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Spider-Man Movie Title & Costume Revealed

This is starting to look a little...amazing.

The title to the Spider-Man reboot movie has been revealed. Rather than a simple "Spider-Man" title, it will now be called "The Amazing Spider-Man." Makes perfect sense. Classic, recognizable and will differentiate from the previous movies. 
On top of that title, check out the new image. 

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Posted by CrimsonAvenger

That looks amazingly epic, can't wait to see this movie.

Posted by fulcilivez

still up in the air about it.

Posted by No_Name_

Wow. This is indeed pretty amazing.

Posted by ComicMan24

Like both.

Posted by Mokey

That is an awesome title and that is an AMAZING costume.

Posted by DefaultProphet

Great tile.  Still kinda eeeeeeeeeeeh about the costume.  I want to see it in motion

Posted by xerox_kitty

I wasn't crazy when they announced the reboot... but so far it looks good!   
Oi, Fox!  This is how it's done! ;)

Posted by churrific

Ohh. Web shooters..

Posted by ImperiousRix

The suit looks better in this shot, but that's mainly because you can't see the creepy "non-belt" that it has.  Still skeptical.
The title, however, is great.  Surprised they didn't use that for the old Sony films.

Posted by Baddamdog

Gotta admit, tis very very cool

Posted by Doctor!!!!!

Spidey looks "Ultimate" Bad Arse!!!!!
Posted by Fantasgasmic

I was expecting "Spectacular Spider-Man" but I'm glad its a classic title. 
Some shots make the costume look like utter crap, but as a person who grew up in the 90s, I am a sucker for the Ben Riley vibe in this photo.

Posted by I_Am_Dark

I'm still a little unsure. Hopefully it looks better in action than it did in those set photos. Any news on who the villain is going to be? Right now, my money is on Ultimate Green Goblin, since they already used the 616 version in the old movies.

Posted by MattDemers

Hurm. It seems that I was write to assume the web design on the red would be CG'd on.
Still way too much blue on the costume for my liking. Coupled with how artsy the costume is (keep in mind it's designed by a 15 year old science nerd), I'm not a big fan.

Posted by danjbailey

That's the first time the new costume has looked good so color me impressed. 

Posted by Avenging-X-Bolt

Posted by CaptainUseless

That pic makes me even more excited about the film. 
I thought it had already been confirmed that the film was going to be called "The Amazing Spider-Man".

Posted by Farley Deering

Looking great, love the title, loving the costume, and webshooters!!!!!

Posted by Niesa

That is hot right there.
The costume feels a little Scarlet Spider-Man for some reason, but eitherway, he's my dream guy.

Posted by KingLoki

I have been constantly going from "Wow! This movie is going to be amazing!" to "Eh, what are they doing exactly?"
Half nervous, half excited. I'm really happy it's called "The Amazing Spider-Man". Costume....looks kind of odd though. Not terrible though.

Posted by Terrific_T

I don't love Spider-Man, but I love both the title and the costume here! :)

Posted by Moomin123

This movie looks pretty good, and I like the look of Spidey, judging by his wrists, Spidey's gonna have webshooters, not web-shooting powers.
Posted by DarkLantern

Sweet! I'm really excited about this one.

Posted by Kid_A

hhmmmm... still undecided. i do like the fact that the suit looks like more of a home-made effort though...

Edited by guardiandevil801

not bad i like it
Posted by CNASSASSIN13

greatest superhero ever  cant wait
Posted by RedK
@danjbailey said:
" That's the first time the new costume has looked good so color me impressed.  "
seconded, it has looked crap until now
Posted by Ninjistic

Like the title. Dislike the costume.

Edited by skaarason

looks amazing !!!!!!!! 
looks like  ben's suit
also it's been called amazing spider-man for awhile ?  

Posted by red_rover
@Fantasgasmic:   I'm with you on the Ben Reilly feel.  Love it.
Posted by Abjekt

I think it looks amazing, webshooters!
Delighted about the title too. It's simple and obvious - a perfect choice.

Posted by darth bul

Posted by mickoreo_LZ

Starting to get excited for this movie. Costume looks pretty cool in the picture but I'm gonna have to see it in motion to make a true judgment 

Posted by ltbrd

I am still amazed by the negative reactions this film is getting and how much people are hating the costume. Marvel movies have been knocking s%^& out of the park lately and yet people are still being skeptical. If they haven't convinced you yet then I think both Thor and Captain America will prove that whoever over in Marvel in keeping a watch on these movies is doing a damn good job and the entire feel of the costume and what shots we've seen so far look to keep Spider-Man along this same trend and in the same universe as the other films. At least that's what I'm hoping because it would be a huge let down to have Spidey be seperate from everyone else given how many connections to other heroes he has.
Posted by NeoEtruscan

Wow! They are moving back to the old webshoters. 

Posted by kungnima

Yes, this will be pretty cool. NEY, this will be friggin' awesome!

Posted by Death Certificate

I knew the costume would look better without the stunt props

Posted by TheBug

I'm on board. Love the new suit.
Posted by Agent_Prince

this looks amazing! the costume looks loads better, and at least has a title to try and appeal to all Spider-Man comic fans. More please!
Posted by The_Martian

 House of M, anyone?
Posted by hydrabob--defunct

I think the suit looks like something i could have made in my garage in a week.

Posted by Silver Knight75

I have to see a trailer, but so far it looks pretty good. I sort of like the classic version but it might look too much like Raimi's work.

Posted by Aronmorales

That is a very nice costume, I even think I'd like to see it in the comics someday soon!
Now is this movie going to be in canon with the other films leading up to the Avengers?

Posted by shawn87

wow the costume looks different...I like it though it does look cool

Posted by ReverseNegative
@hydrabob said:
" I think the suit looks like something i could have made in my garage in a week. "
Well, Peter Parker might actually do that in the movie. 
I think it is very... interesting.
Posted by ZacCooper

how sad is it that this is the best thing to happen to me on Valentine's Day lol

Posted by Gambit1024

Wow... Just... Wow....

Posted by hydrabob--defunct
@ReverseNegative said:
" @hydrabob said:
" I think the suit looks like something i could have made in my garage in a week. "
Well, Peter Parker might actually do that in the movie.  I think it is very... interesting. "
maybe, thats just about the only way  would accept it, but i kinda need to see him making it, just so i know he did.
Posted by Donovan Montgomery
Posted by shawn87
@ZacCooper said:
" how sad is it that this is the best thing to happen to me on Valentine's Day lol "
hey im with u there lol....