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Superman: The Motion Picture Anthology Blu-ray Review

Now all the Superman films can be experienced in high quality. Does it improve the actual movies?

Superman: The Motion Picture Anthology was released on Blu-ray on June 7. It's taken me this long to get through the incredible amount of content contained. There is so much more than just the theatrical movies contained in this collection.

As a comic fan, it goes without saying that I'd have to have this in my personal library. I only owned Superman, Superman II and Superman II: The Donner's Cut on DVD. You hear about how nice Blu-rays are and that's no lie. The quality here is simply amazing. Even watching the first couple films feels like the movie was just made. It blows me away at how movies can be remastered in this fashion.

In other words, even if you own these movies on DVD, you won't be able to see the movies in this fashion. It almost feels like you're watching the movies for the first time. Now if only the enhancements could have...fixed some of the cheesy scenes and dialogue. But that's another issue.

Besides these superb high quality versions of the films, what else do you get in this massive collection?

== TEASER ==

I could let this trailer speak for itself.

But what this trailer doesn't tell you is what else is included.

First of all, there are eight discs (even though there's only five movies). The main content on the discs are:

  • Superman The Movie
  • Superman The Movie (Expanded Edition)
  • Superman II
  • Superman II (The 2006 Richard Donner Cut)
  • Superman III
  • Superman IV: The Quest For Peace
  • Superman Returns
  • Bonus Disc

Despite there being a Bonus Disc, each disc is choke full of special features. There's honestly way too many to list here. After all, this is a review and not a product description. (You can check out more information on the official website).

I will say there are some true gems contain such as a 1951 George Reeves theatrical feature, the 1940s Fleischer Studios cartoons (all 17 episodes, they are a must see for everyone), the tribute to Christopher Reeve and the bonus scenes for Superman Returns (including his trip in space to the remains of Krypton in his spaceship).

What about the movies? Chances are, you've probably already seen them all. The first two are classic. The remastered versions will put you in awe. It's also worth it to have the two separate discs with the expanded editions. I still find it weird seeing the differences in the movie when I'm so used to the originals.

The third film with Richard Pryor doesn't rate as high as the first two but there are definitely many comedic moments. Who doesn't want to see evil Superman in a bar? It was a very strange movie in some ways but Christopher Reeve still does a great job.

The fourth movie is almost funnier than the third but unfortunately that wasn't the intention. I still remember recently watching it last year and my daughter walking in during the Statue of Liberty scene. Even she thought it was kind of funny.

What about Superman Returns? It does have a different set of problems than the others. The movie had some good visuals but I'm just bothered but some of the plot points. I know that's weird when you compare this story to Superman III or IV. But as I mentioned, the deleted scenes are something worth seeing.

Sound and visuals are great. Watching visual-heavy movies like these on Blu-ray just make me love my player more and more. The packaging is pretty cool as well. Often you get the impression studios just cram the movies in a generic packaging in order to get the product out as soon as possible. The presentation here, the remastering and all the hours and hours of special features really shows how much time and care Warner Home Video put into this.

What about the price? We are talking about eight discs, five movies (seven if you count the expanded editions). There is literally over twenty hours of special features and we're talking quality stuff. It's not just the same old 'making of' specials. There's a huge variety of content. The suggested retail price is $129.95 BUT you can find it cheaper (amazon has it for $90). It definitely is worth it. There's also a movie ticket to see Green Lantern (if you haven't already or want to see it again for free).

The Superman Anthology is also available On Demand and for download through Amazon and iTunes. My final assessment is you should own this collection if you're a comic fan. I understand some people have issues with Superman but seeing Christopher Reeve as Superman shows how excellent casting can make a comic book movie work. Even if you're not the biggest Superman fan, these movies should be seen over and over. What was the tag line? "You'll believe a man can fly."

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Got it! Looks good...
Posted by katanalauncher

I would buy it if it didn't include Superman III : - /

Posted by Grim

The first set like this was better. All of this (except maybe the cartoons) plus a comic and a nice collectable case.

Posted by stuamerica

If it did not have four, this would be a definite pick-up.   
Oh, and the fact that in two years or so they will probably put out another set with even more "features" so that those who bought this one will feel like they need to pick that one up as well.
Edited by cmaprice

Yes, life wasn't complete until you've seen Superman fight himself in 1080p during some misplaced avant garde scene that was thrown in the middle of an otherwise painfully dull and meaningless cinematic abortion.

Posted by maxicere

Sups drinks whisky !! He's the man of malta!!! 
Opps.. I don't buy this...

Posted by Z3RO180

even though the christopher reves movies were made before i was born they were my favoite movies growing up as a kid and i think its about time i visited my childhood again.

Posted by Thorion88

*Sigh* Someone just loves to take my money.
I'm definitely getting this.

Posted by Xenozoic Shaman

That's really tempting.  Perhaps I'll pick it up one day, when the price comes down.

Posted by BlackRoseTessa

i might get this after sonisphear festival ,  there all good movies in there own ways lol
Posted by Deranged Midget

Would be an instant purchase if I had a blu-ray player :(

Posted by Asok

Mmmmmm........ Superman Anthology.

Posted by Utandi

Christopher Reeve was the man!

Posted by JayUK

I haven't seen Superman IV since I watched it at the cinema in 1987 (lordy I'm getting old). It sticks in my mind because of how dire it was and the fact that when the end credits rolled up everyone in the theatre just sat there in disbelief with an unspoken "is that it?" and curious glaces at each other hoping someone else would be the first to stand up.
I do have the strange desire to relive those nightmarish 90 minutes of my childhood. Might as well do it in high definition right?

Posted by Dracade102
@Deranged Midget said:

Would be an instant purchase if I had a blu-ray player :(

Same here.
Posted by sa5m

I would most like that =)

Posted by The Impersonator


Posted by Trodorne

The richard donner cut of Superman 2 makes more sense then the original theatrical version.

Posted by RedheadedAtrocitus
@Trodorne said:
The richard donner cut of Superman 2 makes more sense then the original theatrical version.
Thank you for saying it.  I could not agree more than the godawful Richard Lester version.
Posted by Doctor!!!!!

The complete Superman movies, A masterpecie mixed with horrible cinema... it controdics it self so much!
Posted by shalashaska45


Posted by ssejllenrad

Meeeh! I'll stick with my DVDs thank you... :D

Posted by BlackfireRedTech7


Posted by Eyz


Posted by GLCorps2814

Yeah I bought this boxed set, just to have it and I never had all these films all on blu ray, so it seemed worth it. I watched the first and second films over the past weekend though and I never noticed just how much advertisement and product placement there is in Superman II for the Marlboro Cigarette company until now

Posted by G-Man

@GLCorps2814: Marlboros and KFC!

Posted by Jordanstine

I had the original DVD Anthology set (that came with a comic book), but I had to get this one too!

Edited by Bluetorch

I wish Warner Brothers would add this anthology to their DVD2BLU site.  I'd trade my whole Superman DVD collection for this set!
If you've never heard of it, check it out here:

Posted by StarKiller809

I've seem all of them but it was so long ago that I have forgot pretty much everything. I think that I'm going to buy this and have 2 or 3 days where I just sit down and watch some good films. Well, some good films.