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Stephen King's "N" Will Get Adapted Through Marvel

The short story and motion comic will get a 'graphic fiction adaption.'

There's no doubt that Stephen King is a brilliant writer.  He continues to crank out best-selling stories with ease.  "N" is a short story that I haven't had the chance to read.  It was part of the recent collection, Just After Sunset.  Marvel has announced that it will get a four issue "graphic fiction adaption."  This isn't the first time the story will be seen in a visual format.  Back in July of 2008, a motion comic was produced, in part by Marvel.  Here's the trailer for that:
Marc Guggenheim and Alex Maleev were responsible for bringing life to the motion comic and will also be handling the four issue adaption.  The story deals with something terrifying hidden in Ackerman's Field.  

A bizarre arrangement of eight stones keeps a nightmare contained, but when - in the eye of an unfortunate beholder - the eight stones become seven, the fabric or what we think  is real begins to shred, and an unbearable doom seizes the mind.

The adaption will begin in March and each issue will have a $3.99 price tag.
Did you read the story?  Have you seen the motion comic?
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I have Just After Sunset, but I haven't read it yet. I think I will do so, now.
Also, badass art.

Posted by Bruce Vain

Is Marvel still doing his Dark Tower stuff?
Posted by G-Man
@Bruce Vain: Yes.
Posted by dementedtheclown

He Finally Beats Himself, "It" Is No Longer The Movie With The Shortest Name.

Posted by Illyana Rasputin

It seems more like a bunch of stills using the "cartoon" filter on Photoshop pieced together.

Posted by Son_of_Magnus

Cool Dark Tower is awesome

Posted by drawme

Alex Maleev is a good choice.