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Super-Villains Need Love Too

In honor of Valentine's Day, let's take a look at a few super-villains who want, have, or need some love.

 "Doctor Sexyhead. Please report to sexy surgery."
It's Valentine's Day. The one day a year where you get together with your lover and celebrate love and everything that is love (That's a lot of love!). Some people don't have love to share though. Some people are a bit cranky, especially on Valentine's Day, and those people are super-villains.  
Sometimes finding love evens people out, like what's happening with Doctor Doom and Scarlet Witch in Avengers: Children's Crusade. Doom used to be a tyrannical dictator hellbent on world domination, but now he's found love. That and he's totally holding Scarlet Witch captive, but at least he's only hurting one person and not a whole world captive, right?
What if some of the more crazier villains found love this Valentine's Day? Would that even them out and make them more humanitarian? Maybe some of these guys would become better villains now that they have a better half, much like The Monarch on The Venture Brothers. Can love change a villain?
== TEASER == 

Think about this: How many villains do you know that are in long, committed relationships? They are few and far between, but they do exist. Black Adam and Isis have been together for a while now, well, now they're statues, but you know what I mean. Isis was reintroduced to the world during 52, and since then she has died, been resurrected thanks to the help of Black Adam, and then both she and Adam were turned into statues. They are one of the very few married super-villain teams around, and having a lady around seemed to turn Adam into a leader who actually kinda cared about his people, at least for a short time.
What about those villains who will hurt anyone to get to their true love, like Mr. Freeze and Black Adam? Freeze's whole goal is to save his wife, Nora Fries, from a terminal condition. Before the Lazara mess, Freeze would go to any lengths to save his wife, even if it meant killing someone else. If Freeze were able to save Nora, would he still be a villain? I'd assume not. So maybe Freeze just needs to warm up that ice cold heart of his wife his wife or maybe even a new woman. Freeze could even go back to being a scientist... but most likely a scientist in prison because of all the killing and whatnot. 
If he had himself a lady, he'd probably still be alive.
We've seen two super-villains who love their women greatly. In fact, you could say they've become more competent as a villain because of the love they feel for their women. What about villains who overall are bumbling fools? Would a woman give them a new outlook on life? Could it make them a better villain? Although he may be dead, one villain who was always toppled by the Bat was Ventriloquist
Whether it was robbing a bank, or pretending to control the earthquakes that hit Gotham City, Scarface and Ventriloquist were foiled again and again with no problem. Maybe the original Ventriloquist could have hooked up with the new Ventriloquist? Maybe a lady Scarface doll could be thrown in the mix? The two of them could have settled down together in a log cabin somewhere, or they could have become one dynamic super-villain force? Wesker, the original Ventriloquist, had some major issues, but maybe the love-of-his-life was all he needed to set things right to become a competent villain?  
The best solution may also be the easiest. There's lots of lonely people out there that could use a little love, and there's one group in the DC universe that has a lot of love to give. So maybe a few of these people should head down to sector 2814 to find love themselves. So what do you say Star Sapphire Corps?
 As wrestler Val Venis would say, "HELLO LADIES!"
Mainly DC comics is discussed here, but this exists in every company. Who is your favorite super-villain couple? What lengths do they go to to save the ones they love? What villain do you think needs someone in their life?
~Mat "Inferiorego" Elfring is a comedian, teacher, writer, comic book employee, and forgot to buy flowers for his lady today.... yikes.
Follow him on twitter: @ inferiorego
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Posted by Gambit1024

I always felt bad for Mr. Freeze. 

Posted by The Sadhu

Val Venis... lmao!
Posted by notoriousbcb

The Sapphires would have totally dug Ravishing Rick Rude as well.

Posted by ComicMan24

Why have love when you can have big robots that can help you rule the world? :P

Posted by Doctor!!!!!

Mr.freeze, he needs to get some Lovin'  
That all he ever wanted. All he ever needed.
Posted by inferiorego
@notoriousbcb said:
" The Sapphires would have totally dug Ravishing Rick Rude as well. "
I don't know who you are, but you're now my favorite Viner.
Posted by Jake Fury

Absorbing Man & Titania always seemed like a fun couple to double date with.  
Me-"Hey Crusher, Stephanie was wondering if you and Skeeter want to double tonight? Go see a movie, dinner at Red Lobster, bowling and a few beers, maybe?" 
Crusher-"Well, I was thinking we'd go rob that bank, throw down with Thor & She-Hulk and then maybe a cold one."
Posted by NightFang
@Jake Fury said:
Crusher-" Well, I was thinking we'd go rob that bank, throw down with Thor & She-Hulk and then maybe a cold one."
Now that sounds like a fun night on the town, I would like to come but I'll be the third-wheel. 
But serious, this whole "the villains need love" thing reminds me of something I saw on Toonami once.  
Posted by SirSparkington

What if Mr.Freeze's turn into Ms.Freeze?!? Fan fictions abound!

Posted by The_Warlord

Damn Right

Posted by StarKiller809

I've always felt really bad for Mr. Freeze. Him and his poor wife...
Posted by Terrific_T

I wonder how Lex and RoboLois are spending V-Day. :P

Posted by KasadyCarnage

What about that guy from that comic who was friends with that other guy but then met that girl and they both liked her and that guy killed the other guy. That was a wierd comic.
Posted by Walker696

This is a pretty interesting topic, I mean some of the worst villains out there would be much happier and less well ummmmmmm evil if they had somebody to share those hard times with. You would be surprised as how being alone makes you do things you would never see yourself doing, not to mention woman do keep men in check when we have those I wanna destroy the worlds days, not to mention some good loving takes all that energy right out of ya lol

Posted by Blue_Shield
Avengers Unplugged #4 comes to mind, the wedding of Absorbing Man and Titania.
Also I (Heart) Marvel: Outlaw Love #1 
Posted by Sir Duke

How can we forget the best villain couple in comics?!  Joker and Harley Quinn!

Posted by sparty-dbq

I've always had a kind-of respect for Mr. Freeze for being the guy who turned bad for good reasons.  I always think back to the end of Batman: SubZero and feel like I'm seeing the REAL Victor Fries.

Posted by sparty-dbq
@NightFang: Goddamit, early 00's Toonami ruled.
Posted by chalkshark

I'm going to take this old school & go back to the very first super villain couple I can remember--The Sportsmaster & The Huntress.

Posted by guuthulhu

Mr. Freeze is probably my top pick for finding love. I really sympathize with him. He shows just how far a person can go for love. Is he really at fault? He may have done some questionable things, but his goal remains noble. It saddens me he can't reach his goal.

Posted by Grendel

Somebody needs a hug:


Posted by Surrender Monkey

Speaking of ice-themed villains, Captain Cold finding true love would totally change the Rogues' balance as a team and the character would get interesting in new ways

Posted by Mrfuzzynutz

::cues 70's Funky Hero Voice:: 
Nutin changes a man like the love of a good woman, ya dig?

Posted by Bestostero

I like the pick up line on that cover lol

Posted by AMP - Seeker of Lost Knowledge
@guuthulhu: You are not the only one who sympathizes with Mr. Freeze. I often feel that my heart is frozen cold.....waiting to be thawed by someone warm....and gentle.....
Posted by AMP - Seeker of Lost Knowledge


Posted by Silkcuts

Best article all week ^_^

  "Doctor Sexyhead. Please report to sexy surgery."

Posted by sora_thekey

Villain love? How 'bout the tragic love story that is... yeah I've got nothing!

Posted by unclesam

Freeze's love is so classic. I love his love. That sounds weird...

Posted by leokearon

I always loved Mr Freeze trying to save his wife, shame DC ruined it

Posted by Eyz


BANE in luuuuv

Bane also needs luuuuuuv~
Edited by Xavier St. Cloud


My friend Tom sent me this... I have no idea where he got it from, but I laughed for like 10 minutes after I saw it. 
Who the hell is this little blonde chick supposed to be???  
Posted by Evpraksiya
seriously...people were reading that?!?  
Posted by Band Lone

No they doin't

Posted by Xavier St. Cloud
@Evpraksiya said:
seriously...people were reading that?!?

Sick Woman - Why Doctor, what ever is that moving around in you're trousers. 
Doctor - Oh never mind that... Ms. Robinson. 
Sick Woman - So how does it look  Doctor... You can tell me the truth. 
Doctor - Call me Buck, Ms. Robinson. 
Sick Woman - Oh I like that... Buck. 
Doctor - Well I just have to take you're temperature... Bend over the bed, this will only take a momment. 
Nurse Mary - Oh dear, should I be in here Doctor Lester? 
Doctor - Stay Mary, were all adults here. 
Nurse Mary - Whatever you say Doctor Lester? 
Posted by MrGutts

Don't get me started on another Hallmark holiday.
But to answer your question, yes. 

Posted by Soldier zero

Speaking of love makes people crazy.

A personal favourite among the DCAU related comics.
Posted by inferiorego
@Xavier St. Cloud said:
" @Evpraksiya said:
seriously...people were reading that?!?
 Sick Woman - Why Doctor, what ever is that moving around in you're trousers.  Doctor - Oh never mind that... Ms. Robinson.  Sick Woman - So how does it look  Doctor... You can tell me the truth.  Doctor - Call me Buck, Ms. Robinson.  Sick Woman - Oh I like that... Buck.  Doctor - Well I just have to take you're temperature... Bend over the bed, this will only take a momment.  Nurse Mary - Oh dear, should I be in here Doctor Lester?  Doctor - Stay Mary, were all adults here.  Nurse Mary - Whatever you say Doctor Lester?    "
It was the 60s. During this time, and the 50s, romance comics were more popular than super-hero books. A lot of them are actually really good reads.
Posted by inferiorego
@Silkcuts said:
" Best article all week ^_^

  "Doctor Sexyhead. Please report to sexy surgery."

Posted by Silkcuts
@inferiorego:  No Problem ^_^
Posted by Mutant God

Posted by Cherry Bomb

Poison Ivy!  ;D 

Posted by karrob
@Gambit1024 said:
" I always felt bad for Mr. Freeze.  "
Same here
Posted by RigorMorty
@Sir Duke: you know, im pretty sure Harley love Mr J but Mr J didn't love her. which sucks. poor Harley.
Posted by Sparky_Buzzsaw

I think one of the best relationships involving a villain was between Captain America and Diamondback. 

Posted by spiritofstluis

I always like the story between Kingpin and Valeria


not my favorite at all, but deserving of mention just for being a hot couple of bad people

 Sin and Crossbones
Posted by manofsteel42

You know the sad thing about Mr Freeze? Even if he was able to find a cure for his wife and bring her back she'd leave him cause her husband has turned into a killer, monster, etc and she would say "The man I once loved is dead" and he would be broken hearted and probley go Ape Sh*t. Probley go on a killin rampage on top of that and batman would have to go and get his @$$ handed to him by Freeze but eventually Batman would defeat him.  (then I hope she has a relapse and dies cause what she did to Freeze was messed up!) 
OR in a perfect world  
she would accept him, he'd change his evil ways, and they'd live happily ever after.

Posted by LP
@karrob said:
" @Gambit1024 said:
" I always felt bad for Mr. Freeze.  "
Same here "
Posted by LP
@sora_thekey said:
" Villain love? How 'bout the tragic love story that is... yeah I've got nothing! "
How about Anakin and Padme? It doesn't get more tragic than that.
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