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Star Trek Beams Down To Your iPhone & iPod

IDW brings you some classic Peter David Star Trek comics at a great price.

Beam it down, Scotty!
With the excitement over the new Star Trek movie, let's not forget the great works by Peter David.  He has written a ton of comics and novels and really knows the characters.  IDW Publishing is now offering Star Trek Archives: The Best Of Peter David #1.  This will be an ongoing digital comic that reprints some of the best Star Trek comics published.
This issue reprints Star Trek #13 (originally published by DC Comics) – "The Return of the Worthy: Part One" by Bill Mumy, Peter David, and Gordon Pucell.  The story stars the Original Series cast, and is set between the 5th and 6th Star Trek feature film.

"Star Trek Archives allows us to bring the universe of Star Trek to the iPhone and iPod touch for the first time", said Michael Murphey, owner of iVerse Media. "Through this series we can publish stories throughout the history of Trek, from TOS to TNG and beyond.  Being Trekkies ourselves, we couldn't be more excited about that."

Star Trek Archives #1 is available now in the iTunes App Store for 99 cents.

With the rising cost of comics, you can't argue with the 99 cent price tag.