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Superior Spider-Man is Fired

He's trying to become a "superior" Spider-Man, but it looks like he's an inferior employee.

Better update those unemployment figures! Today Marvel has teased an upcoming SUPERIOR SPIDER-MAN story called "Fired." It seems fair that Ock's inability to play well with others will eventually cost him his job. And, with the Avengers looking down on him in the background, it makes me wonder if they'll also come to a decision regarding his status on their team. Despite leading the Sinister Six at times, Ock has never really been much of a team player. Will Ock be unable to juggle the many responsibilities that Peter has? Or will he just be too rude for the others to handle? I guess we'll see!

Written by Dan Slott and illustrated by Humberto Ramos, 'Fired' will begin April, 2013. What do you think will happen?

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Posted by ThePRez

damm it OCK!! gett it together

Posted by Dark_Guyver

Replace "fired" with "CANCELLED!" then that would be a start in the right direction for this garbage.

Posted by Jodez

Okay seriously what's up with Parker/Ock's toes?

Posted by DATNIGGA

Hes probably getting kicked out of the avengers...

but ah who cares he has the combined knowledge of both ock and peter hes smart enough not to need anyone lol

Posted by powerhouse1122

Ruining everything. Dan Slott I hate you. F@$& you man.

Posted by Vulshock

It could also explain why he is so grateful in the first issue of Avengers.

Posted by animehunter

What this means, is that when Peter comes back (not if, NEVER if), he'll have to rebuild his whole life again.

Getting a job, rebuilding his reputation with other heroes, rebuilding his relation with friends, family & Mary Jane

Posted by dondave

Can't want for this to come out

Posted by JonSmith

DAMMIT OCK! I bet ten bucks Ock would last thirty seconds with the Avengers in Pete's body! He doesn't even make it to his first issue! ****!

Posted by danhimself

@Vulshock said:

It could also explain why he is so grateful in the first issue of Avengers.

that was Peter....Peter is still Spider-man for the first arc of Avengers

Posted by animehunter

@Vulshock: Avengers #1 is set before Superior Spider-man, so it's still Peter not Dr Ock

Posted by CelosBeats
Posted by G-Man

I'm actually surprised people didn't complain when Peter got his dream job at Horizon. He had so much money, a great apartment, etc, everything that was the opposite of what Peter Parker's "Parker Luck" was about. Now he's getting fired and people are having a fit?

And for the record, I still say "The Other" story where Peter dies and gets reborn in a cocoon made from spiders was way more whack than what's going on now. I know there are those that really loved that story but it just didn't work for me personally.

Staff Online
Posted by DerfelMacklin

Can OckSpidey take Wolverine with him?

Posted by SupremeHyperion

Anticipating Superior Spiderman I must say. We all know at some point spiderman will be back by some silly means but I'm looking forward to Oc trying to prove he's more fitting than the original

Posted by Sammo21

@G-Man: You can't please people, Tony. I think Dan Slott has done a great job with Spider-Man. I'm excited to seeing where this story arc goes because OBVIOUSLY as of issue #1 of Superior this is an arc. I'm sure we'll come out of this seeing Parker as the superior Spider-Man and defeating Ock once again.

@powerhouse1122: wow, really dude...calm down. Many people think that Spider-Man being a full time Avenger (and on three different teams at the same time) was a completely screw up in and of itself.

Posted by Black_Cat7

For a moment I thought this article was going to reveal that Dan Slott was fired, or something. It got my hopes up.

Posted by StMichalofWilson

Wait, you can get fired from the Avengers?

Posted by Smart_Dork_Dude

@JonSmith said:

DAMMIT OCK! I bet ten bucks Ock would last thirty seconds with the Avengers in Pete's body! He doesn't even make it to his first issue! ****!

I give him eleven seconds to blow it. Probably by saying something like

"Don't talk out loud or you'll lower the IQ of the whole city."

Quite possibly to all of them.

Posted by Don_Jay

@G-Man: I personally loved that Parker got the good job, the money, the apartment, because it was a good (and quite logical) step in the characters evolution. He finally started to live up to his potential both as a scientist at Horizon and a hero as a part of the Avengers. We had Almost 50 years of comics, where he had money problems, and the whole Parker luck. His scientific mind was often unused and underplayed. That is the reason I loved Slott's run on ASM. Then came 700, where my biggest source of rage is the fact that the whole damn ending felt disrespectful to the character. Will Parker be back? I'm willing to bet good money on it. But this suggested direction feels very much like the "let's get Parker single, because he was single when I read it as a kid" approach, coined by Quesada. Now Stott's about to destroy everything he built for Parker for the reason of what? So when they bring him back eventually they can once again tell stories about how down on his luck he is? How he has to rebuild his personal relationships and the respect of the people and the superhero community? To me, this just feels like an uninspired attempt to rehash the stories slightly differently.

Posted by TDK_1997

I can't wait for the first issue to come already.

Posted by Phaedrusgr

@Jodez: Disliking the Spider-Otto nonsense, hating the toe thing, waiting for Pete to come back. Let Sl-Otto destroy everything. Someone will rebuild our dear Peter.

Posted by sergyanime

No offense to G man but he has a job and friendships to consider in his judgment of superior spiderman. I think if G man wasn't in the position he was in now he would be just as mad as a lot of people about superior spiderman.

The reasons most fans weren't mad when peter made money is because people don't care about the parker luck. People want to cheer on peter and people want peter to live a good life. Peter is for many a reflection of them selves and watching your self be striped of everything and taken over by your worst enemy makes it feel much worse then if this was like the hulk or something that we don't relate.

Dan slott is a good writer, but even the best writers write some bad stories and this choice is a bad one. If this was a mini series I bet people would be a lot more interested and slott still could have told his story without angering his fans and fans of spiderman.

Posted by x_29

Either way I don't give a damn.

Posted by Barkley

cancelled would be better...if all you can say about Superior Spider-man wont last and peter will be back then this change wasn't worth it

Posted by Avenging-X-Bolt
Posted by aaunderoath

So after years and years of people crying that they wanted Spider-Man to be poor and with MJ again Slott is now tearing down Pete/Ock's life to bring it back to that. So what do Spider-Man fans do now that they're getting what they wanted? Complain ...

Posted by Death Certificate

Spider-man off the avengers?


no seriously name one time spider-man was useful in the avengers book.

Posted by CircularLogic

The next story arc, Ock-spidey is hired back to the Daily Bugle, somehow regressing the character back even further than OMD.

All kidding aside, Does anyone honestly think Doc Ock is the kind of character we can follow for more than a year once the hype dies down? Just imagine if Peter Parker never existed, but the same character of Doc Ock did in fact. Do we truly care about him enough to give him a lasting book? I don't see it happening

Edited by Death Certificate

Spider-Ock: Scott was right

Captain America: GTFO

Posted by Mutant God

I dont care for Doc Spock

Posted by ScarletWebs

I'm digging Thor's godly beard in that picture.

Posted by the3rdborn

!!!YES YES YES!! now if we can get Wolverine of the team i will be a happy camper

Posted by Dark_Vengeance_

@Death Certificate said:

Spider-man off the avengers?


no seriously name one time spider-man was useful in the avengers book.

There was that one time where he did that one thing.

Posted by RuinedGlory

My thoughts on The Amazing Spider-Man #700. Also as for the "Fired" photo, Spidey's feet look like he has two giant toes & that's it. Slott is starting to ruin everything Peter has created but don't worry in a few months it'll all return to status quo!

Posted by BR_Havoc

Marvel really need to stop trying to hype this book up by pissing off fans. At this point this book has become a circus show that is annoying many people. Marvel/Dan Slott and Stephen Wacker all should just shut there mouths and let the story speak for itself but no they made it a media frenzy that will only carry sales for so long.

Posted by leokearon

Hurray! Spidey never did anything as an Avenger

Posted by Death Certificate

@DarkKnightDetective: There are over a Hundred issue of the avengers, and spider-man was only useful in one time.

Why is anyone complaining that spidey is getting kicked of the avengers?

Posted by kid Apollo

technically he cant be fired, he never gave them his real name so he could never get a pay stub and wouldnt be on any of 'the books', so he was never really an employee. but then again 'CO-OP TERMINATED' just doesnt have the same ring to it

Posted by redscare

Thor's beard is making a return? That's amazi... oh... Spider-Man's getting fired from something?

Posted by Dark_Vengeance_

@Death Certificate: I'm not complaining.

Posted by Z3RO180

Everyone and I mean everyone that is crying about superior before it come out need to grow the fu!k up and give the dame story a chance. That being said I'm looking forward to this dan Scott is good writer and knows what he's doing.

Posted by Xwraith

I want the Dan Slott who wrote GLA back.

Posted by cacarl

@animehunter: That will mean another 10 years of nothingness. Brand New Day Part 2!

Posted by Tmul501

I feel like this is all being done in an attempt to get Peter back to being a solo character. Get him kicked off his team, probably fire him from horizon, etc. and have Peter come back to a crappy life. Whatever. I was enjoying Peter having things go his way for a while, but we'll see where this goes.

Posted by cacarl

@kid Apollo: That means he wasn't paying his tax. IRS will get you, Peter/Ock!

Posted by lostlantern13

@G-Man: I actually liked the move to Horizon. Not only did it mark natural progression for the character, which every other Marvel character aside from Spidey seems to get, but it also opened up the possibility of highlight Parker's intellect. Too many writers downplayed Spidey's scientific acumen and it was nice to see him thinking and inventing with the Starks and Richardses of the world.

Posted by Novemberx2

i wonder if everyone will actually stop reading this series! i hope so

never the less, i feel sorry for spiderman fans, (and Doc Ock fans because remember 2 characters have been ruined here)

Posted by texasdeathmatch

I like everyone's HMMPH expression

Edited by CptPanda29

I sure as hell don't want Ock in the Avengers.

In fact ideal scenario - "Gee Pete is acting weird, hey lets throw a rock and let that genius spend four seconds on this one"