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Super Short Teaser for 'Iron Man 3' Superbowl Trailer

Get a tease to what you'll be able to see during the big game.

I debated whether or not to post this. It's getting a little ridiculous when trailers have teaser trailers. As you know, each year during the Superbowl, the studios usually put out new trailers for their big movies. There will be a sixty second trailer for Iron Man 3. A 14 SECOND teaser trailer has been released over at CBM.

Edited by Mucklefluga

Woo Rhodey in fancy coloured War Machine Armour! Terrence would've looked cooler tho...

Posted by fables87


Posted by knightofthechronicle

Any idea who that guy is a 0.07?

Posted by ccrosby

@Mucklefluga: Ha! the first actor was actually Terrence Howard, but he does look A LOT like Cuba Gooding Jr.

Posted by Nightwing4

14 seconds, half of which is the "Iron Man" script. Still worth it.

Posted by Bonzi161

@knightofthechronicle: was thinking the same thing. at first i thought thor but i took another look... its not... no idea who it is

Posted by Mucklefluga

@ccrosby said:

@Mucklefluga: Ha! the first actor was actually Terrence Howard, but he does look A LOT like Cuba Gooding Jr.

Oh crap yeah! I forgot! That's what i meant hahahaha! Time for an edit!

Posted by Dark_Vengeance_

So the video was removed by the user...

Posted by Smurfboy

Removed by user. :(

Posted by BritishMonkey

Yup, removed.

Any chance it can be fixed please?

Posted by Omega Ray Jay

Go to Youtube and click videos added today and you should be able to get at least one to work. Looks pretty damn good to me :)

Posted by GodDamnIronMan

removed by user :(

Posted by Crackdown
Posted by victorcheenoanleu

@knightofthechronicle: it's Guy Pearce, he's playing Aldrich Killian

Posted by OriginalVenom

That trailer is way too short...

Posted by Toastalchemist

Is anyone else annoyed that they're still doing the trailers-to-trailers thing?

Posted by RedheadedAtrocitus

Teaser trailers are far too addictive for my taste.

Posted by Viva_La_Bam

can't wait for the movie!

Posted by Vincie_Pooh

Its Rhodey! Sweet! Iron War Patriot Machine!!! Can't wait to see how he is in action.

Posted by LordRequiem

I'm glad we've now seen that it is Rhodey in the War Machine (I mean Iron Patriot but you know, I'm not going to win on that one) suit. With people saying Killian was going to have one I was beginning to get worried. War Machine to feature in the next Avengers. That's my obvious hint.

Posted by gre789

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