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"Star Trek" Sequel News!

The writers/producers of 'Star Trek' talk about what to expect of the sequel

You can bet that writing/producing team for the last Star Trek film Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman are keeping themselves busy promoting Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen which is

set for release tomorrow. However, the success of their previous project, 'Star Trek,' is still very fresh in their minds. In an interview with Sci Fi Wire , the two creators get discuss not only what made the first Star Trek film a success, but also delve into what they want to do for the sequel to the first film.

"The debate is do you do a story where you go through some familiar things from the series, but now their outcome can be a little bit different, or do you just make it totally new? "That's what we're kind of debating right now,...We're kind of going through everything we know and love and making sure we don't leave any unexplored gems. And then also simultaneously trying to think of new things completely. So we'll see. The best idea wins, original or old."

They also addressed the reactions of the many die-hard Star Trek fans that found themselves so pleased with the result of the first film, and cite that they know what works now and that "their approach won't be radically different from the one they took on with the previous film."

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Posted by PrinceIMC

I still say it would have nice symmetry to have Khan or at least some genetically engineered supermen in the second movie.

Posted by Decept-O

The Star Trek movie was a blast, it really impressed me, I enjoyed it.  I am looking forward to another one.  I have a feeling they might use a completely new story.  Whatever it will be, God willing, I will be there to see it on the big screen. 

Posted by Sparda

The Star Trek movie was absolutely badass, and I will definitely go see a sequel in theaters. I can't wait to see what these guys come up with.

Posted by NightFang

Hope they make a sequel, then another.

Posted by csimon
@NightFang said:
" Hope they make a sequel, then another. "
Posted by Tyler Starke

I liked the new Star trek, but I'd rather J.J and Damon work on the Dark Tower instead

Posted by Reaper 13

I thought the new Star Trek was pretty good.  I like the way Spock was portrayed.

Posted by Satyrquaze

Looking forward to that!

Posted by AirDave817
@NightFang said:
"Hope they make a sequel, then another. "

As Ed McMahon would say, "You are correct, sir!"
Posted by The Amazing Nocerino

NO MORE STAR TREK PLEASE!!!!!!!  Lets have filmmakers and writers focus on a new Star wars! Now thats a movie i would go see. Not another star treky bull crap movie, its played out..

Posted by Green ankh
@The Amazing Nocerino said:
"NO MORE STAR TREK PLEASE!!!!!!!  Lets have filmmakers and writers focus on a new Star wars! Now thats a movie i would go see. Not another star treky bull crap movie, its played out.."

Like the llast three SW film didnt really blow that bad !!

I have been a ST fan starting in the early 70's watching them in reruns after school. I am happy with the new film. and glad to see the carw i love taking on stories.

I loved the first three SW films. If it wasnt for them we would not have had the ST films.
But the last three were a BIG let down. All the "new" TV stuff is crap too.

I'd say no more SW unless they can do it right.  Just like JJ did with the new ST film.
Posted by The Amazing Nocerino

@Green ankh, i'll agree that episode 1 sucked big time, but the others were pretty good, and ill also agree that the tv stuff sucks, i really think movies and tv should not mix when it comes to good movies, when tv shows go to movie, sometimes cool, but no.. lol Friday the 13th series........ wtf lol, sorry off topic, but yeah i didnt see the new Trek movie, but i herd the CG was amazing so i wont knock it to hard till i see it lol

Posted by Media_Master

Good, good news!

Posted by Moomin123

I liked Leonard Nimoy retun as old Spock. Zachary Quinto and Leonard look very similar.
I heard that they were thinking of incorperating William Shatner's Capt. Kirk in the sequel. I'm not sure whether they'll do the same with Nichelle Nichols' Uhura, George Takei's Sulu and Walter Koenig's Chekov. (McCoy and Scotty are dead).
I hope John Cho can't do the second movie and someone else plays Sulu. I heard the guy who plays Ando from Heroes wanted to be Sulu, I'd prefer him to Cho.