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Thanos Returns This April

The Mad Titan gets a limited series for his latest tale!

Cosmic fans, get some confetti ready because you'll likely want to celebrate. Last week Marvel released a teaser simply stating "BIRTH." Now we have an idea what that's about. Thanos is not only coming back with his own limited series called THANOS RISING in April, but it's being written by Jason Aaron (who is currently killing it on THOR: GOD OF THUNDER) and the very talented artist Simone Bianchi.

The limited series will dive into the cosmic villain's earliest years on his home planet Titan and showcase the course of events that turned him into such a formidable foe. The timing couldn't be any better since so many people are now itching to learn more about Thanos after that mid-credit scene in The Avengers. .

Aaron shared some details about the upcoming comic with

This is not a super hero story. There are no good guys swooping in to save the day here. This is the origin story of a very bad dude. A cosmic mass murderer.

Aaron also said he thinks run will stay true to Jim Starlin's original ideas for the Mad Titan while expanding on some parts of his origin, and even diving into Thanos' odd romantic history.

Thanos fans, are you psyched to see this team take a shot at the character?