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Star Trek's Enterprise Destroyed By Death Star?

What happens when the Empire sets its sights on the Enterprise?

Now why would the Empire have anything against Starfleet?  Just when things were looking good for the Star Trek franchise, it seems the Empire got another Death Star in working order to take on the Enterprise.  Let's hope the crew beamed off the ship so that a sequel can be made already.  Maybe that's why the Empire isn't happy that the Star Trek movie came out so well?


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Wow, that was pretty neat.  The Empire's jealous.

Posted by G-Man

I actually like this video better (I know I posted it here somewhere before).


Posted by the Vica

Hehe, awesome

Posted by Calvin


Posted by King Saturn
Whoa  !

Posted by AirDave817

Both videos are pretty cool - like the Death Star blowing up the Enterprise...that's funny - especially the Stormtroopers fist-bumping at the end.

Posted by Da Talking Beaver

Nice. Very nicely done.

Posted by cadaver

heh. glad there are people out there doing projects like this...

Posted by Media_Master

cool effects

Posted by Red L.A.M.P.

Gives me the chills.  Cool see our city in the background.

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Posted by Wildish
I've seen this before on you tube sometime ago (in a galaxy far, far away.... ) when I was looking for Ideas for a a Star Wars & Dr. Who cross-over where ether the Daleks with help from the Master capture the Death Star and manage to transport it through time and space to Earth and The Darth Vader has to join forces with The Doctor... or....?