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Superior Spider-Man has Kingpin's empire in his sights.

You better head for the hills, Kingpin. Remember that time Spider-Man absolutely wrecked and humiliated Fisk while he was in prison? Well, it looks like the Superior Spider-Man is aiming to duplicate that savage beating -- and in the process take down Kingpin's empire in New York. Otto is aiming to clean up the streets and, naturally, this means toppling Shadowland.

As you can tell by the above cover, "Parker" will have an all-new look. But that's not the only change, Viners. Marvel says the web-head will have brand new allies, too. Since he's diving fists first into Shadowland, expect lots of ninja action and the return of Hobgoblin(s). But this has me curious... who do you think Otto's new allies will be? Based on the cover, it looks like he has an army? Written by Dan Slott and illustrated by Humberto Ramos, SUPERIOR SPIDER-MAN #14 goes on sale this July.

A few days ago, Marvel released a preview for SUPERIOR SPIDER-MAN #9 as well. What I find odd is they promoted it as a big change for the book -- one of the characters will finally take full control of the hero's body. But the information here -- a chapter which takes place five issues later -- clearly confirms Otto's in the driver's seat. Can't say I'm surprised with that decision, but it's a bit odd they're cool with revealing that so soon.

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Edited by Tmul501

I love spider-man. Love him. He's my favorite character, but I am quickly losing interest in this chapter in the character's development. I'm bored. Bring back Peter.

Posted by Yung ANcient One

I prefer the original Superior SpOck look, but **** IT

( + )

Posted by Bokkie

Love the suit and it reminds me indeed of Reilly's costume (although we all know that scarlet spider's outfit was Reillys best costume). And yea normal feet/boots again instead of the horrible toe's

Edited by Strider92

Superior Spider-man = New Master Of The Hand. Willing to bet on it!

Edited by sesquipedalophobe

I love that costume.

Posted by Revendawn

It has been my long standing prediction that this story ultimately ends with the redemption of Otto. If I had to guess he will discover Peter and drive out or lock up his influence. With Peter now no longer able to affect his actions Otto I think will go even further towards that villain line. Then at some unknown future point I think we'll see Otto become aware that he is not the 'Superior' Spider-Man and he will willingly relinquish control (or find a way to return control) back to Peter as a final heroic act.

Edited by w0nd

All those people who hated on Slott for creating the Superior Spider-man can begin thanking him for all of the great story arcs that are resulting because of the change. That being said, I really miss Peter Parker as Spider-man.

Matter of opinion. I am getting tired of Otto claiming his "superiority" only to be humbled later on, and then have random spurts of violent rage.

Posted by theTimeStreamer

@tommythehitman: he has been hit pretty hard by black panther last time i saw him. but yeah back from limbo.

Posted by JamDamage

this suit is great. I love it. I always thought Spidey should go red and black over red and blue. the suit is .........dare I say it. Superior.

Edited by laflux

I think the suit has a what if element to it, which is nice

Posted by Prodigy P

Are there only 3 design schemes for Spider-Man costumes? I need to see something new, SMH.

Posted by notarandomguy

@dark_guyver said:

So now they are changing the 616 costume to match Ultimates costume? Meh

Ultimate Costume? That reminds me of Ben Reilly's Costume as Spider-Man.

I think is kinda like a mix of both!

Posted by w0nd

@sadiavicious said:

@dark_guyver said:

So now they are changing the 616 costume to match Ultimates costume? Meh

Ultimate Costume? That reminds me of Ben Reilly's Costume as Spider-Man.

I think is kinda like a mix of both!

Yeah i think so too. Alex Ross, Ultimate and Ben's

Posted by RedheadedAtrocitus

I can dig the suit, and if this is confirmation that Otto is gonna be in control for some time, then I gotta hand it to Slott and Marvel that they are at least sticking to their guns!

Posted by jesusdisciple001

why do people dislike Mr Ramos's art

Posted by VioletPhoenix

Not cool stealing a 13 year old's costume Spider-Ock..not cool..

Posted by Enders

@jesusdisciple001: Not speaking for everyone, but for me personally I dislike the proportions of his characters. I actually don't even hate his art though.

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