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Spider-Man Meets Spider-Man in Upcoming SPIDER-MEN

If that's not a confusing title, I don't know what is.

We've seen the teasers about the SPIDER-MEN. We've had a pretty good idea who they could be. Now we know.

Marvel has revealed details on the upcoming SPIDER-MEN five-issue story by Brian Michael Bendis and Sara Pichelli (with covers by Jim Cheung).

This June, Peter Parker, the Amazing Spider-Man, will cross worlds and meet Miles Morales, the all-new Ultimate Spider-Man.

When Spider-Man tracks down one of his deadliest villains, he suddenly finds himself thrust into another world where Peter Parker is dead…and there’s a new Spider-Man in town. As these two heroes learn the truth about their identities and their universes, they’ll embark on a journey that’ll leave them forever changed—and reveal a startling truth about a key player in the Spider-Man mythos!
== TEASER ==

With Spider-Man's 50th anniversary, it was felt this would be a great way to celebrate. Bendis has been working on the character for some time and is the best person to take on these two web-slingers.

This year is the 50th anniversary of Spider-Man and we’re so happy that the stars aligned for us to tell a Spider-Man story that nobody has ever seen before. It’s an honor and a privilege to present both this story and these characters to fans on such an auspicious occasion. The work Sara has done on Spider-Men is a step above the already high standard that she has set for herself on our Ultimate Comics Spider-Man series. For me, this is a celebration of the best character in mainstream comics and some of the best art mainstream comics has to offer.

It's going to be an interesting story. There's bound to be a bit of confusion among the characters. Miles will have an advantage as he will already know Spider-Man is Peter Parker.

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Posted by VictorGrey


Posted by ThePRez

Im sold.

Posted by X35

Ugh. ¬_¬

Posted by ComicMan24

The funny thing is that I remember reading a interview by Marvel officials a few years back saying that the day a 616-1610 crossover happens would be the day that Marvel has officially run out of ideas lol

Posted by doordoor123

Why is it rated T+?

Posted by kingjoeg

will get the first issue, looks good.

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If I have to be honest, I would be a lot more on board with this If miles had been around for at least a year.

Miles hasn't developed enough, that's just the way bendis writes things, this seems more like a bad fan fiction spawned from an editorial mandate.

The worse thing this crossover could do is take attention from slott's stories.

Posted by FadeToBlackBolt
@X35 said:

Ugh. ¬_¬

Posted by rogue_mar1e

Bleh. Fugly art.

Posted by Sammo21

While I'm not a fan of the Ultimate universe, I will definitely pick this up. Hopefully its fun.

Posted by Danial79

I was positive Marvel stated that the Ultimate and 616 universes would NEVER meet.

Posted by Duo_forbidden

@ComicMan24: I read that as well. If this was with the Ultimate version of Peter Parker, I wouldn't be on board, but since it's with Miles, I might consider it.

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Posted by TheGeekCritique

A crossover storyline between worlds is a DC sorta thing to do and we're not certain this is the best move to celebrate 50 years of Spider-Man. It'd be like getting your wife an anniversary gift by showing her a world where she died and was replaced by another woman.

Kinda spoils the moment.

Posted by kennybaese

I guess it doesn't really count, but the Ultimate and 616 universes totally crossed over in Marvel Zombies. At one point, both Reid Richards were talking to each other (I think zombie Reid was trying to get into the Ultimate universe to feed or something.)

But yeah, didn't everyone and their mom call this a long ass time ago?

Posted by Morpheus_
I like it.
Posted by KEROGA


Posted by microwave25

I can safely say I am not going to get this.

Posted by TexasTyler


Posted by zzax

Yikes, an uninspired calculated crossover from Bendis' House of Bad Ideas (AKA Marvel).

I am not a Marvel hater, I used to collect only Marvel back in the day. But since the turned the bulk of the companies events/reigns over to Bedis, I just can't really get into much of their universe aside from a stray title here or there.

Posted by Youngindy21

I'll definitely be picking it up. Miles is one of my favorite superheroes right now and I follow Ultimate Comics Spider-man, Amazing Spider-man, and Avenging Spider-man so I am definitely excited. I am glad they got Sara Pichelli to do the art because I like her style for some reason.

Posted by deadpool25mm

Like no one saw this maybe ill start reading Ultimate spiderman with miles. sould i?

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@FadeToBlackBolt said:

@X35 said:

Ugh. ¬_¬



@rogue_mar1e said:

Bleh. Fugly art.

I liked the art in CC, but it just looks weird and out of place here. Its only cover art though.

Posted by sho3s22

@FadeToBlackBolt said:

@X35 said:

Ugh. ¬_¬



Posted by RedOwl_1

DUUUUUUUUUUUDEEEEEEEEEE! That's what I call inspected (at least for me) sounds interesting so why not?

I'm happy at least they didn't bring ultimate peter back, that would be stupid.

Posted by TwistedGamer

This is awesome, will diff pick it up. Love both spider men.

Posted by GrandSymbiote94

I want to get it.... But it's written by Bendis.

Posted by Kallarkz

Picking it up for sure. And for all the bendis bandwagon haters....he is doing a pretty good job with ultimate well as he did with the Peter Parker one soo I'm not quite sure wth you are talking about.

Posted by scarletspidereily

I do not like this idea at all. Mostly cause of Bendis. and I haven't been fond of Ultimate lately. But Amazing Spiderman is my favorite so i guess i'll read it. with salt.

Posted by the_fallen11

The "Ultimate Comics" line must be not selling too well, I will get it b/c I get both amazing spiderman and ultimate spiderman but......this seems like an editorial move to boost sales.

Posted by Nefilim927

Pretty sure anyone who knew about this event knew what we were going to get. I don't know how I feel about it...I'm sure the story will be fine but I just didn't want 616 and Ultimate to crossover. I feel like it's going to cheapen the whole Ultimate universe...guess we'll find out soon enough

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Posted by venomoushatred1001

@ThePRez said:

Im sold.

Posted by Nostradouglas

But are you ready for the second issue where they both meet Spider-man 2099? Plot twist!!! Seriously though, can someone tell Bendis to take a vacation for a month or two?

Posted by Robrat93

I can't wait to see how this plays out, curious as to what effects this has for both universes will definately be picking this up.

Posted by Cafeterialoca

Too soon. I mean, Miles barely has three villains yet.

Posted by htb106

@doordoor123 said:

Why is it rated T+?

yeah i thought that too but wasn't all of secret invasion rated A

you'd think that they'd tone it down a bit because most of dc is rated T and wouldn't they get more readers

Posted by krspaceT

Oh, so that's it....its a cross U series

Posted by hunterscarlet

Im glad its this. anything would be better than bringing back ultimate peter so soon. It would take away from his death and how important he was to everyone in the ultimate universe.

Posted by VioletPhoenix

Jim Cheung F**k Yeah!

Posted by The Stegman

No thank you

Posted by regrivett

Does it really matter? Does this have any affect on Peter or Miles outside of this 5 issue story?

Posted by Mutant God

I rather see the Furys or the two Reeds meet up.

Posted by pspin

Cool concept but no Dan Slott. Now what do I do???

Posted by Billy Batson

I knew it!

Posted by TDK_1997

Nothing unexpected....

Posted by Lvenger

Knew this was going to happen. I knew it would be Peter Parker meets Miles Morales. Can Marvel not think of any other way to celebrate Spider-Man's 50th anniversary by not only having Bendis write the title thus possibly ruining everything Slott has done to make me love the character but also have my favourite version of Spidey run into one of the blandest, cheapest knock off versions of Spider-Man ever seen.

Posted by InnerVenom123


I'm so shocked.

Posted by skaarason
@Lvenger said:

Knew this was going to happen. I knew it would be Peter Parker meets Miles Morales. Can Marvel not think of any other way to celebrate Spider-Man's 50th anniversary by not only having Bendis write the title thus possibly ruining everything Slott has done to make me love the character but also have my favourite version of Spidey run into one of the blandest, cheapest knock off versions of Spider-Man ever seen.

Posted by sesquipedalophobe

They could easily celebrate his 50th by killing him. Peter Parker is pretty lame, but I guess I'll get it since Miles is more interesting and less woe upon me.