Teen Titans Go! - 'Meatball Party' Clip

It's time for a Meatball Party. But Raven doesn't wanna play. It's just crazy.

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Teen Titans Go! - 'Meatball Party Clip and Images

Cyborg wants to have a meatball party. Seriously. Find out who's gonna eat it.

I think Teen Titans Go! is getting funnier and funnier each week. I'm sure there's still some out there that refuse to watch or simply don't enjoy the laughter. Last week at San Diego Comic-Con, we spoke to several involved with the show. You can check out our interview with Scott Menville, the voice of Robin, HERE. You can watch Tara Strong do a Raven impression HERE. You can hear what producer Aaron Horvath has to say on the process of the show HERE. And of course there was the off-the-rails interview with both Khary Payton and Greg Cipes (Cyborg and Beast Boy) HERE.

To give you an idea of just how crazy the show is, the next all-new episode is called "Meatball Party." It airs Tuesday, July 30, at 7:30 p.m. on Cartoon Network.

While trying to entice Raven into joining a meatball party, Cyborg fires a half-meat, half-robot mystery meatball into her mouth, cracking her tooth and releasing the demon octopus that lives in her mouth.

Check out the clip at the top of the page, if you haven't already. Here's some images from the episode as well.

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Edited by Outside_85

Thats just crazy.

Posted by lifeboy

Check list

Monday- two broke girls tuesday- teen titans wednesday- arrow

Posted by ScarletWitchFever

they couldve done this stupid, high on crack and licking toads crap with a completely new IP. but no fuck it lets use the titans.

They really aren't overreaching with the new comedy. It's pretty similar to what the old show used to have, only, paired with the new animation style, it's just too much now.

Posted by Prizm

I can't take it anymore! (*jumps out window*)

Posted by The Stegman

Man I love this show! And Raven wears her hood up so much that I forgot what she looks like, I was like whaa, when I saw her in the tub.

Posted by Yokergeist

They actually had Raven without a hood.


Edited by ravisher

Posted by RedheadedAtrocitus

Eat the meatball, Rachel!

Posted by The Stegman

Also, does anyone else think Starfire is just adorable in this show?? I mean really.

Posted by Beast_in_the_Shadows

My only problem with this series is how inconsistent with BB's diet they are. One episode he is drinking soy milk from the carton, the next he is eating hot dogs (in the form of a pig which makes it really gross) then he has a huge box of tofu in his room.

Feel like they should pick one or the other, but still that is a small quarrel with an otherwise great show.

Posted by Teerack

Omg this show just keeps getting more and more amazing. It's almost worth having young justice getting canceled.

Posted by MadeinBangladesh