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The 13 Comics We're Most Excited to Read in 2013

It's the beginning of the new year and time to figure out what comics we're excited about.

It's hard to believe it's 2013 already. We've been seeing several new titles popping up through Marvel NOW along with different series from other publishers like Image and Valiant. DC is also on the verge of unleashing another wave.

This is the point where we all share what titles we're most looking forward to. Most of them are currently existing titles. We already have seen how great and fun those series are and we expect more of the same. There are some unknowns coming up as well. We struggled to keep the list to 13. We'll bend that rule a little with some honorable mentions at the end.

(If you're curious, you can see our list for 2012 HERE!)

Tony's Picks

BATMAN by Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo

BATMAN was at the top of my list last year and it's no surprise it's on this year's list as well. So far in the New 52 in this series they've given us A Court of Owls, Night of the Owls and Death of the Family. The stories and the art have continued to take us by surprise. With those big stories, what could they have planned for us in 2013?

We know Snyder has mentioned a Riddler story coming up. There's also the cliffhanger from BATMAN #0 to deal with. Snyder has also told us this:

Our big story in 2013 will be the most daring and ambitious one we've done. Hands down.

Sounds like a good reason to look forward to BATMAN in 2013.

== TEASER ==

JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA by Geoff Johns and David Finch

It's hard to say what was more surprising, the announcement of a second Justice League title or the fact that we seem to have some strange choices for the roster. Geoff Johns is known for taking characters most people overlook and turn them into something special (look at Aquaman or Sinestro). The fact that this seems to be an odd choice (Catwoman? Katana? Vibe?!?) amps up the potential for the title. It's easy to dismiss this as just another Justice League title but you get the sense that there is something more coming our way. And you know David Finch is sure to kick some ass when drawing this series.

Untitled Superman series by Scott Snyder and Jim Lee

We've all been referring to this title as MAN OF STEEL but apparently that's not the official title just yet. Regardless of what DC decides to call it, it's Scott Snyder and Jim Lee doing Superman. If that wasn't enough of a reason, check out our interview with the two from New York Comic Con HERE to get an idea what these two have in mind and why it's going to blow us all away. With Scott Lobdell on SUPERMAN, Andy Diggle taking over ACTION COMICS and a new movie this year, there's plenty of reasons to be a Superman fan. Snyder and Lee are sure to convert anyone that's been hesitant.

Sara's Picks

WONDER WOMAN by Brian Azzarello

I thought this series couldn't get more interesting, but if the coming issues are anything like what we saw in issue #15 of her self-titled series, then this is a book I will continue to look forward to picking up each month throughout 2013. Orion meets Wonder Woman and I for one cannot wait to see what happens next. What are the full extent of her powers? What is her connection to the New Gods? When will writer Brian Azzarello begin to explore her character in greater depth? I hope to see these questions and more answered in the coming year.


The first issue of this Image Comics series written by Joe Harris and illustrated by Martin Morazzo is not only really well written and features some really stunning artwork. It makes the list because the concept behind the book is so unique. Who knew a comic book about a massive pile of trash could be so interesting? Two issues in and things are becoming a lot more complicated and a whole lot more exciting. I am definitely looking forward to seeing where the creative team behind this book takes this tale.

Mat's Picks

SUPERIOR SPIDER-MAN by Dan Slott and Ryan Stegman

The end of 2012 marked a big change in the world of Spider-Man as (SPOILER) Peter Parker, trapped inside of Doc Ock's body, died, while Doc Ock, inside of Peter's body declared he will become a much better Spider-Man than Peter was, a Superior Spider-Man. This was the most talked about twist in comics in 2012, and no one has been talking about Spider-Man this much since that time that Mephisto decided he hates marriage.

We've seen what type of character we have to look forward to in ASM 700, and we got a really good glimpse of the new costume and some of it's functions in AVENGING SPIDER-MAN 15.1, and I cannot wait to see where this one goes. It's pretty obvious that this new Spidey is going to be a good guy, but what kind of good guy? How far is he willing to go to get what he wants? What's most interesting to me is seeing how Doc deals with Peter's past as a part of his memories. How will this affect his decision making. Dan Slott has done some crazy things, but this by far takes the cake and I'm in for the ride.

AQUAMAN by Geoff Johns and Paul Pelletier

Remember when Aquaman was the worst? Geoff Johns changed many people's minds since penning this New 52 series. He's currently doing the same thing he did with Hal Jordan, taking a character many people don't care about or have forgotten about and making it into a top of the pile book for so many readers.

With Throne of Atlantis kicking off last month, Aquaman was left at a crossroads. Does he help his friends on the surface world or does he side with his brother and blood from Atlantis? We're only two parts into Throne of Atlantis, but I see big changes coming in near future for Aquaman, and I'm totally on board for the next year, especially if there happens to be more of the Trench (which we already know there will be) and The Others.

Gregg's Picks

HAWKEYE by Matt Fraction and David Aja

Matt Fraction has yet to disappoint with this one. The writing is brilliant, emotional, and best of all, a blast. Thrown in David Aja's pencils and this is a title that absolutely needs to be in your pull list.

DEADPOOL by Brian Posehn, Gerry Duggan and Tony Moore

We know the Merc with a Mouth's Marvel NOW! team can make us laugh and thrill us with absurd action, but in 2013 we'll get to see the comedic writers handle the darker aspects of the character. That's something we haven't seen done well in quite some time and I'm very excited to see how it'll unfold. Wade's much more than a clown with a healing factor and it's about time we get a good reminder of that.

DEATHSTROKE by Justin Jordan

Justin Jordan will hopefully restore DC's most dangerous mercenary to greatness. We've already seen Jordan put Slade's tactical mind to use, let's hope he keeps up the good work.

Corey's Picks

INVINCIBLE by Robert Kirkman and Ryan Ottley

The Best Superhero Comic in the Universe (TM) isn't going anywhere after the subtly named "EVERYONE DIES!!" but I personally can't wait to see what ACTUALLY happens at the climax of that arc, particularly since this is Robert Kirkman we're talking about, a man who's NEVER been above killing major characters unexpectedly. EVERYONE indeed. But it's about more than that: it's about mentioning a book with a proven, amazing track record of INCREDIBLE quality and stability. The same three creators (Kirkman, Cory Walker and Ryan Ottley) have guided this book since nearly its beginning, allowing it to have a remarkable amount of cohesion.

DAREDEVIL by Mark Waid

The sleeper hit of 2012 shows no signs of slowing down. If you told me a year ago that a creative team would take Daredevil to places that Bendis and Maleev never dreamed, and do it not by grounding him in reality, but by celebrating and embracing his powers to their fullest extent (aided by a pair of artists who capture the Man Without Fear's radar sense in a way that I have personally never seen), I'd have called you a madman and directed you right back to the Raft where you belong. But here we are, one of the best new (Eisner winning) series in a very long time.

NEW AVENGERS by Jonathan Hickman and Steve Epting

I haven't read enough Jonathan Hickman to get a good feel for all his strengths, but I've read enough to know at least one: high-concept, yet accessible, sci-fi. The way he turns superhero stories into sci-fi ones was one of the greatest strengths of his run on both Ultimates AND Fantastic Four/FF. Now he's got the unenviable job of picking up New Avengers after Brian Bendis LITERALLY defined and created the book almost a decade ago. Hickman's focus on the "Illuminati" team means that it's sure to be a thinking book, but the first issue proves that it won't be lacking in action. Add to that Steve Epting's unerring ability for emotional faces and great motion simulation in his art, and this book could be one of the most exciting, thought-provoking in Marvel's line.

Honorable Mentions

Because there were so many titles we're looking forward to, it was hard to narrow it down to just thirteen. So here's some others that came really close to making the list:


Tony says: Kirkman's other series continues to impress month after month. Who would have thought a comic about zombie survival could keep us hooked for over one hundred issues. With Negan, we have a new evil threat. You just never know what's going to happen next.

UNCANNY X-FORCE by Sam Humphries

Sara says: Considering this series was one of my favorites the last two years, seeing it end was somewhat bittersweet. That doesn't mean, however, that I am not looking forward to the relaunch of the series starting on January 16th, 2013. With a new creative team (Sam Humphries and Ron Garney) and a new cast of characters led by X-Force veteran Betsy Braddock, this book looks pretty interesting. I am definitely looking forward to seeing how Humphries picks up from where writer Rick Remender left off.

THE WAKE by Scott Snyder and Sean Murphy

Mat says: This book features four things I really enjoy: the writing of Scott Snyder, the art of Sean Murphy, Vertigo, and horror comics. I've been pretty worried about the direction Vertigo was going since a few books were ending and the change in management, but this book has me super excited. I don't know much about this book other than it takes place underwater and I'll be buying it simply because of the creative team. I need another Vertigo book on my pull list, since right now, I am only reading SAUCER COUNTRY and UNWRITTEN. The Wake may be just what I'm looking for.


Mat says: The upcoming story line is called "Planet Death." Do I need another reason to be excited about this book? I do? Ok. It's one of my favorite on-going series currently and each issue is better than the last.

Harbinger Wars

Gregg says: BLOODSHOT and HARBINGER squished into one delicious event? Yes please.

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Posted by Surkit

JLA is going to be MEAN. Always wanted to see Jonn in the leader role and CW on a hero team that wasn't BoP.

Posted by haydenclaireheroes

A lot to look forward to!

Posted by ComicFan93

I can't believe people are actually excited about the new Spider-Man comic. Doc Ock in Peter's body is such a horrible idea for Spider-Man, I can't even begin to describe it.

Posted by davidgrantlloyd

Awesome choices. I agree with each of them -- especially the new Snyder/Lee Superman title. I also would've included the new Sandman mini series by Neil Gaiman and JH Williams III

Posted by Ugbug

I'll give Superior Spider-Man a go, but I'm not really excited about it. The whole Doc Ock as Peter thing really isn't grabbing me.

Posted by MysteriousUsername

MM back in the JLA?

Why DC I know I said I needed to read some of your comics, but you really didn't have to cater to me specifically.

Totally picking that one up.

Posted by gotwillpower

I can't wait for Superior Spider-man. 700 makes me more interested in Spider-man than ever before. Not to mention, Ryan Stegman's art is great (and Ramos isn't half-bad). I'm also hoping that Valiant will announce a Ninjak book later in 2013. They've hinted at it in the past, so maybe this year will be his solo debut.

Posted by Sissel

I can't believe some people have so much free time to trash a comic they haven't read yet.

Posted by MysteriousUsername

@Ugbug said:

I'll give Superior Spider-Man a go, but I'm not really excited about it. The whole Doc Ock as Peter thing really isn't grabbing me.

I'm in the same boat. As a fan of both Peter and Ock I don't really find this switch up to be that interesting. The two had a lot more in common this most think so I don't see Superior Spider-Man being that much different, besides maybe having looser morals(which we already have Kaine for).

@Sissel said:

I can't believe some people have so much free time to trash a comic they haven't read yet.

I can't believe how rad that cat in your avatar is.

Posted by War07

Where is Grant Morrison's Multiversity which coming out late 2013?

Posted by Cavemold

xo -manowar



Uncanny x-force

man of steel

Posted by alex6166

Let's see. I'll keep reading Batman for sure

Man of Steel, and Uncanny X-Men for me.

Posted by TheThe

The Man of Steel, by Scott Snyder and Jim Lee. Those two are at the top of their respective domains, so i'm looking forward their book more than any other.

Posted by Mega_spidey01

i'm looking forward to reading in 2013:  
to keep ultimate spider-man 
 to start uncanny-x-men 
new avengers 
secret avengers 
superior spider-man

Posted by dondave

Definitely picking JLA. J'onn + Johns= Greatness

Posted by NathanCableSummers

plenty of good stuff on that list, but superior just ain on mine, ive never liked ock so just no, it it were ben reily or even miguel id have given it a go, but not ock and no im not trashing a comic i havent read yet i just dont like ock.

Posted by Farwind

Given how poorly Deathstroke has been selling, lets hope his comic has a future in 2013.

Posted by LordRequiem

I noticed the "superior" (yeah right) Spider-man image has talons, similar to Miguel O'Hara of 2099, why is this I wonder? He can already stick to walls if he's in Peter's body.

Also I hate that every time a new event comes up, especially in big titles like Batman, every single new arc is the biggest, best, most daring one ever. They need to think of some different adjectives.

Posted by saoakden

From this list, Batman, Justice League of America, Wonder Woman, Daredevil, New Avengers, Deathstroke, Deadpool, and Hawkeye, Superior Spider-Man, I'm really looking forward to Scott Snyder & Jim Lee's Superman Book. As for the honorable mentions from here, Uncanny X-Force. I loved Remender's run on the book and I'm curious to see where the book goes from here.

Aside from that: Upcoming Superman book is definitely on the top of my list on books I'm looking forward to. Batman is second, the Green Lantern book is third from DC Comics. Marvel: Superior Spider-Man, Avengers by Hickman and Uncanny Avengers by Remender.

Posted by Mia26

Man of Steel, JLA and Green Arrow are my picks.

Posted by Loki2u

@davidgrantlloyd said:

Awesome choices. I agree with each of them -- especially the new Snyder/Lee Superman title. I also would've included the new Sandman mini series by Neil Gaiman and JH Williams III

YES!! So excited for Sandman!

I don't remember the last time I was excited to read a Superman title either!

Posted by Loki2u

I'm excited to see where Snyder takes Batman also, but I'm hoping he does a self contained arc. Every story has been a crossover and its getting annoying.

Posted by Meteorite


Posted by hyenascar

@ComicFan93: You don't get it. Most people are excited for it.

Posted by BoyWander

I have a question about Superior Spider-man. How am I to look into what goes on from here on out. Do I go to Doc Ock's page? or do I go to Peter's?… I suppose just spider-man? This has me a bit confused.

Posted by MysteriousUsername

@Meteorite said:


I forgot about that one. I'm getting it as well despite never reading anything with any of those characters in it before.

I heard Kid Loki is a boss.

Posted by JNugent

In addition to this list, I'm hearing good things about the upcoming 'Savage Wolverine' book both drawn and written by Frank Cho.

Posted by velvetmeds

No Uncanny X-men? :(

Edited by bob808

Justice League of America, Mark Waid's The Green Hornet, Shadow: Year One

Posted by AgeofHurricane

Uncanny X-FORCE up in this b*tch.

Posted by Omega Ray Jay

Interesting stuff, might be looking for a new book this year to

Posted by dcfox

Personally looking forward to the relaunch of Uncanny X-Men and X-Force. Also, the second issue of Remender's Captain America was so good I can't wait to see where that series goes.

Posted by BlueArrow

What about the new Green Arrow!!! JEFF LEMIRE and ANDREA SORRENTINO. The first arc is about Merlyn comming back for revenge. It is gonna rock

My top books not already listed is Green Arrow, Suicide Squad, I Vampire, Avengers Arena,

Posted by King of the Vines

I think the disappointing part about all of this is 90% of these books are reboots of pre-existing franchises, rather than new ones or long-standing ones. Also, how did Mat not say Saga?

Posted by cosmicallyaware1

with X-O Manowar and Harbinger......where is Solar, man of the atom?? As far as other books, i'm interested to see what happens with Aquaman, really diggin the creative team on the book.....and as far as New Avengers? Illumanati and Hickman/Epting? SWEEEEET. one word....EPIC.

Edited by Timotheus316

Me and Corey are on the money with Invincible. It is the most underrated book on the shelves! Every issue is just pure unadulterated awesomeness! And Kirkman, Ottley, and Walker have been there (in one form or another) since issue 1. Mostly. It was co-creator Walker for a few issues and he couldn't keep up and then Ottley took over since and then they mixed together for about 6 issues a few issues back. Ottley's pencils have gotten better and better with each issue, I kid you not. And Kirkman, is, well, Kirkman. Either way I look forward to it every month then I wait and read about 4 or 5 at a time, it's that good. Pick it up!

Posted by Deformity

Anything Hickman.

Posted by knighthood

Batman, Wonder Woman & Hawkeye are in my list. I could care less about Superior Spidey. I think the Doc Ock switch is silly. I've really been enjoying Bendis on X-Men so I am looking forward to that. I'm also interested to see how Animal Man and Swamp Thing will move forward after the Rot storyline. Captain Marvel has been a pleasant surprise as well.

Posted by xtremekidx

@MysteriousUsername: lmao:)

Posted by HollowPrince665

DD, Scarlet Spider, Indestructible Hulk, and superior spider-man.....I want to UCSM but that Divided We Fall and United We Stand really kinda killed the character development and I can only hope that with Wednesday's UCSM with venom that things will pick up again....we'll see though.

Posted by quatro_briefs

Uncanny X-men, All New X-men. X-Men Legacy, X-Factor, Gambit, Deadpool, Cable and X-Force

Posted by Xwraith

Uncanny X-Force HELL YEAH!

Posted by namtabmi

Untitled superman series ftw! and I'm looking forward to katana's solo book.

Posted by Azrael66

Man of Steel, JLA, Aquaman, Batman, Deathstroke, Avengers, and Thor are the titles I'm most looking forward to.

Oh, and Constantine!

Posted by Kal'smahboi

Gotta throw up some love for the end of Peter Milligan's run on Hellblazer. I expect one Hell of an ending.
And though I'm disappointed in the cancellation, I'm interested to see what Constantine will bring.

Posted by Jake Fury

My top ten with some old and new!

New books I can't wait for:

  • All New X-Men
  • Uncanny X-Men
  • Uncanny X-Force
  • Superior Spider-Man
  • JLA
  • Constantine

Also looking forward to continued awesomeness from these books:

  • Wonder Woman
  • Avengers (Hickman)
  • Thor, God of Thunder
  • Saga
Posted by ME24601

The five books I'm most excited for are:

  1. New Superman book from Snyder
  2. Fearless Defenders by Bunn
  3. Young Avengers by Gillen
  4. Batman by Snyder
  5. Sandman prequel by Gaiman
Posted by Cafeterialoca

My most excited books:




Posted by Watcherg6


Posted by Avengers_4everXX

Young Avengers doesn't get an honorable mention?? C'mon now guys!