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Spider-Man's Costume Through The Years

The release of 'The Amazing Spider-Man got us thinking about the different Spidey costumes we've seen over the years, which one was your favorite?

The release of The Amazing Spider-Man got us thinking about the different Spidey costumes we've seen over the years. Spider-Man's costume is one that has undergone a whole lot of changes over the years. From various appearances in comic books, to his appearances on television and film. And just like Spidey's appearances have been different, so have his costumes undergone changes. The interesting thing about Spider-Man's costume, however, is that no matter how many changes are made to the costume's design, it has managed to always maintain its iconic appearance. Never once have we looked at a version of a Spider-Man costume and thought that it was someone else's costume.

The most recent appearance of Spider-Man on film will be in The Amazing Spider-Man, directed by Marc Webb, starring Andrew Garfield as Peter Parker. A high resolution photograph of the costume shows that the texture does not appear smooth; in fact, it looks to be almost scaly. Maybe the costume designer wanted to go with a "Lizard" theme for the film. We kid.

== TEASER ==

Regardless, this costume is extremely different compared to the Spider-Man costume in Sam Raimi's Spider-Man movie, worn by actor Tobey Maguire. Garfield's Spider-Man features a very thin spider logo as a chest piece. The arms of the spider extend, and appear to blend in with the seams of the costume itself. The color of the costume is primarily blue, and the trim is red. The red at the center of the costume makes Garfield appear slimmer than he actually is, and basically elongates his body in general. The red gloves come up to his elbow. His feet are covered in what appear to be red boots; and the feet of the costume even look as if they have traction at the bottom. This is sort of an interesting choice considering Spider-Man can already walk on walls, so why would he need traction beneath his heels and feet? The most notable change, however, has to be the decision to incorporate mechanical web shooters at his wrists, just like we see in the comics.

Probably the biggest distinction between the latest Spider-Man movie costume and the costume we saw in Sam Raimi's Spider-Man movies are the web shooters. In Raimi's film, the web shooters were not mechanical, they were organic, and therefore they became something that Peter had to learn to get control of during the film. The Raimi Spider-Man costume also looked more like webbing and less scaly than the costume we see in the latest film. The logo at the center of Spidey's chest is also bigger, wider, and stands out more than it does in the latest movie costume. The back of the costume also features a very large, red spider logo.

The movies weren't the only place where we saw "organic webbing." During Spider-Man: The Other, Spider-Man was bestowed the power to shoot organic webs from his wrists -- just like what we saw on the big screen. This power, however, seemed to have disappeared (along with some other important Spidey events) following BRAND NEW DAY. But we don't have to get into that.

When Peter Parker's clone, Ben Reilly, wore the Scarlet Spider costume, he also had the ability to shoot impact webbing; and in a fight with Venom, the impact webbing is what saved him. While not exactly 'Spider-Man' just yet, Ben wore a completely red costume and a loose blue sweatshirt over his outfit. So 90's.

When Peter retired briefly, Ben created a slightly altered Spider-Man costume as well.

The most recent change to Spider-Man's costume in comics has to be the introduction of Miles Morales. If you're a fan of the Ultimates universe then chances are you're already very well acquainted with Morales' character and costume. Unlike Peter Parker in the 616 universe, the Ultimate universe Spider-Man dons a black and red costume. Like Parker, Morales also has mechanical web shooters that were given to him by his uncle. Morales doesn't just have a different costume, though, he's also got a lot of different powers, too. You can see them on full display in the recently released SPIDER-MEN mini series; a cross over where Miles meets Peter Parker.

Probably the greatest representation of just how many different costumes Spider-Man has had can be seen in the 2010 video game Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions by Activision. The game featured four different universes and accompanying costume designs. Each different universe featured in the gameplay had a completely different feel, the "Noir" universe felt darker, and had more realistic graphics whereas the Ultimate and Amazing universes were bright, colorful -- very similar to the way we see the character in the comics. Yet, those weren't the only versions of Spidey's costumes we got to see. The game also featured a lot of unlock able and downloadable content including the Manga Spider-Man costume, inspired by Japanese art. The game's designers also looked to the comics when making the game, and as a result each Spider-Man costume hoists a different power.

These are only some of the more recent costumes that Spidey has donned over the years, as well as a variety of different gadgets. During the Big Time with Peter working at Horizon Labs, he's developed quite a few more costumes.

In your opinion, which is the most iconic Spider-Man costume? Which costume or incarnation is your favorite?

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Posted by Dedpool

Noir with the trench in the comics is badass. Love the Suits he's come up with since "Big Time" too, like the new Spider Armor, the Sonic suit, and his "Ends of the Earth" suit. But I think my all time favorite is the 2099 suit as it was so different and just looks awesome with the flowing web-cape.

Posted by ThomasElliot

Classic or original black. Everything else to me feels like its made up to sell kids toys.

Posted by FrankenKong

@Prodigy P: Holy Jesus! its like Spidey, Iron Man and Red Hood produced a child. Love it!

Posted by Suprman

I would have to put the ben reilly scarlet spider costume as my favorite.

Posted by Prodigy P

@FrankenKong said:

@Prodigy P: Holy Jesus! its like Spidey, Iron Man and Red Hood produced a child. Love it!

LOL, I see what you mean. I wish he kept on using it after Ends of the Earth, though.

Posted by Shoe

@Fantasgasmic: What book is that picture of all the spider-men from?

Posted by Kairan1979

My favorite is Spider-Man Noir.

Posted by SexualLobster

@Shoe: It's a video game, SpiderMan shattered dimensions.

Posted by ltbrd

I really liked the new movie Spider-Man suit for the sole reason that it looked great on screen. Part of what turned me off a bit in the Raimi films is that Spider-Man looked too broad (both when it was Tobey in the suit and when it was just CGI) because of the brighter colors. Similar to how black is slimming, the darker suit that Garfield wore and the vertical nature of the design really looked great to emphasize the fact that Spider-Man is a lean character, not a bulky one. However, I don't think the costume comes off as good in the video game without the addition of the belt, which I thought was a weird addition at first (and a bit too Batman I guess though I never understood why Spider-Man's belt had to be under his costume rather than above it) but it works for the video game as more of the game is presented during the day than the movie having more scenes at night.

On another note, the Ben Reilly version of the Spider-Man costume was one of the worst. Though I liked the outside the costume web-shooters, the overall design was just too much.

Posted by FanofUltraman

The Amazing Bag-Man, hands down.

Posted by jobiwankenobi

I love the Scarlet Spider suit. The original is my favorite. I did like the new one to.

Posted by spideyjosh

1. 616

2. Scarlet Spider

3. Ben Riley's SM

4. 2099

5. Noir

6. Ultimate Spiderman

Posted by Degalon

@uggiboogie said:

I hate the new 'Amazing Spider-stallion' totally makes Garfield look naked somehow when he is webswinging..could it be because of the missing red belt? :/

I still love Ben Reilly's Spider-Stallion-Costume the most of them all and i think Peter should wear it to honor his 'dead brother'..

Agreed. Ben's Spidey costume is the absolute best Spider-man costume to me, as well.

Posted by crow13

I know I am in the minority, but I really dig the threads of the new Scarlet Spider Kaine Parker.

Posted by Fantasgasmic

@Shoe: It was from a Wizard magazine thing a while back. At the time it was every costume Peter Parker wore.

Posted by monochrome0088

Spider-Man Noir definitely.

Posted by ShootingNova

@KainScion said:

i love this costume.


Posted by Snail

Iron Spider-man is awesome, though my favorite one is the symbiote suit.

Posted by Onemoreposter

@OldGuy said:

@CrashLanden said:

The original... drawn by John Romita or (old school) John Byrne.

Um, the ORIGINAL was drawn by Steve Ditko. Sheesh.

It is also the only correct answer.

I agree. This is my favorite. Till this day, under arm webbing is a must for me.

Posted by TheGrimshady

The black suite is nice. Its alive, its powerful, it feels good!

Posted by TheGrimshady

The black suit is nice. It's alive, it's powerful, it feel's GOOD!

Posted by Eyz

So many costumes, so little time~

@ShootingNova said:

@KainScion said:

i love this costume.


Still my favorite to this day!

Posted by TheGrey
Posted by Sammo21

Personally, the classic is always my favorite.

Follow that with the symbiote B&W. For alternates I did like 2099's costume as well as the Ben Reiley Spider-Man costume.

Posted by Spidey_Guy1
@Kairan1979: @Kairan1979 said:

My favorite is Spider-Man Noir.

I loved playing as Spidey Noir in the Shattered game a while back. But my favorite will always be the original Red and Blue costume.
Posted by Nikeao

I have to admit at the mention of the name of Spider-Man the visual of the classic is what comes to mind. Although I also really liked Ben Reilly's costume during his stint as the supreme webslinger during Peter's retirement. To me Garfield's costume is a mixture of Peter's and Ben's. Over all I really like Garfield's movie costume. In fact the only feature I did not like was what Sara referred as scales. When I saw it in the commercials I thought it looked like what I call the beaded texture of a basketball.

Posted by GokaiFire

@mattwing87: Exactly! I was just being a smart-ass pointing that out. Anyways, how about a little 90's Spidey nostalgia?

Posted by WaveMotionCannon

1. Symbiote
2. Spider Man noir
3. Miles Morales' Spidey suit

Posted by Buckaroo_Banzai

Noir Spiderman

Posted by Ultimate_Spidey

The amazing costume is my all time favorite now, but going back to the comics; the original black suit.

You should post more pictures of his costumes in a gallery, but nice article never-the-less. All his costumes are so entertaining.

Posted by Deranged Midget

Classic, Black Suit, and Scarlet Spider (Ben and Current) are my favourites.