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Star Wars: Clone Wars: Romance, Duty & Intrigue Collide

Padme takes on a deadly role in "Senate Spy."

The second season of Star Wars: The Clone Wars is underway.  In "Senate Spy," premiering Friday, October 16 on Cartoon Network at 8:00 p.m. ET/PT, Padme goes against Anakin's wishes.  She is recruited by the Jedi Council to rekindle and old flame in order to obtain information from a suspected traitor.  The former love interest is suspected of conspiring with the nefarious Banking Clan.  Anakin has no choice but to watch powerlessly from the shadows as Padme risks her life and tries to court the affections of another man.
Catherine Taber, the voice of Padme, said:

I think the relationship is just fun to watch. We try to incorporate some of the things that are inherent to all deep love relationships – like jealousy and the little struggles for power, as well as those inside jokes that can only really exist between two people who know and trust one another. I want people to feel that when Anakin is in the mix, it is the only time when Padmé loses focus. In fact, I think it makes her uncomfortable, and she feels she has to prove – to herself – that her top priority is the Republic. I personally believe that, underneath it all, her primary allegiance would be to Anakin – but I don’t think she’d ever admit it.

This episode marks a departure from the normal formula of epic battles and fierce fighting.  Now we will see a focus on the political side of the war.  Here's a clip from "Senate Spy."
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I don't like padme episodes they're too boring
Posted by Nahero

hes just thinks that she might cheat on him

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@mrduckluck said:
" I don't like padme episodes they're too boring "
i don't like them either i actually only watch the episodes with the Jedi but its still one of my favorite show on television 
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Still need to watch this.

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Padme Amidala is amazing, seriously more of a feminist icon than princess leia. I don't like her animation though. Padme was more serene in the movies than in this show.

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Why didn't he say "WOMAN you're pregnant! have you lost your Da*m MIND!"