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Superhero Series 'The Mighty' Getting Developed As A Movie?

The maxi-series might be about to get even bigger.

So how would YOU take this guy down?

Peter Tomasi’s one of my favorite writers working for DC, right now. His run on GREEN LANTERN CORPS was, without a doubt, the best extended arc I’ve read in a regular, monthly arc in years. So I’m pretty pleased to see this report from Deadline that THE MIGHTY, a creator-owned book he did with Keith Champagne and Peter Snejbjerg, is getting developed by Disruption Ent. for the ol’ feature-length movie treatment at Paramount Pictures.

THE MIGHTY is a maxi-series that ran from ’09 to ’10 and its plot upped the stakes significantly in the usual relationship between a superhero and his human allies. It’s about a regular cop in Section Omega, a special police unit that aides the operations of their world’s only superhero, Alpha One. However, when that hero starts becoming corrupt with his own power, the cop’s faced with the impossible challenge of trying to take down a godlike immortal when he, himself, has no superpowers.

These are the details we have to go on at the moment for the movie version, but I strongly encourage all you maniacs to seek out the back-issues of this brilliant inversion of superheroic archetypes. The comic was moody, taut and visceral in a real “What would you do in this situation?” fashion.

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Posted by mark5

Sounds good...

Posted by Battlepig

Hurr... I kind of don't see that happening, because, well, it's The Mighty. Basically, everything this comic book does some other comic book does better. And while we're at very-similar-story-done-better, they should make a movie of Irredeemable. But I imagine the rights to that have either been sold already and are currently in development hell or they were too expensive.

Posted by RedheadedAtrocitus

I always wanted to get this comic but wanted to wait until some kinda trade came out for it.  I'll try it on the big screen, sure!

Posted by haydenclaireheroes

sounds interesting. I have never read it before but I would go see the movie

Posted by pikahyper

Ohhh this could be good, I've only read the first half of the series so far but what I've read has been excellent.

Posted by cyberninja

Can't wait. 

Posted by TVN


Posted by GraveSp

Liked the book although but I kinda doubt it will happen as a movie.  

Posted by dewboy01

awesome. I got this book, and i hope this movie's worth to see.
Posted by NightFang
@TVN said:
Posted by TypingKira

I need this book. 

Posted by Eyz

Another comic book-movie! One more!

Posted by Out_of_Space


Posted by CrimsonTempest

I heard great things about this series, as it was akin to a messed-up version of the relationship of Superman and Jimmy Olsen. I'm gonna check this book out like a trick after women.

Posted by TDK_1997

I have never read it but I would see the movie
Edited by Doctor!!!!!

ooooooooohhhh Finally I get to see what heroes and the normal bffs do together!