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Stan Lee's Soldier Zero #1 Preview

Get ready for the beginning of something new from Stan "The Man" Lee and BOOM! Studios.

 Cover A
You should recall the news and interview from San Diego Comic-Con about Stan Lee's upcoming venture with BOOM! Studios. Today BOOM! has released a five page preview for the first book, Soldier Zero. 
Soldier Zero will be written by Paul Cornell with art by Superman's Javier Pina. Now you might be thinking, isn't Paul Cornell exclusive to DC? The answer is, yes, he is. But DC realizes how cool it is to be able to work with Stan Lee and are allowing Paul this opportunity. 
To mark this momentous occasion, you will have your choice of seven covers. A & B will be in a 50/50 split by Trevor Hairsine and Dave Johnson respectively, a 1-in-25 incentive by Phil Noto, a 1-in-50 Undressed Trevor Hairsine Variant, a 1-in-75 Undressed Dave Johnson Variant, a 1-in-150 Undressed Phil Noto Variant and a special 1-in-300 Stan Lee signed variant with a new cover by Kalman Andrasofszky. Issue #1 ships in October so you can tell your local comic shop to place their orders today. 
What is this book about and how about a preview? 
 == TEASER == 
From the press conference we attended in San Diego: 

The character is a "chap who's in a wheelchair" who gets the chance, bonded with an alien soldier, to get out of the chair to do "extraordinary superheroic stuff." The book will "talk" to wheelchair users, representing that community and also appeal to everybody.     

Cover B 

Cover C 

  1 -in-50 Undressed Trevor Hairsine Variant 

  1-in-75 Undressed Dave Johnson Variant 

  1-in-150 Undressed Phil Noto Variant  

  1-in-300 Stan Lee signed variant by Kalman Andrasofszky

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Posted by Benzo

This looks amazing! :D

Posted by innocence


Posted by lvv

7 covers? wow

Posted by G-Man
@lvv: There's gonna be something for everyone.
Posted by ComicMan24

The art looks very good. Are these comics going to take place in the same universe?

Posted by lvv
@G-Man:  yes :) cover A looks nice for me!
By the way the preview is nice!
Posted by Nick-SV(ril)

I think I'm gonna like this. Nice arts, especially the Kalman Andrasofszky one. 

Posted by zombietag

hmmmmm. idk man. ill check it out. i dont want to pass it off before i can even read it, but i do have a limited budget. it looks kinda cool, but still a little cliche. idk yet.

Posted by goldenkey

I guess if you're in  a wheel chair having dog feet isn't a big deal.  I don't like the legs, but it sounds pretty damn interesting.  kudos stan

Posted by comicscott

i love it man
Posted by G-Man
@zombietag: The nice thing is it's a new start. You won't need to read 18 other books each month to keep up with what's going on. And someday you could tell you kids you actually bought issue #1...
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For some reason I felt this Green Lantern vibe reading the introductory scene ala Hal Jordan meets Abin Sur
Posted by zombietag
@G-Man said:
" @zombietag: The nice thing is it's a new start. You won't need to read 18 other books each month to keep up with what's going on. And someday you could tell you kids you actually bought issue #1... "
so true! i love that. and i love that if i do really like it i can just read this one series and get the whole story, in most cases you know.  maybe ill buy #1 and see what happens.
Posted by cbishop
@Jordanstine said:
"For some reason I felt this Green Lantern vibe reading the introductory scene ala Hal Jordan meets Abin Sur. "

It seems like that some, but it also reminds me of the scarab bonding to Jaime, to make him Blue Beetle III.
Posted by DH69

ok instantly stopped caring the moment i saw his legs, thanks anyway stan

Posted by Mumbles

looks awesome.  the traveler is the only one i'll consider picking up cause of mark waid.

Posted by sora_thekey

Stan is definitely back!

Edited by damswedon
:in my best Ted voice: Woah!
Posted by RedHurricane24

Wow. And Wow. I love the preview to this issue. Must-buy on my part.

Posted by KingLoki

This looks good.

Posted by Joey Ravn
@Jordanstine said:

For some reason I felt this Green Lantern vibe reading the introductory scene ala Hal Jordan meets Abin Sur.   "
That's exactly what I was thinking. It's not that I don't like this Soldier Zero thing, but maybe his "secret origin" is a bit overused. I'm sure Stan Lee will flesh it out more, though. Time will tell. Maybe I pick up the first issue, although I'm not a fan of his writing... I don't like Marvel Comics at all, but I'm willing to give this a try, at least out of respect for Stan Lee.
Posted by MrRagePants

I hate the way they designed the feet, the three fingered hand is a) either the artist is lazy b) artist can't draw hands c) trying for a different look. Otherwise, the character design is cool.
The origin story line is overused.

Edited by Icon

I'll reserve judgement on the character and story until I read it of course, but the art character design is excellent. 

Posted by MichaeltheFly

I will definitely give this a try.

Posted by Quest

seems to be good really need stuff that is not dc marvel or star wars related

Posted by Ms. Omega

Whoot alien powersuit ftw I will have to check this out

Posted by ComicCrazy

Cool looks interesting and fun!!
Posted by Manchine

Its at least caught my attention.  =)  I might just pick it up to see what its all about.
Posted by Pizawle

Looks nice. Wish I could get that Stan Lee signed cover.

Posted by James Lasagnaboy

Green Lantern - General Grievous? Awesome!

Posted by edisonbrown

can't wait to check this out!

Posted by JairamGanpat

I got a Ben 10 and Green Lantern feel lol. Then again I like Ben 10 and the Green Lantern
Posted by Planewalker

Looks cool nice art need to check this out

Posted by excalibur5150

Anything Paul Cornell is attached to I'm picking up, no questions asked.    
Kudos to DC for allowing Paul this opportunity.
Posted by hdorman1

i liek it alot  
defo gonna get this 

Posted by White Assassin

This looks amazing!!!

Posted by InnerVenom123

Consider it added to my pull list.

Posted by RoloYoghurt

Sounds cool

Posted by fACEmelter88

Sounds good

Posted by NexusOfLight

Okay, looks like I'm getting this. Yep, looks like I'm getting this fo' sho.

Posted by SystemID

I guess I'm the only one that thinks this looks a tad too... mediocre? Nothing about this says "original" to me. It's like a weird combination of a couple of different origin stories wrapped into one. 
You know what it really reminds me of?? The Guyver(sp?) I mean the art is pretty and all.. It just feels like I've seen it before.

Posted by jschambe
Hilarious, I was just thinking that this looked like The Guyver.
Posted by JD907

I'm glad to see that Stan's going with a moe decompressed writting style on this one. The man's a freaking god, but his more recent work has had a distinct Silver Age flavor to it.
Posted by TheOnlyRealSage

This looks really cool

Posted by King Saturn
looks pretty damn good