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TEEN TITANS - That's a Wrap!

A Special ComicVine Exclusive.


I wanted to take this opportunity to thank the legion of fans who have been supporting the TEEN TITANS since our very first issue almost two and a half years ago!

Why am I talking about it like its in the past? Because issue #30 and the annual a week later is going to the final issue of the most recent incarnation of the TEEN TITANS!

I'm thrilled the DC is letting me wrap up the story on a high note as the TEEN TITANS square off against the N.O.W.H.E.R.E. in a final battle -- bringing to conclusion the conflict that began in the first issue!

I'm certainly going to miss writing the adventures of Red Robin, Wonder Girl, Bunker and the rest of the gang. But as a huge, life long fan of the title I'm very excited about the whispered rumors I'm hearing race back and forth between New York and Burbank. (Trust me when I say we haven't seen the last of everyone's favorite teen team adventurers.)

So thank you Brett Booth, Tyler Kirkham, Ig Guara, Kenneth Rocafort and Norm Rapmund and Andrew Dalhouse, the ever effervescent Fabian Nicieza and Bobbie Chase, Katie Stewart, Anthony Marques, Mike Cotton, Eddie Berganza, Bob Harras and some guy named Dan DiDio!

It was a blast -- and keep an eye on this space for upcoming news about my latest project!

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Posted by SynCig
Edited by Avenging-X-Bolt

@blackarmor: well said, my friend. It's nice to see someone who was so disillusioned with the run behave with such a level of grace and dignity.

Posted by MadeinBangladesh

Can't wait for a Young Justice and Teen Titans comic!

Posted by BatWatch

I'm guessing it's a relaunch under a slightly altered name and a new writer. I'm delighted to see this one end. Hope to see the real Tim Drake wake up and say, "Thank God, it was just a dream!"

Posted by BlackArmor

@avenging_x_bolt: Lobdell tried to do what he thought would be good. I may not agree about whether or not he succeeded but it wouldn't be right for me to give him a hard time when his intentions were good

Posted by noj

My bet is either on a Young Justice book or a book called the Titans starring the classic Wolfman/Perez cast. Maybe even both!

Posted by Outside_85

(and who was the genius who came up with Raven's outfit?

You really wanna know?

Answer: Kenneth Rocafort.

Posted by fodigg

@syncig: rumor is that Charles soule and Tony Daniel will be relaunching it.

Tony Daniel draws a mean Robin, I tell you what.

Edited by Avenging-X-Bolt

@noj: a young justice book was rumored.

Posted by Avenging-X-Bolt
Posted by TDK_1997

Glad that your departure from the book is coming soon. :)

Posted by Billy Batson

@syncig: rumor is that Charles soule and Tony Daniel will be relaunching it.

Soule declined from writing.


Posted by DEGRAAF

Scott i would be happy with you on any book i read (minus Nightwing bc i love Kyle Hiigins on it but i wouldnt be against you doing it if he had to be replaced)

I think they should restart the book in april and call if Young Justice or something with Nightwing leading

Edited by Avenging-X-Bolt

@fodigg: damn straight. He's definitely my first choice for a Robin book.

Posted by Avenging-X-Bolt
Posted by Grim

I would have liked to have seen what Lobdell had planned before editorial made him change Superboy's origin...he was originally supposed to be the same Superboy from PreFlashpoint but because of Superman and Supergirl's origin changes he was forced to make him a completely new character...that had to change the rest of the cast and writing of the series completely

THIS i would have LOVED!

Posted by thebizz

I didn't hate Teen Titans but it just seemed to be running in place.

Edited by JulieDC

Okay, good, that's a start. Now let's have a Red Robin solo or convert Batman and... into Batman and Red Robin and I will be content with New 52.

Posted by The_Titan_Lord


Posted by Zeeguy91

Okay, I know people may not agree with me on this, but Kenneth Rocafort's art on that cover makes everyone's costume look awesome, even Raven's new look.

I'm also gonna say that I wish Mr. Lobdell here success in his future endeavors as a writer.

And add me to the people saying that we will hopefully get a relaunched teen heroes book. Hopefully, something along the lines of Young Justice or a "New" Teen Titans book with a new roster. Just as long as Blue Beetle and Static are present.

Posted by Denn979

Then they'll probably introduce a Young Justice and Red Robin series

Posted by kivatt

I know how the series ends. Superboy-Prime comes, and kills them to death.

Posted by Outside_85

@kivatt: Na, he just punches the Source Wall and undoes it all... or it ends with being revealed Harvest is really a crazy future Tim 'Drake'.

Posted by Black_Claw

@denn979: I'm hoping something along the lines of that happens because if it doesn't and if Teen Titans is truly going down with Lobdell then the "Young Justice" line of the New 52 will be completely dead in the water.

Edited by iragulasuperbia

I'll be sad to see this book go as Teen Titans (pre-52) was the first comic I really started buying and reading. And I've tried to stick with it, through the thick and thin, and the current writing has definitely been one of the 'thick' portions of its publication, mostly due to the fact that Mr. Lobdell seems to forget story lines. Critter meets up with somebody else in NOWHERE and is taken away? Never heard from again. Back-up story involving Kid Flash and dinosaur kids? Left unfinished. There are several other instances like that that I can't call to mind without my comics right in front of me, but it has been a point of consternation for quite some time.

My greatest concern is about where these characters will be going, especially since there appears to be (GREEN?! Man, unlike most folks, I enjoyed the crimson coloration. Made sense with the Red and everything) Beast Boy on the cover, one of my favorite characters.

Edited by Gabranth

And the new Robin will be:

1-Red Robin

2-Batman's reaction to his costume:

3-The new (old) boy wonder

Posted by havoc1201

Maybe now we will get a better and closer to pre new 52 Tim Drake, I wish Scott stayed on red hood and left TT a long time ago. He can write Jason but not Tim

Edited by Avengers_4everXX

Good luck to you in your future projects, Mr. Lobdell.

That said, the first comic I ever read was Geoff Johns's Teen Titans. It remains to this day one of my favorite runs of a book I've ever read. Quite frankly, the characterizations of Tim, Conner, Bart, and Cassie, were so irreparably ruined that I only read three issues. The book took away everything I loved about the Teen Titans. The one saving grace of the book- Bunker. The only thing missing from Johns's run IMO was queer representation, so seeing someone on your team I could relate to was a breath of fresh air.

Now hopefully whoever writes the inevitable 'New Teen Titans' or 'Young Justice' can find a way to retcon the awful, awful, awful new origins you gave to my favorite DC characters(Time Drake isn't even Tim Drake... never going to get over that). I, respectfully, will most likely not be picking up your next project(but to be fair the only DC book I read right now is Earth 2, and I might stop). Maybe my problem is with the new 52 as a whole. But I hope to soon see a writer treat my favorite characters with the love and respect they deserve.

Edited by Teerack

Welp I'm done with DC then.

Posted by mfundo

The last thing we need is more Batman comics sorry, not sorry. I'm sorta glad it's the last issue, I get that it's the New 52 but The Teen Titans change was too drastic prior to Flashpoint. I'm crossing fingers for a better and awesome incarnation of my favourite superhero team, Teen Titans!

Posted by Outside_85

@saren said:

@billy_batson said:

@avenging_x_bolt said:

@syncig: rumor is that Charles soule and Tony Daniel will be relaunching it.

Soule declined from writing.


Imagine a comic book so bad Charles Soule said "Nah, I'm good."

Imagine Soule digging himself out from under the mountain of monthly scripts he's doing: "I cant find it!"

Posted by lykopis

This might become my most favourite thread ever.

Edited by Spano23

Dude I actually enjoyed the teen titans. Kinda disappointed that it's ending with all the open ended scenarios. Like seriously wtf happened to skitter, I really thought she had potential. I mean did she crawl into someone's attic or something. I did have a little problem with the legion and DITF mash-up though. I felt they just needed their own side book. All in all the comic was awesome and I enjoyed it. I gotta say my favorites are kid flash and bunker. Mystery island and the Dino guys was a cool experience too. I'm really hoping someone picks up where it leaves off. It's too soon man

Edited by BATMAN9797

Good Teen Titans has been getting worse and worse ever since the culling

Posted by BATMAN9797

Now we can maybe get a Tim Drake solo series

Edited by Avenging-X-Bolt
Posted by Outside_85

@spano23: Originally Skitter was to have been 'collected' by Raven and reappeared along side her instead of Beastboy. I assume it was the swift demise of Ravagers that prompted the switch. The original presentation made sense, since Skitter was highlighted as having no psychic defenses (easy for Raven to manipulate her). The printed version doesn't make that much sense; all of the other Ravagers were rounded up, except for Beastboy who was left exposed in a collapsed building.

The thing that grinds me about Skitter is the same thing that grinded me about Kid Eternity's disappearance: Not one of the Titans gave a s***. They didn't worry, they didn't ask about them, it just seemed that they didn't care at all... and Kid Eternity was found dead later on, so great job there whoever decided Cassandra didnt have enough to feel terrible about.

Posted by LordoftheNorth

now if they would only cancel Redhood

Posted by Denn979

Watch them release a Young Justice book starring most of this cast with others from the show with n52 origins and a book called New Titans starring the original with Beast Boy and Raven back on and connecting with the Justice League through Cyborg. And give Red Robin a solo series.

Posted by lifeofvibe

well..thank god red hood and the outlaws weren't written by lobdell. I just hope that's not getting cancelled cause theres a lot of thing getting cancelled in april and it not because of low sales and the sary thing is I don't know what!

Edited by lifeofvibe


well I wouldn't object to that cause the has...horrendous but it getting a new heres for hoping

Posted by flazam

it'll be back with a new hopefully better writer

Edited by KomicKev

I read the whole Wolfman/Perez run on Teen Titans back in the day and then I off and on read Titans after that for many years. This latest Teen Titans title woefully fell short of what other incarnations have been in the past. The way I see it is that in this New 52 universe, the Titans were not shown as sidekicks to anyone first. Red Robin has been mentioned as working with Batman, but it's all shown in flashbacks and talked about in the past tense.

Wonder Girl seemingly has little or no connection to Wonder Woman, Kid Flash has no connection to The Flash, and there's no Aqua Lad or Aqua Girl to be seen. Superboy has met and fought alongside Superman, but that's just about it when it comes to connections. Red Beast Boy has only just come into the picture (and not connected to a Doom Patrol) and Raven is duplicitous and (seemingly) really evil. Bunker is a fine addition, but that's about it for me.

The original Teen Titans came together because they were trying to create their own identity and come out from the shadows of their mentors. This current group has almost nothing to do with their namesakes and I think that is what has disappointed me with the series. DC has been trying something new and, for many titles, it is simply not working. If I had to chose who could bring this title/group back to coolness, I'd vote for Phil Jiminez. He has a very "George Perez"-ish style but can also write as well as draw. Quite frankly, I'd pick up any book by him and would love to see him take over this book and make it great.

Posted by Avengers_4everXX

Can whoever writes the relaunch just pull a Stromwatch and retcon the team into its pre-new 52 continuity? Because that's the only thing I can think of that could fix Teen Titans

Posted by Transformers1024

I dropped after 17 since I was short on money, I did however pick up a few issues after when they were a dollar at my comic shop and I picked them up immediately. Looks like I'll just go back and buy the rest so I can get caught up and have all 30 issues and the 3 annuals.

Really wish Lobdell would go write Jason Todd again.

Posted by Venomclaw

I'm still confused? Why is Beast boy green? Is it just another mistake or does some traumatic event happen that causes him to turn green.

Posted by Beast_in_the_Shadows

@jonny_anonymous: Considering the way Lobdell has treated people in the past...

I think a simple remark about him NOT being hit by a door is well within the realm of respect earned.

@me24601 said:

And nothing of value was lost.

Now I just hope that DC pretends that this run never happens, and cleans up all the shit Lobdell did to these characters.

I have been hoping for this for a long time. Fortunately this team of Titans has been relatively self contained. Their actions haven't done much to the outside books so it shouldn't be too hard to sweep under the rug and pretend like it never happened.

Edited by Jonny_Anonymous
Posted by Beast_in_the_Shadows
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