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Superior Spider-Man is Fired

He's trying to become a "superior" Spider-Man, but it looks like he's an inferior employee.

Better update those unemployment figures! Today Marvel has teased an upcoming SUPERIOR SPIDER-MAN story called "Fired." It seems fair that Ock's inability to play well with others will eventually cost him his job. And, with the Avengers looking down on him in the background, it makes me wonder if they'll also come to a decision regarding his status on their team. Despite leading the Sinister Six at times, Ock has never really been much of a team player. Will Ock be unable to juggle the many responsibilities that Peter has? Or will he just be too rude for the others to handle? I guess we'll see!

Written by Dan Slott and illustrated by Humberto Ramos, 'Fired' will begin April, 2013. What do you think will happen?

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Posted by RedheadedAtrocitus

Makes sense to have Ock-Spidey already at odds with people as the Superior Spider-Man. Interesting to say the least!

Posted by Thatdood87

Everyone quit your bitching and give it a shot.

Posted by JoseDRiveraTCR7

@G-Man said:

I'm actually surprised people didn't complain when Peter got his dream job at Horizon. He had so much money, a great apartment, etc, everything that was the opposite of what Peter Parker's "Parker Luck" was about. Now he's getting fired and people are having a fit?

And for the record, I still say "The Other" story where Peter dies and gets reborn in a cocoon made from spiders was way more whack than what's going on now. I know there are those that really loved that story but it just didn't work for me personally.

Personally, I did have a problem with him getting his dream job, money, etc. It's one of the reasons why I haven't been that into Slott's run and think it's been mediocre. He wrote some good stories, but for the most part they were bland to me and he usually didn't write the Peter that I like to read.

The Other was terrible. I have to say that I like JMS' run, but that has more to do with how he wrote Peter's personal life and his relationship with MJ and Aunt May than it does with the superhero aspect, which I consider he wrote terrible.

Posted by TheReaper111

@DerfelMacklin: i know right? the avengers are earths mightiest heros , i dont think wolverine is a good fit there.

Posted by ahgunsillyo

One question that's been bugging me about Doctor Octopus's "Superior Spider-Man" is that if Octavius is trying to prove that he is a better and smarter Spider-Man than Peter Parker, why would he redesign the spider on his back to look even less like an actual spider?

Posted by Ganthetsward20

This ruines my Spidey and Captain Marvel relationship chances, still love the idea of the all new spider man though and will be reading this!

Edited by ComicFan93

@chocobojam said:

No matter what fans said about how they dont like this new direction Spiderman is taking, they will still buy it. And thats the funny truth about superior Spiderman!!

Wow, I can't believe this is surprising news for you, but no it's not. Sales may not show in the first month or two, but go to any Marvel forum, and it's filled with people telling Marvel they're going to cancel their subscriptions to anything Spider-Man-related. More people than you know are hating the very idea that this series is actually a reality. I swear, it's almost like having a villain kill a superhero in the harshest, insensitive, most ill-conceived way imaginable, then expecting fans to root for said villain as a hero, is a BAD idea or something. (and yes, I'm being sarcastic as f*** on that sentence.)

Posted by JakeN7

@danhimself said:

@Vulshock said:

It could also explain why he is so grateful in the first issue of Avengers.

that was Peter....Peter is still Spider-man for the first arc of Avengers

Not to mention that that was the 2nd issue, not the first.

Posted by soir8

@ahgunsillyo: I've seen a lot of criticism of this new change, but that's got to be the most hilarious complaint I've yet seen levelled against Spidey-Ock.

I'm starting to wonder if I'm the only person who actually likes this change. It's not as if Marvel are really expecting us to root for Dr Octopus as a hero; he's still a complete prick, and now it looks like his attitude is going to come back to bite him. There's room or some interesting character development here. Will being confronted with his personality laws drive Ock back to villainy, or will he take another look at himself in a new light?

Posted by spiderturtle

Better art, then we get no Peter. :[

Posted by Strider92

b-but the homepage is not my friend it keeps bullying me :(

Posted by wmwadeii

@ahgunsillyo said:

One question that's been bugging me about Doctor Octopus's "Superior Spider-Man" is that if Octavius is trying to prove that he is a better and smarter Spider-Man than Peter Parker, why would he redesign the spider on his back to look even less like an actual spider?

He wants it to look more like an Octopus lol.

Posted by ClintsEvilTwin

@ahgunsillyo said:

One question that's been bugging me about Doctor Octopus's "Superior Spider-Man" is that if Octavius is trying to prove that he is a better and smarter Spider-Man than Peter Parker, why would he redesign the spider on his back to look even less like an actual spider?

What are you smoking bro. This makes no sense what so ever.

Posted by ClintsEvilTwin

@Thatdood87 said:

Everyone quit your bitching and give it a shot.


Posted by Serberus08

@Dark_Guyver said:

Replace "fired" with "CANCELLED!" then that would be a start in the right direction for this garbage.


Posted by Fantasgasmic
Posted by laflux

@Super_SoldierXII said:

I like the arc personally.

I hope Ock loses it as Parker, I mean the kid gloves come off completely, and we finally see what kind of damage a moral-less Spidey is really capable of (and no, Kaine doesn't count as a 100% valid substitute for me).

As a fan of the battle threads, it could prove very revealing - we might finally put to rest a lot of speculation.

Doc Ock Spidey versus Wolverine. Both out for blood. Make it happen.

Be careful. Spider-Man fans are already posting images of Peter drawing Blood from Logan with a single blow. For me, its a moral victory =D.

I can already see it . Spider-Man actually has Carboduim Armor and Claws as well, so it will just make a close up brawl between them even more bloody. Still favor Logan in a tight no webbing/cyro pellets brawl, but it is an interesting concept nonetheless. Still, this talk of a morals off Spider-Man is getting a bit Passe. If you want Morals off Spider-Man, read Back in Black or Grim Hunt. We also have Kaine who is filling that role (Granted not 100 percent LOL) and Flash Thompson as Venom.

As for Superior Spider-Man, Its okay. Don't feel much either way (Which is weird). Upset that he could be fired from Avengers and/or Horizon Labs. I found it refreshing that Spider-Man was actually starting to be acknowledged for his abilites and intelligence. If it happens , I hope it does so as a one-shot.

Posted by Nicodemus

You mean to tell me that the good doctor never learned to share?

Posted by Vance Astro

If Doc Ock is Peter Parker than technically Peter Parker is still Spider-Man...Amirite?

Posted by ComicMan24

Not really surprised.

Posted by FoxxFireArt

It's in a way impressive that Marvel could make a story that has Humberto Ramos as an artist that I'm not even generally interested in checking out.

Posted by FoxxFireArt
That's because the new job signified some level of growth after after some 40 odd years of events were taken away with OMD. People are probably upset because this isn't Peter screwing things up, but Doc Oc in Peter's skin pretending to be him. All for Peter to eventually return and have to put things back together again. However, this image more implies he's being removed from the Avengers. Which isn't that big a deal.

From the moment they "killed" Peter, ever one just began counting the months for Peter's return. They've basically created a story arc where many aren't waiting to see how it ends. They're just waiting for it to end. Then they get the lead back, and everyone can forget any of it even happened. They're asking consumers to support a series where the lead is replaced by a villain pretending to be the lead.
Posted by ZEELLO

why does Spiderman's feet look like nightcrawler. :<

or he is a ninja now? :<

Posted by wr3h

There goes the movie offer.


Posted by Pyrogram


Posted by heroesgold

Most likely getting kick out of the Avengers or getting fired from Horizon. Damnit Dan Slott!!!!!!!!

Posted by gio3432

That would be cool, if now Doc Ock starts beating the Avengers to the punch, by saving people before they even get there. It would be awesome to see Cap's face when Spider-man starts kicking ass and not following rules. I guess it would just kinda be like when the Punisher does it, but less violently.

Posted by MightyMODOK

@Sammo21 said:

@G-Man: You can't please people, Tony. I think Dan Slott has done a great job with Spider-Man. I'm excited to seeing where this story arc goes because OBVIOUSLY as of issue #1 of Superior this is an arc. I'm sure we'll come out of this seeing Parker as the superior Spider-Man and defeating Ock once again.

@powerhouse1122: wow, really dude...calm down. Many people think that Spider-Man being a full time Avenger (and on three different teams at the same time) was a completely screw up in and of itself.


Posted by Kovak

@Jodez said:

Okay seriously what's up with Parker/Ock's toes?

He's got some wicked toe claws.

Nah, just kidding, they're crap.