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Superman Goes National On USA TODAY

This Wednesday, be sure to swipe your parent's USA TODAY

I think this is pretty awesome; you should too.

Every Wednesday for the next 12 weeks, DC will be printing comics in the USA Today. This, in my opinion, is fantastic news! I have to hand it to DC for coming up with some pretty good strategy. By putting these comics into circulation in a national newspaper, DC will give non comic book readers the opportunity to read them. 

Some of the biggest names in comics will be featured writers as well.

Creators include John Arcudi and Lee Bermejo on Superman, Brian Azzarello on Batman, Adam and Joe Kubert on Sgt. Rock, Paul Pope on Adam Strange, Dave Gibbons on Kamandi, Kyle Baker on Hawkman and a pairing of Neil Gaiman and Michael Allred on the obscure hero Metamorpho.

The first installment of the Superman strip will be featured in Wednesday's USA TODAY beginning on July 8th. The remaining 11 "strips" can be found on every Wednesday.
Posted by HaloKing343

Wow, that's cool. Too bad l don't read newspapers. Sound cool though.

Posted by Shayla Soul

That is a Good idea, Now i have a reason to read the paper ^_^

Posted by DEGRAAF

i read the paper but i normally just read the one that people brin to work with them. i guess i will have to go pick them up now

Posted by Kal'smahboi

that's a really great idea. i'm surprised that usa today's going for that.
it may get some younger people into the newspaper and some older people into the comics.

Posted by Psychotime


Posted by Vortex13

Joe Kubert doing Sgt. Rock... hell freaking yeah this is good news:D!!!!

Posted by Decept-O

Hawkman as well, awesome.  Great roster of artists and writers.  Suh-weet!

Posted by The_Martian

I probably will never read them(I don't read USA Today), but I think this is an awesome idea.

Posted by Media_Master

Idea is well thought of

Posted by NightFang


Posted by Omg chris

pretty cool

Posted by burr787

Can't wait to see Azzarello on batman.

Posted by Slinger

What a great idea, I'm glad Stan Lee thought of it in 1977.

Posted by reaper2923

Just like the good ol' days

Posted by skprgb

Great way to reach out to new readers! Can't wait i'm going to have to pick up a few.

Posted by Buckshot

They can pimp their garbage in a national magazine but somehow can't manage to advertise Wildstorm in the slightest.

Posted by Nova`Prime`

Man newspapers are trying anything to increases their failing profits. Hey here is a good idea, maybe if they actually reported the news instead giving their opinion or version of the news they wouldn't need this gimmick.