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Stand-Up Comics! Week Of 11/25/09

Here are Babs' picks of the week!

Here are Babs' picks of the week!


This week we have a lot of books coming out, but I have chosen a few that I think look really good. One of which, I have reviewed a bit early, so I can vouch for that one at the very least! Sit back, relax, and take a look! Are any of these on your pull list?
Posted by MichaeltheFly

Bet that arm tastes like chickenor... turkey.

Posted by Namor1987

Is Top Cow owned by Image or are they merged or in a partnership or something because I thought WitchBlade was Top CoW
Posted by G-Man

Basically yes, Top Cow is part of Image.  Like if you go to Image's site, you'll see Top Cow listings.  They have branched out and fleshed out their own books.  Jim Valentino has his Shadowline.  Jim Lee's Wildstorm was part of Image but was bought by DC. 

Posted by MichaeltheFly
@Namor1987: I think Image is a partner of Top Cow.
And Wichblade is owned by Top Cow.
And another thing ... is The Darknes in Image United?
Posted by drawme

CHEW is great and I´m drooling every time I hear IMAGE UNITED.

Posted by Cassio411

HAH! The Zombies got you!

Posted by Bobby X

Oohh Babs... 
Ur so crazy lol. 
Out of the comics you reviewed, I know I'm definitely gonna give Image United a try at least. 
Posted by aztek_the_lost

I love Madame Xanadu! and as much as the Exodus Noir arc was amazing and Kaluta's art beautiful, it was nice to see a return to the original artists of the series...and though I haven't read #17 yet, the solicits have me VERY much on the edge of my seat for the big foe revealed in the issue...who could it be?

Posted by rpaolasso

Chew baby!!! . . . . I can't wait to see if Tony eats Shhhhhhhhhh . . . ..
Posted by TheOmegaMan

Finally one of my favorites! The gummi bear that is...  :P
Posted by Namor1987

@babs: Good review even though Image United would be the only comic since I know more about Witchblade, Savage Dragon & Spawn than any of the other characters from that group of comic characters 
@G-Man: thank you man Idk that but I like your reviews too lol thank you again for the information
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Image United brings to mind the WildC.A.T.S show. I'm I the only one who remembers that?

Posted by FoxxFireArt

So chewy you could almost say it's "gummy".
I'm cautious about the whole Image crossover. If they can make the story work for them, then bravo. I just don't know how this is going to go. Let's also hope this isn't going to be abused the way Marvel has done these past few years.
It really is the preview art that looks good.

I always heard British food was bad. You might want to try a little soylent green after that. I think you might like the streusel-topped pumpkin pie I baked more.

Posted by sora_thekey

"Tengo Hambre Por Eso"..... LOL.... (Red LAMP wasn't kidding about Babs always eating)
Next we will see Babs speaking Italian..... Che Bella
I want to read Days Missing... I read the first issue but heven't picked up the second one!
Great vid Babs

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Nice job. got a kick out of this one.  I love these vids you guys are doing, a great decision for the site!   
In the background on the "wall" I see Namor, natch, but  I also see ' GMA sucks'.   What's that a reference to, if any?  I also  see Red L.A.M.P.'s handiwork.....
Posted by Queen's Halo

Is that gummybear real?

Posted by Moomin123

I'm not suprised when I saw Namor on the background wall. Am I right when I heard on a podcast, that Namor is Babs' favourite superhero? 
Anyway, good review and that is the biggest gummybear I've ever seen!
Posted by MelCaylo

Great job, Babs! That green screen you guys painted has paid off. Love the production value!
And thanks for the Days Missing shout-out! 
Mel Caylo
Marketing Manager

Posted by No_Name_
Posted by Queen's Halo
@Babs: Wow! Did you eat that whole thing? (Except the ear that was already eaten)
Posted by danhimself

It's one of the gummi bears that grows from trees in Willy Wonka's garden!!!

Posted by No_Name_
@Queen's Halo: Heck no! That would have been disgusting! :D
Posted by No_Name_
@MelCaylo: It is a great book! One of my favorites!
Posted by crazywolf

Awesome review Babs! Looks like some good picks. Like the background music.

Posted by dc-kid21

its stuck in my TEETH

Posted by xerox_kitty

That's one HUGE gummi bear! :o 
Nice round up. That Madame Xanadu looks soooo pretty!

Posted by Stormultt

that gummy bear must be like 4 or 5 pounds my goodness...
Posted by 1eyejoker
@Michael the Fly:
I think the Darkness will have a small part in issue #2 of Image United.
Posted by Samuraikenpo

Why does eating a human arm sound like eating a apple and I cant wait for image united
Posted by kenshiroo

I love her, cutie!

Posted by Kane
@Samuraikenpo: Because they are both tough yet juicy!
Posted by OzzerOzby

Wait, wasn't that one of Giant Bomb's gummi bears?
Posted by Agent Buttons
looking forward to Chew and Image United.
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@OzzerOzby said:

" Wait, wasn't that one of Giant Bomb's gummi bears? "

I remember Ryan got two, he said he'd eaten one of them and I remember in the unpacking video he took a bite out of an ear of one of them. Dunno if that was the one in this video though, someone must've gotten another one.
Great video again, I think Stand-Up Comics has improved significantly.
Posted by TheBug

I love that you looked at your non-watch bracelet for the time. Hair looks great by the way. 
Chew pwns.

Posted by mattydeNero

Ah but BLACKEST NIGHT #5 I think proves to be this week's must have.  Holy crap.
Posted by zombietag

wait do they really make gummy bears like that? it looks good. 
i picked up image united 1 but i havent read it yet....

Posted by Gregomasta

Very cute.  I hope that isn't ryan's old ass gummy bear.

Posted by Grim
Posted by Misk14

nice hair Babs..... image united rocks!!

Posted by jakob187

Dooder!  You totally took a bite out of Ryan's gummy bear!  That thing is going to end up having a chunk in everyone's tummies!!! 
Also, I like that you dropped the "comedy shtick".  Not that you aren't are...but it feels slightly less awkward.

Posted by Abnormally Warm Guy

So WOnder Woman and Thor are going through exactly the same thing?
Gail Simone, I'm a big fan but don't rip off Strazynski alright.

Posted by CoinMatze

Is that Ryan's gummybear? I hope not. That thing has been unwrapped over a month ago.

Posted by Roxanne Starr

WOW!  I wish a lot of you guys who like Image United were here to buy it at my comic book store. We've only sold about 5 copies since Wednesday and we ordered a lot!

Posted by KattVonNoir

omg i must thank you Babs! I had no idea who Madame Xanadu was before this! I'm totally hooked now!
Posted by Media_Master
@CoinMatze said:
" Is that Ryan's gummybear? I hope not. That thing has been unwrapped over a month ago. "
A month old. Ewww.