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Star Wars: The Clone Wars - "Corruption"

Can Senator Padme Amidala help save the children of Mandalore?

This Friday, October 8, you can see the next all-new episode of Star Wars: The Clone Wars on Cartoon Network at 9:00 p.m. ET/PT. In "Corruption," we will see a system divided. In the midst of the Clone Wars, the people of Mandalore find themselves torn between their violent past and their leader's promise of peace for the future. 
The Duchess Satine (who has a past with Obi-Wan) teams with Padme to investigate the threat against her power and to Mandalore's peaceful future. 
Here's a clip from the all-new episode. 

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Posted by countvontrey

Isn't Boba Fett's armor Mandalorian?

Posted by crusader8463
@countvontrey:  Christ only knows. George fucked with what the expanded universe has built up over the past twenty or so years with this show so for all we know we could find out he is actually a Hutt or a Twi'lek slave girl.
Posted by blaakmawf

I watched the show when it was done by the samurai jack dude. Any good now?

Posted by G-Man
@crusader8463: I don't see any discrepancies here. Mandalore is an actual planet. The Mandalorian Death Watch was the team that Jango was part of for a bit. The armor is definitely Mandalorian and we've seen different versions in past episodes. 
Edited by CaptainGenisVell

I hate this Mandalore thing goes against everything I've read about; these can not be Mandalorians since they are a war culture and hate Jedi.
The culture you read about from Karen Traviss in the RC novels and the world is nothing like this.

Edited by crusader8463
@G-Man:  The discrepancies is in the entire Mandalorian culture. You can write an essay on what he changed, but basically what it boils down to is that in the expanded universe the Mandalorians became a scattered race of people for thousands of years, and not until the same time this is supposed to take place did they start to come together and become a traditional people again with a home planet, a leader and civilization in the traditional sense. In the novel series Republic Commandos you see this creation, and the Mandlorian culture is spear headed by a person called Mandalore who is basically just a leader in name and someone for outsiders to deal with as no other culture works like the Mandalorian one does, so he is needed to deal with outsiders who can't grasp the concept of not having a strict form of government.
There are tons of other things that made them one of the most interesting races and people in a long time, and George basically said screw that shit it went down like this instead. It would basically be like if in the next Star Trek movie all the Klingons suddenly were pacifists who rode around on space unicorns giving candy to everyone they meet. Or to keep it in comic book terms, if in the Spider Man re-boot he shoot his webbing out of his wrist instead of the shooter he had on his...wait...
EDIT: Also, much of this is talked about in the "Legacy of the Force" series, as the ones written by Karen Travis focus on Bobba Fet's story in the later years of his life when he is an old man and what was becoming of Mandalore and there society at that point. What George did with this series basically turned her off of writing Star Wars novels because he just came along and said that everything she built up over the past 4-5 years in her novels was wrong and it didn't happen. So in response she just threw up her arms and said fine I'm off. If you are just going to come in and  throw out everything I built up then I'm done writing Star Wars novels. Do what you want. 
So because of that, Star Wars lost the author of what many consider some of the best Star Wars novels of all time. Just good ol George doing what he can to help destroy what he built.
Edited by Dr. Maxwell

Not what I think of at all when I hear the name Mandalore

Posted by NightFang