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Sterling Gates Joins Alex Ross, Kurt Busiek For Kirby: Genesis

Another of Kirby's creations hits store shelves this fall!

This October former DC exclusive writer Sterling Gates (Supergirl) will be teaming up with Kurt Busiek and Alex Ross for an intergalactic adventure you will not want to miss. I can vouch for this one, it'll be really good.

Gates will take on writing responsibilities for Dynamite Entertainment's Kirby: Genesis to tell the story of one of Jack Kirby's coolest creations, Captain Victory. Gates hopes to flesh the story out and really delve into Victory's universe. Dynamite revealed several covers for the upcoming project which you can check out below, along with more information about the upcoming series.

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July 28, 2011 - Runnemede, NJ - Kirby Genesis: Captain Victory is about a diverse group of intergalactic lawmen who travel the cosmos, fighting against the forces hell-bent on the destruction of everything. Lead by the mysterious warrior named Captain Victory, our team of Rangers fight the most terrifying monsters and mad men they can find! Unbeknownst to his own men, however, Captain Victory is harboring a terrible secret, the kind that could destroy not only the Galactic Rangers, but could bring about the destruction of all of time and space! To find out more, make sure to pick up Kirby: Genesis - Captain Victory #1 this October!

"Captain Victory is the seminal work that Kirby did on his own," says legendary artist Alex Ross. "Of all his many projects and creations for mainstream publishers, Captain Victory is the one where he put forth his greatest push and ambitions to try to break away from the commercial world where he didn't own anything. The Captain Victory series has a great range of fantastic concepts and designs, all led by a perfect archetype of the ultimate Kirby leading man. It is amongst the foremost goals of the Kirby: Genesis series to re-launch this character."

"Captain Victory and His Galactic Rangers was one of the first books Jack Kirby wrote and drew outside of DC Comics and Marvel -- making it one of the first creator-owned books in comic history -- and I'm exceptionally proud to be continuing Victory's story," says writer Sterling Gates. "Fans of Kirby's original Pacific Comics series will recognize these classic Kirby characters and concepts, but we're going to be doing our best to present the Rangers in a bold and exciting way for today's audience. What's the M.O. of the Rangers? Who joins them and why? And just how dangerous is Captain Victory's secret? We're going to be digging into a LOT of that as the book goes along, producing a space opera that will be epic in scope, as well as acting as a huge lynchpin for parts of the Kirby Genesis universe. Kurt Busiek and Alex Ross have showcased Captain Victory over in Kirby Genesis -- and done some of the heavier lifting -- but I'm really going to flesh out Victory's world and his character and make sure he's someone you want to read about every month. I think he's fascinating, and very different from a lot of the heroes you see on stands month to month. As you'll see in issue one, he could almost be an antihero, given some of the lengths he's will to go to stop his--aw, that'd be telling!"

What do you think of Kirby: Genesis? Is this a series you are looking forward to?

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Posted by GT-Man

Posted by StarKiller809

I think that it looks cool. The concept sounds really cool and I think that I might check this out

Posted by Decept-O

Looking forward to seeing how this is handled, if the comics are affordable.

Posted by zombietag

the main series hasnt been as good as i expected.. but who knows

Posted by Green ankh

Kirby Genesis is pretty much a huge let down.  With some pretty dull art.
Posted by mikeclark1982
@GT-Man: he had tons of projects which never came to light. no publisher wanted them. just like tupac had tons of songs which were never released. and now, amy winehouse. 
Posted by katanalauncher

I've read issue 0 and was interested. 

Posted by turoksonofstone


Posted by dewboy01

he has those who inheriteds them.
Posted by cbishop

KG #0 was cool, but I really despise Dynamite's (and Avatar's) way of producing 5 or more covers for every issue of every issue they publish.  I'd much rather see one cover, and a pinup section within the comic.  I know that's a little off-topic, but wanted to get that off my chest. 
As I said, I liked Kirby: Genesis #0, but I'm actually much more interested in reading about the Tiger character, mentioned in the sketchbook section, than Captain Victory.  I know Victory is an old school big gun of Kirby's, so the character has to be addressed, but there's a mystery to the Tiger character that appeals to me.

Posted by Amegashita
@turoksonofstone said:
  I knew you would be here, lulz.
Posted by Trodorne
@GT-Man said:
people have been saying the same thing about Tupac.
Posted by RedheadedAtrocitus

Hehe still pumping out good stuff even beyond the grave. Awesomeness!

Posted by AMP - Seeker of Lost Knowledge

I know another way to read more about Captain Victory:
1.) the hardcover collection of Captain Victory & the Galactic Rangers


2.) The brief return in Jack Kirby's Galactic Bounty Hunters
Posted by They Killed Cap!
@Green ankh

I am still waitin for it to do something.
Posted by CrimsonTempest

I think Kirby designed all this insane amount of characters to make sure that his work can inspire people of all ages, young and old. I'm quickly becoming a fan of Kirby Genesis after reading the first 2 issues, and I'm sure Captain Victory will manage to impress me as such. I'll be looking forward to this issue.

Posted by The_Lunatic

More cosmic hero comics? Sign me up. Maybe some more info on him possibly being linked to Orion?

Posted by GT-Man
@william knowles

Posted by No_Name_

This was stuck.