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'Star Wars' Spin-Offs Could Include a Boba Fett and Young Han Solo Movie

The scruffy looking nerf herder and the coolest bounty hunter might return to the silver screen!

Star Wars fans, prepare for the best news you'll hear all day (or even all month). It's confirmed Walt Disney will make standalone films in addition to the new trilogy, but it wasn't certain who would get the spotlight in these. According to Entertainment Weekly, that honor will go to two awesomely cool characters: Boba Fett and a young Han Solo!

Hopefully he'll do more than look cool this time around.

According to the website, sources close to the films have confirmed this is what the company would like to move forward with, but of course it's still in the very early stages. They claim the Han Solo tale would occur between Episodes 3 and 4. Even with today's amazing technology, I'm not sure they'd want Harrison Ford returning to the role, though. I think anyone who saw Tron: Legacy can second how distracting the CGI was that made Jeff Bridges younger.

He didn't shoot first... because he's the good guy, right?

Meanwhile, Boba Fett's film (typing that gives me goosebumps) would possibly take place between Episodes 4 and 5, or 5 and 6. Hopefully he'll get more respect this time around. While he didn't take off his helmet in the classic films, the prequel trilogies showed he'll one day have the same face as a clone -- so it's fair to believe Temuera Morrison could take the role.

As the website points out, taking place in this era means we could see the return of favorite characters like Darth Vader and Chewbacca! Viners, would you want to see a young Han Solo or Boba Fett movie?

Source: Entertainment Weekly

Posted by broo1232

Ok I soooooo!!! want to see the Bobba Fett one he is my favourite Start wars character! Also would like to see a Han Solo one!

Posted by Decoy Elite

Fett would make a nice movie.

Not so sure about Solo given most of his character development and stuff happened in the actual films.

Posted by KingdomCome

I thought the Solo films where supposed to take place in the same time-zone as the new Trilogy?

Posted by fables87

Sounds good too me.

Posted by Jayso4201

I heard a Yoda on Dagobah rumor as well.

Posted by ccraft

Boba Fett was one of my favorite characters!

Posted by Jonny_Anonymous

I thought it was Yoda?

Posted by atomicfist

I'd rather films about jar jar binks and wicket be made...

Posted by The Stegman

Who you callin' scruffy lookin'?? 
And I honestly don't see the fuss about Fett, and people say he's their /favorite/ character??? Why?? He did absolutely nothing in the films but look cool, he was actually a pretty crappy bounty hunter.

Posted by k4tzm4n
Posted by sora_thekey

This is awesome!!

@Jonny_Anonymous: Just a rumor.

Posted by rickytomahawk

I'm really not trying to troll, but why is Boba Fett so cool? Sure, Slave 2 is a cool looking ship and a great name, he's got some good lines, but he doesn't really do anything. Vader and Lando do all the work in catching Han, Boba Fett just "puts Solo in the cargo bay" and delivers him to Jabba. The next time we see him, he gets eaten (presumably, although in the EU he apparently escaped somehow) by the Sarlac. What part of that qualifies him as "greatest bounty hunter?"

Posted by spinningwebs

@rickytomahawk: Well he looked cool in the movies, but beyond that in the expanded universe he is pretty freaking cool.

Posted by weaponx

Of course I would love to see these movies!

So no Yoda? I would prefer Han and Boba Fett to Yoda, but just curious.

Ha, Han Solo is getting a solo movie ;).

Posted by CobaltArchangel

Han will shoot first everytime this time

Posted by jwalser3

you should really read some EU comics wit him in it!

Edited by Spideycap

Yes please and thank you, although I think 1 movie with both of them interacting would be much cooler. You mentioned Tron: Legacy which made me think that Garrett Hedlundwould be a pretty good young Han.

Posted by Overlander

Boba Fett > Han Solo, the smuggling years > Old Man Luke >>>>>>>> Yoda

Posted by Malonius

I want to see a Darth Sidious/Darth Maul movie.

Posted by G_Money_Christmas

When I saw it said stand alone movie, the first thing that came to mind was I want a Boba Fett movie!!

Posted by Xwraith

@rickytomahawk: Apparently, anything looks better when you put Mandalorian armor on it.

Posted by guttridgeb

Boba Fett - yes, definitely.

Han Solo origin - no, the books regarding this are some of my favourites and I wouldn't want the canon changed.

Posted by The_Tree

I'll definitely watch those movies. I'd love to see a Boba movie, hopefully taking place after the events of Return of the Jedi.

Edited by fodigg

It seems obvious to me that Disney wants another Marvel Movieverse out of the Star Wars franchise, with a central narrative series and standalone films that star other characters who tie into that narrative. I say that's brilliant. Star Wars can totally support that and has been in the Expanded Universe (EU) stuff for years. What concerns me, however, is that those EU materials have filled up so much of the story for the primary Star Wars characters. Unless they introduce a clearer break in EU/Films as they have with Marvel comics/Film-verse, they're going to wind up with an even more convoluted and confusing continuity than they already have—and what they already have requires a full-time employee to manage into something sensible across six-or-so levels of "canon". So their options are:

  • Tip-toe around what's already written with the primary characters (e.g., Han, Boba, Luke, Leia)
  • Focus on minor characters or new characters that don't already have their continuity written
  • Ignore the EU stuff and just invalidate it a little at a time (current approach)

Honestly, I'd much rather they just announce that they're going to split canon between pre/post Disney continuity at this point, with the two sharing only the events of the films and TV shows and leave it at that, I realize this would cut a lot of great stuff out the revamped canon—

  • Thrawn and the Chiss,
  • Mara Jade,
  • all the Old Republic stuff,
  • Republic Commandos,
  • Kyle Katarn,
  • the Legacy comics,
  • the (good) novels like the X-Wing and Han Solo stuff,
  • all the Leia/Han offspring,
  • Ben Skywalker,
  • etc

—but I think it'd be worth it to give these characters some breathing room to start with rather than doing whatever anyway and leaving it to the fans/Leland Chee to decide how it all fits, which is frustrating to say the least.

So yeah, Star Wars could really use a reboot/revamp of sorts prior to these new projects launching. And I say that as a huge star wars fan who grew up with all that stuff. It was bad enough when the prequels threw out so much continuity, then after new EU stuff grew up around them, a lot of that gets invalidated by the cartoons. Just be merciful and cut it off now so it can restart around these new films. Star Trek got its own split and it worked fine, let Star Wars do the same but without the extraneous in-universe explanation.

Oh, and please no Yoda movie or Chewbacca movie or Jar-Jar movie or any other movie starring a character who can't carry regular dialogue. Terrible, that suggestion is. Grating, that would get.

Posted by ThomasElliot

@ The Stegman & rickytomahawk... looking cool is all it takes.  What's the alternative? The bounty hunter that had an ass for a face? LOL. 
I know I'm gonna catch so much frakin flak for this... but young Solo = **cough**BradleyCooper**cough** 
I don't know where the story comes from, my uber-Star Wars friends used to tell me about the books and comics they read, but isn't the story that Solo was a Trooper who disobeyed orders, saved a Wookie, and that Wookie owed him a life-debt?  I would like to see that movie pan out.   
Also... why can't it be BOTH?  Isn't there some back-story between Fett and Solo? Seems like to me it would be one movie about both of them. 

Posted by SimonM7

Aw yeah, leading the charge! Let's take the L out of COULD! It's not like it's up to much in there.

Posted by alex6166

I always liked how they didn't over exploit the Star Wars films after the original trilogy. They did those big action figures and books and a whole bunch of other merchandising before the prequels' came along. Now you know Disney is going to drive it straight into the ground.:)

Malibu Marvel Style!

Posted by TDK_1997


Posted by CubicTurtle

I love Star Wars! So many characters I'd like to see a stand alone movie about, I don't know where to start. I really hope this won't be overdone by making too many movies. Pshyched about this, though!

Posted by Decoy Elite

@TDK_1997: Understandable excitement, but please censor yourself.

Posted by StMichalofWilson

A Han Solo and Boba Fett movie would be awesome!!!

Posted by AmazingWebHead

I hope Boba's film is after 6, so he'll get a better ending. Oh, and Han DID shoot first. It was either him or Greedo. I don't care what anyone says. Han. Shot. First.

Posted by silentecko711

This is freaking amazing!! I cannot wait Both Characters have been through some shit before the original Trilogy. I honestly think it would be cool if they made a Vader stand alone which shows him hunting Jedi around the Galaxy after Episode 3 I think people heads will pop off with so Cool updated Vader fight scenes!

Posted by TheMess1428

I will only accept these 2 if the Yoda one comes with it. I want all 3.

Edited by Barkley

I may just geek burst

Edited by Reignmaker

I have a bad feeling about this.

Posted by Miss_Garrick

Boba Fett is cool? I'm sorry, I must have been watching the wrong Star Wars movies then.

Posted by Loki2u

@rickytomahawk said:

I'm really not trying to troll, but why is Boba Fett so cool? Sure, Slave 2 is a cool looking ship and a great name, he's got some good lines, but he doesn't really do anything. Vader and Lando do all the work in catching Han, Boba Fett just "puts Solo in the cargo bay" and delivers him to Jabba. The next time we see him, he gets eaten (presumably, although in the EU he apparently escaped somehow) by the Sarlac. What part of that qualifies him as "greatest bounty hunter?"


Posted by Fetts


Posted by Smurfboy

Any movie relate to Star Wars is good by me. :)

Posted by Skulexander

With a vast, fantastical world that spans an entire galaxy and is surely home to a wide variety of different characters, I sure hope they don't focus on only the ones we've already seen. As much as I like the characters from the original trilogy, it'd be nice to see a lot of new ones. There's an entire galaxy of people to be explored.

Posted by kid Apollo

theres a new Star Wars game coming out soon, last i checked they hadnt released the name of the main character or the available weapons because 'itll give the character away', so my money is that itll be based off a young Boba Fett. who else other than jedi have weapons that could blow the secret?

Posted by Crimsonlord53

Han who cares.

Boba he,s "dad" was better and I,d like to see what made jango the perfect choice for the clone template.

Posted by RedheadedAtrocitus

I will be first in line for a Boba Fett film..same for Young Han Solo. That's just to sweet if these are what will happen!

Posted by shieldzeal

Wonder how these new movies will interact with the Expanded Universe material? Like if they do a young Han film, will that impact/relate to the Han Solo trilogy Ann C. Crispin wrote?

Posted by OriginalVenom

I can see these movies either being completely amazing OR an extremely large disappointment to hardcore fans arguing at how the originals were a million times better. Either way, I cant wait to see what will happen.

Posted by CyberWarrior

@k4tzm4n said:
Hopefully he'll do more than look cool this time around.