Teen Titans Go! - "Caged Tiger" Clip

It's time to take the Bro-train as Doctor Light is on the loose. Woo woo!

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Teen Titans Go! - "Caged Tiger" Clip and Images

The boys are forced to go on a Bro-cation. And what is Doctor Light up to?

Are you ready for more Teen Titans Go!? There's another all-new episode headed your way on Wednesday, November 20, on Cartoon Network at 7:30 p.m. "Caged Tiger" appears to be a little weird...as usual.

After their “bro-cation” — a vacation just for the bros — Cyborg, Beast Boy, and Robin return closer than ever … but their bro-mentum is interrupted by Dr. Light. Teen Titans Bro!

Check out the video clip at the top of the page, if you haven't already.

Here's some more images as well.

Edited by Outside_85

hmm, observation, Dr. Light:

  • Old DC-verse; bumbling nincompoop bad guy
  • Old TT-show; kinda formidable bad guy with bad one-liners
  • Modern version; horrible monster
  • TTG version... charmer?
Edited by Captain13

Cyborg has a JLA shirt on...

Posted by patrat18

Last episode was funny. "BOY WONDER"

Edited by ptigrusmagus

Last episode was one of the best yet looking forward to this one next.

Posted by HeckTate

Recognize the elevator music?

Posted by Captain13

@hecktate said:

Recognize the elevator music?

What is it?

Posted by HeckTate

@captain13: It's a version of the theme from the original Teen Titans show.