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Star Trek: TNG/Doctor Who Crossover Coming in May

Is the galaxy big enough for these two franchises? Can our minds handle this?

Doctor Who meets Stark Trek? Sound incredibly insane. This was first brought to my attention last Friday but I couldn't believe it. An image was brought to my attention but let's be honest, how many creative pieces of art have we seen that could be passed off as the real thing? And then IDW sent off this following cover image to my inbox.

STAR TREK: THE NEXT GENERATION/DOCTOR WHO: ASSIMALTION2 is taking fans on an adventure where no man (or woman) has gone before.

Launching in May, fans will get to see the Borg and the Cybermen create an unholy alliance that could destroy all of humanity. Captain Jean-Luc Picard and the crew of the U.S.S. Enterprise will find themselves teaming up with the Doctor and his companions.

This will be an eight-issue series written by Scott and David Tipton along with long time Doctor Who writer, Tony Lee and will feature the art of J.K. Woodward. You can look for the 32-page, $3.99 first issue on sale in May.

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Posted by RedheadedAtrocitus

This...looks...awesome! ::Completely in awe of what I see that I don't even have the words to express right now::

Posted by TheCrowbar

*Facepalm* No. Bad IDW, Bad. Go to your room and think about what you've done.

Posted by Arevish

Nerdgasm. Too bad i dislike Star Trek

Posted by NightFang

Together at last.

Posted by The Poet

This could be cool...

Of course one of my friends would simply love this series if actully near a comic book store...Looks like I have found a birthday present for him!

Posted by Jonny_Anonymous

Oh Picard, how I loath the gleam from your hairless cue ball head.

Posted by ThePRez


Posted by CptPanda29

I must survive until May.

Posted by Watcherg6


Posted by pspin

I feel like the Old Spice guy: my mind has exploded in front of my face

Posted by The Sadhu


Posted by emerald_dawn

@RedheadedAtrocitus: Agreed.

Posted by The Impersonator

@Watcherg6 said:


Posted by TheWitchingHour

Posted by scifi_superstar
Exterminate! Exterminate! :D
Posted by CaptainCockblock

My friends and I spent quite some time debating what would happen if the Cybermen crossed paths with the Borg. Looks like we're about to get our answer.



Make it so. Either way, this is gonna be awesome!!!

Posted by Decept-O

The byline for Star Trek The Next Generation has been "where no one has gone before". Yes I am being nerdy.

Why not these two franchises having a cross over? Sounds like a great idea to me. Could be all sorts of awesome or all sorts of failure, but it still seems like a great concept.

Posted by Miss_Garrick

Seeing Doctor #11 doing Picards' "Make It So" gesture is awesome, I'll give them that, but this crossover will probably bomb.

Ever since there was a novel made in the early 90's of Next Gen and X-Men meeting up and it being treated as serious as the rest of TNG novels, I feel Star Trek is not meant for crossovers (toy stories don't count). That novel hurt me, I didn't even read it and it actually hurt me like I was attacked with a spiked club.

Posted by crazy8504

I think my mind just exploded from even trying to comprehend the epicness this will be. all I can say is "I wear a visor now visor are cool"

Posted by Casshern

I never got into these comic book or continuing novel stories of TV shows. This just sounds weird, and I'm a Fan of BOTH!

Posted by ComicCrazy

YESSSSSSS YESYESEYSYEYSYYSYESY They should make a proper good Doctor Who comic book series after this though......I mean proper good.


I'm all over this, thank you the heads up. I still have to pick up IDW's Star Trek/Legion Of Superheroes series. One of these days I'll get to town.

Posted by Apis

Please pardon my tears. After so many years I assumed Santa never got my letters, but it seems I'm not naughty afterall.

Posted by Caffeine Buzz

I wanna see the Doctor say, "I wear spandex now. Spandex is cool." !!!!

Posted by wowylied

I really can't like this new doctor, i don't know why but this one is really not a good actor for me.

Posted by Oedipus_Rex

I'm already sick of the Ponds. Needs more River if they want me to pick it up.

Posted by OptimusCline

I've always though Star Trek teaming up with the Doctor would be awesome. The Doctor believes in humanity, but they always let him down, but the ideals of the Federation rivals even the Time Lords.

Posted by Sergeant_Stubby

Can someone please explain how they plan to combine the 2 universes... or how they will meet up? i mean is the Doctor's "Tardis" going to transport them to the "Star Trek universe?"

Posted by Omega Ray Jay

Read about this last night, sounds interesting.

Posted by Doctor!!!!!

The Doctor has to say "ENGAGE!" and I'll die happy!

Posted by Lvenger

(Gathers what remains of brain off floor) Wow. That is just... awesome. Finally my wildest, nerdiest dreams have come true. Shame it's not a TV production and that the Doctor is meeting the crew of NG instead of Star Trek Voyager but hey I'm happy enough. Now if only Brainiac teams up with the Cybermen or the Borg and my real dream crossover will come true...

Posted by SpidermanWins


Posted by Hakudoushinumbernine

i can't wait!!!!!!

Posted by -Vigil-

This is going to be terrible, yet there's no way I'm gonna miss it.

Posted by Punisher007

Data can't process the Doctor's awesomeness.

Posted by caesarsghost

This is going to be amazing! Two of my favorite things together. Incredible!

Now bring on the Star Wars crossover.

Posted by 672253

@The Poet: There's always Comixology if not near a comic book store.

Posted by LordRequiem

NO! You can't mix that god awful Matt Smith Doctor Who garbage with the immortal genius of TNG and Pattrick Stewart. This is a disgrace, having seen the tv series of these Doctor Whos, they've just gone down hill from Christopher Ecclestone.

Posted by The Poet

@672253 said:

@The Poet: There's always Comixology if not near a comic book store.

true, true. But, in past we have worked out an agreement with one series where I got 2 copies of a single issue and he gave me money for that second copy, so that works too. Plus, knowing him and his love of both the Doctor and Star Trek, he'll want a physical copy of this series (doubt he knows what Comixology is anyway...)

Posted by BooDoug187

I'm still waiting for Batman/TNG crossover.

Posted by Suprman

Yay! This is the makings of being great, hope it turns out that way!