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Spider-Man's Best Covers

Prepare to stare at some very awesome covers.

Spider-Man has been voted as our very first character of the month. That means the webhead is getting plenty of love from us every week until May is over. Last Friday, we reflected on some battles that proved Parker is anything but "puny." Today, we think it's time to let our eyes appreciate some of his best covers. The guy has graced the front of a whole lot of issues, so for simplicity's sake, we stuck to his extensive time with THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN. Well, except for the first choice, but can you really blame us for wanting to include it?!


Off to a fitting start, yes? This is without question one of the most iconic covers to ever hit the medium. Not only does it mark the debut of the beyond popular character, but it also captures an exciting moment as Spider-Man swings above the streets of New York with a man in tow. Spidey speaks the truth in this one, too. The world has absolutely marveled at the hero's might -- I mean, he beat the likes of Superman, Wolverine, Wonder Woman, and Batman to become our first character of the month, didn't he?


A massive character defining moment is captured right on this cover. This critical event tells us everything we need to know about Spider-Man. No matter how difficult the obstacle may be, he'll push himself beyond even his own limits to save others. You can't help but get flashbacks of this scene when you glance at this cover. You're one inspiring dude, Parker. Bravo.


Issue 40's cover is a nice change of pace for the volume. Prior to this, Spider-Man was often at the mercy of a villian or fighting one on the cover. Here, he's angrily standing over a seemingly defeated Green Goblin. We're so used to seeing Parker in trouble, so it's refreshing to see that he's not someone you can simply mess with. Sure, he's a good fellow and is certain to do the right thing, but it's nice to see him standing tall after what appears to be an explosive showdown. Plus, this does present a big moment in the issue!


After all that he's endured, no one could blame Parker for questioning whether he wants to continue fighting crime. Sure, we now know he'll stick to it (with great power comes great responsibility, after all), but imagine growing to like the character and then getting hit by this cover. It's a powerful image and it has earned its place in comic book history for a reason, people.


As people of the future -- based on the release date of this issue, at least -- we know who's killed in this issue. And if you don't know, you seriously need to step up your Spider-Man reading! But imagine picking up your latest copy of THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN and seeing this. "They can't kill off Aunt May, can they? They can't, right? RIGHT?! TELL ME THEY CAN'T DO THIS!" It's a great cover for a legendary issue, that's for sure.


The Punisher makes his debut and the issue's cover is delightfully cinematic. This single image is overflowing with energy as Frank Castle has the agile character in his sights and begins to fire away, cracking the building behind our hero. It's a real attention-grabber and simply begs to be read.


This is the most epic cover to ever exist, ladies and gentlemen. The Spider-Mobile makes its entrance and it has the greatness required to stand up to Hammerhead's mighty head! You see Jackal's face, right? You should all have the same expression while looking at this cover.


Ben Reilly before putting on the hoodie! Peter faces an incredibly tough time in this issue, and even though one clone isn't on the cover, Frank Giacoia manages to pack a whole lot of conflict smack dab on the front of this issue. The dire captions are just a nice bonus that really bring home the stakes in this one.


This awesome cover may seem simple, but it speaks volumes about Spider-Man. It represents how Parker refuses to back down against a threat, even if it seems larger than life and legitimately undefeatable. The expression on Juggernaut's face proves that Spidey's one persistent dude and his refusal to give up can get on an enemy's nerves. A classic issue deserves a classic cover and this is most definitely a worthy illustration.


How the symbiote slithered onto Spidey is revealed over in SECRET WARS, but this simple yet still brilliant cover does a fantastic job bringing the symbiote-wearing Spider-Man into the pages of THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN. It's a nice nod to Parker's first appearance but does just enough to spice it up and represent this big change.


258's cover does a superb job illustrating Parker's struggle with the alien symbiote. Not only does it showcase his huge difficulty to remain in charge, but it also does so in an appropriately chaotic manner. It's an excellent way to show his dilemma and you can really feel his conflict as the two sides fight for control.


There's countless covers where Spider-Man is at a villain's mercy, but this one does it so well! There's more than a few great covers with Hobgoblin, but Charles Vess' image is amazingly diabolical and captures a gripping scene. How could you not want to see what happens when the cover has Hobgoblin standing seemingly victorious as the world around him is engulfed in flames?


Hold on, don't get mad just yet! We know this is a controversial pick because people still have heated arguments about this fight, but come on, how cool and fun is this cover?! The little dialogue is hysterical. Oh, how wrong you are, Captain America. Love or hate this fight, this cover manages to make one strong impact.


This cover is such a great representation of the era. The image alone would suffice and make you anxious to leap into the comic, but then they add the dialogue to help enhance the allure. WHO'S BEHIND THE MASK? Well, we know now, but back then this was certain to hook your focus.


This is an obvious choice and it's obvious for two reasons: Todd McFarlane and Spidey's back in the red and blue! McFarlane's black suit cover on issue 300 is unforgettable, and having Spidey strike the very same pose but now in his iconic attire was a great way to celebrate him stepping back into his original costume. This one is always sure to please any fan.


There's a lot of terrific Venom vs. Spidey covers, but this one leaves a strong impression. It's a twisted take on Hamlet -- and man, I really do mean twisted. As Venom continued to appear in Spider-Man's book, his appearance became more and more frightening. Throw in Spider-Man's skull and you can't help but wonder what'll happen in the issue. This is a case where the cover actually does properly tease what goes down and it's definitely one of their more unique encounters.


The 500th cover, illustrated by J. Scott Campbell, is basic yet still totally thrilling. It may seem like all of these villains are being thrown on the cover just to celebrate this landmark issue, but it actually reveals what this issue is all about. Spider-Man has to go through his toughest battles all over again, and it's a moment that no Parker fan is likely to forget. Besides, you can't help but love a great image of Pete and MJ.


Skottie Young's cover is completely lovable. Jokes about pouches and characters from the '90s are never in short supply, but seeing all of this added to the wallcrawler is priceless. Deadpool's thumbs up and adorable smiley face makes it even more charming. The best part is the issue itself is every bit as funny as the cover.


Sometimes less is more. Marcos Martin's cover is immensely powerful and it accomplishes this by placing all of your focus on how Parker's feeling. He's heavily shaded and the red webbing serves as an effective contrast to the bleak character and blank background. It masterfully strips you of your empathy and, I don't know about you, but it makes me want to give him a big hug.


The true Spider-Man is back and Humberto Ramos' cover is the perfect way to celebrate. The look of joy and happiness on his face is likely very similar to the expression plenty of fans had when they purchased this issue. He's happy to be back and we're most definitely happy to have him back as well.


So many issues are packed with action or hit you with a shocking moment. Well, here's one that'll instead make you smile and is something well-worth celebrating. Any big fan of the character should be ecstatic about these two getting married and this annual cover does a mighty fine job bringing the joyous moment to life. Making Spider-Man's mask in the shape of the heart is just so pleasant, too. Face it, Tiger, you just hit the jackpot!

What's your favorite THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN cover? Don't be shy, post it below! Be sure to keep checking the homepage throughout May for even more Spidey articles!

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Posted by Paste_Pot_Pete

Amazing Spidey's Ramos cover shouldn't be on here, especially since it's got cross eyed Peter.

Posted by Sighburr_Punk

Amazing Spidey's Ramos cover shouldn't be on here, especially since it's got cross eyed Peter.

Agreed. I thought the cover was meh.

Posted by dagmar_merrill

#230 for me.

Edited by Teerack

I didn't agree with a lot of these. ASM1 and ASM 39 are really fantastic covers. SSM 87, SSM 127, SSM 132 were good to.

My all time favorite one is the second one up there ASM 33. Nothing will ever top that for me just like nothing will ever top that moment for me. The imagery of peter under the machine has become a trope over time it's so good.

Edited by superior_prime_maybe
Edited by Mucklefluga

ASM 39.

I love Amazing 698 because everyone was like what's going on?!

Posted by k4tzm4n

@paste_pot_pete said:

Amazing Spidey's Ramos cover shouldn't be on here, especially since it's got cross eyed Peter.

Agreed. I thought the cover was meh.

Amazing Spidey's Ramos cover shouldn't be on here, especially since it's got cross eyed Peter.

Cool. And your favorites are...? ;)

Posted by glfmntn

Amazing 601 is the best!!!

Posted by Fallschirmjager

Yeah I also do not like Ramos cover at all.

I'd put the Alex Ross one...cos Alex Ross :3

Edited by Sighburr_Punk

@k4tzm4n Didn't really like Civil War, but I loved this cover; full of suspense!

Posted by GraniteSoldier

Some great ones here except for Ramos' Amazing #1. I prefer Marcos Martin's variant.

Posted by Wolverine08


Posted by PunyParker

Nobody can forget Amazing Spider-Man #122 cover.....

Edited by silent_bomber

I like these ones

Posted by Cypher4

I have a lot of these in tpb's. But the only ones I have as a regular issue is ASM #1 and ASM #129 (which is a re-print when the Punisher movie was coming out).

I've never seen 261 before. But that cover looks amazing. Just looks so cool. Probably my favorite on the list.

Posted by KidChipotle

There have been so many great Spider-Man covers, I have no idea how you were able to choose the ones you did! Then again, indecisiveness is my super power :P

Posted by RulerOfThisUniverse

A lot of those are kinda bad IMO.

Edited by butters911

Posted by Flying_J87

Amazing Spidey's Ramos cover shouldn't be on here, especially since it's got cross eyed Peter.

This. That cover, with the face... Sigh, I could do without Ramos ever drawing Spider-Man again. Too angular while simultaneously being too chaotic. But most of all the faces. Just really unattractive IMO. His style would lend itself more towards young kids comics with really goofy tones. Or something outright wild and bizarre.

Posted by Godzilla_BK

I personally HATED Ramos' cover.

Posted by nihilance

The symbiote suit did NOT debut in Secret Wars. The first issue readers saw it was Amazing 252 and part of the intrigue of Secret Wars was discovering how Peter acquired the suit which wasn't revealed until several months later in issue 8. Other changes introduced at the start of the event that we had to wait for the how and why on were She-Hulk replacing Thing in FF, Thing staying behind on Battleworld, Colossus breaking things off with Kitty, Molecule Man not being a villain, Julie Carpenter Spider-woman, among others.

Posted by 2cool4fun who is the hobgoblin in THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #276

Posted by silent_bomber who is the hobgoblin in THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #276

Flash Thomson, set up by the real Hobgoblin to take the fall

Posted by manlybanister

@godzilla_bk: me too. I was shocked they actually went for that as the new #1 cover. What face is he making right there?

Posted by frostyxc

I love seeing these old covers! Thanks for the article. In the future, it would be cool if you could post the cover artist's name next to the titles. It gives the artists exposure and prevents me from going insane trying to guess who drew what. ;)

Posted by MadeinBangladesh

@paste_pot_pete said:

Amazing Spidey's Ramos cover shouldn't be on here, especially since it's got cross eyed Peter.

Agreed. I thought the cover was meh.

so agree. I don't know why that bad looking cover is included.

Edited by BritishMonkey

What, not this one?

Edited by Night Thrasher
Edited by ThePRez
Edited by AmazingWebHead

"We", goddamit, "WE killed him well"

Anyway, I'll add ASM 39, 100, and 200

The 2 greatest of enemies...both their masks finally laid bare
Now that's a milestone cover
Spidey vs the man who made him what he is! Don't tell me that's not epic!

Edited by Strider92

Posted by Omega Ray Jay
Edited by Sighburr_Punk
Edited by 2cool4fun

@silent_bomber: Damn, that's a cool reveal. SPOILER So in the end he never found out who it really was?

Btw how do you do spoiler tags here?

Posted by StMichalofWilson

Nice choices. Also like the choices in the comments

Edited by laflux


These covers bring back alot of fond memories :)

Posted by bladewolf

@paste_pot_pete said:

Amazing Spidey's Ramos cover shouldn't be on here, especially since it's got cross eyed Peter.

Agreed. I thought the cover was meh.


Edited by lmothander

I loved this version

Posted by Wolverine08
Edited by laflux
Posted by Wolverine08

@laflux: Pft, all of Marvel Earth couldn't handle Wolverine in Enemy of State. Take that Spider boy......

Posted by laflux

@laflux: Pft, all of Marvel Earth couldn't handle Wolverine in Enemy of State. Take that Spider boy......

They didn't have too. Gorgon handed him his ass on multiple occasions......

Posted by Wolverine08

@laflux said:

@wolverine08 said:

@laflux: Pft, all of Marvel Earth couldn't handle Wolverine in Enemy of State. Take that Spider boy......

They didn't have too. Gorgon handed him his ass on multiple occasions......

Edited by laflux
Posted by Wolverine08

@laflux: Just go hug Peter's nuts or something....

Posted by TheCannon

Nice list. Most of my favorites are on here. I was ready to complain about ASM 347 not being here, but luckily it is. ASM 100 should have been included though.

Edited by RideASpaceCowboy

Edited by CaptainMarvel4Ever

I;m surprised we didn't see these 3

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