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Superman Confidential Preview thanks to Phil Hester

What this?  An actual DC Comics preview?  For some reason, DC doesn't seem to do the previews.  They don't seem to want me to do them.  Maybe they just want to keep us in suspense.  I look at it as a way to get us all excited over what's coming out. 

So basically I was tired of never seeing anything from DC.  I contacted Phil Hester since I just recently interviewed him and asked if he could share some images from his upcoming arc on Superman Confidential that he's doing with Ande Parks (and written by B. Clay Moore).  He was so nice to send me some images for issue #12 (due out February 20) and issue #13 (due March 5).  This is some pretty cool stuff.  Remember you saw them here.

Here's the overview for issue 12:

B. Clay Moore teams with Phil Hester and Ande Parks to shed light on the origins of the Jimmy Olsen/Superman relationship in the first of a three-part story, in which Superman invents a way for Jimmy to signal him, and Metropolis deals with giant

And issue 13:

"Signal to Noise" part 2 of 3. After dealing with the attack of 50- foot murderous toys, Superman works to keep Jimmy Olsen out of harm's way. But Jimmy's nose for trouble leads him straight to a reclusive toymaker named Winslow Schott, and this Toyman is curious about the strange watch Jimmy is wearing…

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