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Stan Lee is back!

Where? When? How? At least we know who.

A teaser image has been making its way around the web and the printed page. It’s one phrase full of pregnant potential, consisting of just two aggressively-mysterious words...

Stan Lee is coming back! The scoop comes from Bleeding Cool and I have to ask the same question Rich Johnston asked -- “When was Stan ever gone?” Just over these past few weeks, we’ve talked about his new line of comics at Archie and his cameo as Larry King in IRON MAN 2 (not to mention that manga he was doing.) The man’s unstoppable. Incorrigible. Irredeemable..?

I bring up that last bit because Johnston points out a few clues that this might signal a new Stan project at Boom, since the ad campaign resembles the “MARK WAID IS EVIL” one they ran a few months ago. Following a similar route on that path of logic, I wouldn’t totally rule out this teasing a new Marvel project for Mr. Lee, as it reminds me a lot of the “1602” and “King” (with a crown dotting the “i") - - maddening-in-their-simplicity campaigns they ran to respectively promote 1602 and the DARK TOWER comics.

You know, maybe it’s because I’m half-asleep this early in the morning, but the first thought my warped mind came to when I saw this was the possibility that somebody’s “Bringin' Stan Lee Back” the same way Justin Timberlake was “Bringin' Sexy Back” a couple years ago. I suppose that, for a guy who’s already taken his turn at writing and acting, the only mountain left for him to climb is the music business.  Would it be too crazy for Smilin’ Stan to cut his own hip-hop-influenced dance record, oh pop-lockin’ Comic Vine community? Didn’t it work for “Macho Man” Randy Savage? And if that's not what this is about, then what is it about?!!?

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Posted by OhTru

Just what Marvel needed!

Posted by mrlogical

 Wrong.  This is clearly a promotion for a comic book about Stan's back.  Worn down from years hunched over a typewriter, allowing the author to hammer out classic stories, Stan's back has finally had enough.  Now Stan's back is venturing out on its own to see the world.  Look out Eiffel Tower, get ready Big Ben, Stan's back is coming your way! 
That or it's a promo for Stan's new comic based on the likeness of Scott Bakula.  Either way, I'm on board.

Posted by Emperor Gonzo Noir

 This  image makes me smile
Posted by Fleonix

Its cool to think about an upcoming project from Stan Lee. It be so cool if he would gives us another character for the marvel universe. Now that would be awesome.
Posted by HaloKing343

He should work with Marvel again and kickout Brian Michael Bendis
Posted by DeathDefyingDevil
@Emperor Gonzo Noir:  
Ultimo makes me smile too
Posted by sora_thekey
@Emperor Gonzo Noir said:
This image makes me smile

That reminds me... I haven't bought that "Ultimo" Manga!
Posted by ninjasquirrel01

I didn't realize he left...

Posted by Adam Michaels

Macho Man did a hip hop record, but when you ask "Didn't it work for Macho Man"... the answer is NO!!! 
- Excelsior!
Posted by crazed_h3ro

Stan is "SUPER EPIC". Stan you were never gone (In my heart) <3  : 3

Posted by Alexander Arkady
@Emperor Gonzo Noir said:
 This  image makes me smile
Posted by NightFang

When did Stan live?