This is the book for all Lois Lane fans.

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A hardcover collection of great Lois Lane stories. What more could you want?

Can we all agree that Lois Lane is a remarkable character that far too often gets overlooked? With this being Superman's 75th anniversary, DC Comics did a great thing in giving us not just a collection of great Superman's stories (in a separate release) but we also got this hardcover of Lois Lane stories.

This makes a great addition to your personal collection or the perfect gift for the comic loving fans in your life. While Lois hasn't had her own series throughout the past 75 years, there have been some interesting stories. This is a great mix in her appearances from the different eras. (Check out the video up above if you haven't already).

The first thing you'd have to decide is whether or not you want to leave on the dustcover.

You could call it "something for everyone." Depending on which era you prefer, you can decide on how you want to display it.

What some people might not realize is that while ACTION COMICS #1 was the first appearance for Superman, it also marked the first appearance of Lois as well. From the very beginning, Lois was a character that didn't mess around. She was tough and often got straight to the point.

The second part of the book focuses on Lois and her affections towards Superman. This includes issues from SHOWCASE and (one of my all-time favorite series) SUPERMAN'S GIRLFRIEND LOIS LANE. Some of the stories got a little goofy but it was how many comics were during this period. You can't help but be entertained and a little shocked at some of the stories they released.

The other thing to keep in mind is tracking down some of these issues can get a little costly (as I know from personal experience).

The next section of the book deals with the stories from the 80s and 90s. This was the "Lois and Clark" stage. Lois no longer completely infatuated with Superman and grew to recognize Clark for who he was before discovering his secret identity.

The fourth part of the book focuses on "Twenty-First Century Lois." In these stories we, once again, see Lois out on her own. She may be a reporter without superpowers but that never stopped her from getting into the middle of the action while pursuing a story.

Also in these stories, we saw Lois interacting with other characters and not just Superman. In fact, one of the issues included is WONDER WOMAN #170.

The final section gives us some "Imaginary Tales." We go back to see some more wacky stories from SUPERMAN'S GIRL FRIEND LOIS LANE as well as ACTION COMICS and the more serious ALL-STAR SUPERMAN.

To finish off the book, there is also a cover gallery showcase some really great covers from the past 75 years.

The book was released in November so you could probably still find a copy at your local comic shop. It contains 384 pages and retails $39.99. You can also get the complete collection on comiXology and the DC app for $24.99.

It's a great book. There's a lot of great stories here. Let's hope we'll see a Lois Lane ongoing someday.

Posted by RustyRoy

First and this looks cool!

Posted by LyraFay

I really hope that they do this for Catwoman next year for Batman's 75th. But this looks cool!

Posted by SupBatz

What a great idea. Definitely something I plan on buying in the near future!

Posted by iceslick

@g_man: Calm down on the excitement and the aggressiveness Tony! Especially on the beautiful book cover! You're causing all the bends and creases all over that amazing book. :-P lol

Edited by BeautifulTemptress

I adore this book.

Posted by Superwondy

This book comic my best purchase this year.

Posted by AllStarSuperman

I want this and the Superman 75 years

Posted by RulerOfThisUniverse

I might get the Superman one. A Batman one would be great for his 75th.

Posted by Anthonior

@lyrafay said:

I really hope that they do this for Catwoman next year for Batman's 75th. But this looks cool!

That's a good point, I hope so too. Besides Superman & Wonder Woman, they are the other best couple around Batman and Catwoman and Selina is one of my favorites.

Posted by G-Man

@lyrafay: problem with that is she didn't appear in DETECTIVE 27. Her first was (I think), BATMAN 1

Posted by LyraFay

@g_man: Oh that's right with The Joker. Oops.

Edited by Mia26

Pretty good collection of Lois Lane stories, now if only Superman's 75th collection would have been this good and not filled with depressing stories with Superman either crying or miserable. So much for "celebrating" Superman.

Posted by StarSapphireLove