech.

lol he's barely in the trailer...

Posted by cobra88king8

@thunderer_7: Luckily it looks like he only appears in that one scene as they're using the same exact footage everytime they show him

Posted by Transformers1024
Posted by andy_117

What is that... that big videogame level room they're in? With the gears and the... and then there's the big open one that is clearly all just built in a computer and... god. It's all so fake and dumb and bad. I really miss Sam Raimi. He breathed a life into his Spider-Man's world that is sorely lacking in this interpretation.

Posted by viin

This movie just keeps looking better and better. I was expecting more out of the Captain America trailer but both movies look pretty good but now Im thinkin spidey might have the better movie of this year and the changes they are making to the villains I believe makes sense.

Posted by DoomGuy

Rhino looks cool.

Edited by TheMultiverse

@captain13: It does seem like that's what they are going for. "High functioning autistic super villain". Which sadly makes sense, because of the shootings that have gone on lately.

Or maybe Jamie Foxx is trying to play a computer nerd, and not exactly doing it correctly LOL.

Film looks "amazing" You know it's a good movie when they show so much of it this early.

They know they have a hit. This might turn out better than Winter Soldier.

Posted by Jonny_Anonymous

@andy_117: They need to erase those Raimi films from the face of the earth

Posted by nappystr8

Wasn't thrilled with a lot of the previous promotional stuff, but this preview has me entirely back on board. Can't wait to see it!

Posted by TheFirstLantern

the third trailer makes it seem like gwen dies because you see peter crying.

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nice trailer! :)

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Elerctros origin sounds like the one Extremis guy's origin. This is just, ugh.

Posted by M3th

"You're my eyes and ears"

I Hope tHis isn't tHe only sweet line for tHis movie tHat's already spoiled. You know, like, ASM1 Had, "You found my one weakness" quip tHat was on every trailer so tHe impact on tHe movie was lackluster.



Posted by lifeofvibe

Super meh about this movie

Posted by Baron_BJ

I'm actually getting a bit excited for this movie now, I didn't hate the first one like some people, I saw it as a potentially amazing movie that just needed another draft and some tighter editing and sequels like this tend to take everything that worked previously and improve upon them (look at the jump in quality between Spider-Man 1 and Spider-Man 2).

Having said that, the Oscorp stuff looks weak and poorly tied in when compared to everything else in the trailers, like they're taken from another, worse movie.

Posted by JonSmith

Is Electro mentally disabled or something?

Nah, his defining trait is just that he's nobody. Nobody knows or cares who he is, to the point even his own mother forgets his birthday. So when he meets 'The Amazing Spider-Man', who addresses him by NAME and says Max is his eyes and ears... Well, that's kind of a big deal for someone whose been told they're nothing, no one for so long even they believe it.

Which leads to focus. Which leads to obsession. Which leads to imitation. Which leads to failure. Which leads to evil.

So... Less handicapped, more huge fanboy.

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She's SO dead.

Posted by Weddep

Electro wants to kill Spider-man and the city because he didn't remember him after he saved him? Spider-man saves a lot of people... it's kind of his thing....

Edited by Mxyzptlk_CV

@weddep said:

Electro wants to kill Spider-man and the city because he didn't remember him after he saved him? Spider-man saves a lot of people... it's kind of his thing....

Probably he thought he was special...but was dissapointed to see that it wasn't the case...And it doesn't help that Peter is so full of himself (based on the trailer)... :P

Edited by JonSmith

She's SO dead.

Twist! Harry/the Goblin throws Gwen, Peter catches her, Goblin gets ticked and charges Spidey. Spidey webs Harry in the face while dodging, causing Harry's glider to crash, throwing him off and over the edge.

Spidey tries to catch him as well, only SNAP! It's not Gwen he's crying over: It's Harry.

(... In all honesty, Gwen is TOTALLY dead. But they COULD play off all our expectations and instead do this.)

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