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Stephen King Reveals New Dark Tower Novel Coming

More Dark Tower? Sounds great to me!

I really enjoyed Stephen King's The Dark Tower series.  I can't quite put my finger on it but it was just really something.  Different from his other writings.  When the seventh book came out in 2004, I was happy but also saddened that the journey was over.  
Horror Yearbook has announced that King has revealed a new Dark Tower book is coming.  Later on the Stephen King message board it was revealed that the title will be The Wind Through The Keyhole.  King hasn't started writing it and thinks it will be a minimum of eight months before he can begin.  I'm willing to wait if it means more of the Gunslinger.
The good and bad news about this is where the book will be set.  Apparently the events in the book will take place in between Wizard And Glass and Wolves Of The Calla (the fourth and fifth books).  In some ways this makes sense.  In the seventh book, The Dark Tower, we did get an ending.  As much as I'd like King to go back to that ending and somehow change certain events, it wouldn't really make sense.  So while I'm not completely crazy that it's set in between the fourth and fifth book, I am excited over the idea of another book in the series.
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Hell yeah.  I'll read it!!
Posted by Whiplash

Sounds awesome. I started reading the novels after taking a peek at the comics and I instantly got hooked. I'm about halfway through The Waste Lands and I keep getting deeper and deeper. I kind of have issues with people going back and making prequels to classic stories though, especially if it's putting something in the middle of a saga. He is a genius writer though, so I'm sure he can make it work...
Posted by G-Man

I also listened to the audio books.  The narrators did a great job.  I'd highly suggest people either read or listen to these books.

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I loved the series but for some reason I feel like this book will anger me lol

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@Tyler Starke: I get where you're coming from.  Without giving away the ending, I both enjoyed it but wanted more.  I wouldn't want that ending to change since it was a fitting ending in most ways.  I know King has always been pretty protective over the series.  I can't see him churning something out just to do it.  What bothers me most is that it's set in between 4 and 5.  It's almost like, what's the point?  But a new story is a new story, so I shouldn't complain...too much.
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always wanted to start reading the series cause im a sucker for anything stephen king, i just never got around to it and the more and more i hear about it the more i regret that

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@DH69: King has said it'd be 8 months before he even begins writing.  You can always start reading now.  I do have to say that parts of the first were a tiny bit slow. I guess the story goes King started writing it and set in in a drawer for like ten years or something.  Then he went back and finished it.  You can kind of feel the difference.  The second book takes the series to a whole new level.  Almost mind-blowingly so.
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 I love The Dark Tower series and a new book would be awesome. But I would prefer some sort of prequel story of Roland as a kid or something instead of in between the two books.

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@Whiplash: You're just halfway through The Waste Lands? What part?
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@Chinaski: Stephen King did a prequel story already called The Little Sisters of Eluria or something like that... It wasn't that bad... but it wasn't that good either. It was definitely a decent story but Roland wasn't anything like what he would become later in the series.
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Damn I still have five and a half DT books to finish.
Posted by Media_Master

Time to read these books...

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I thought the series was over this is good news

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I'm up to the part where Jake is trying to find his way back to roland's world and has just found the rose and key...