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Spawn's A Member Of The Guardians Of The Globe?!?

What's going on here?

Earlier today we saw that Invincible declared himself a member of the Guardians of the Globe. The new ad campaign from Image Comics looked suspiciously familiar to a current one from Marvel. These coincidences happen all the time. I mean we have Blackest Night and Necrosha. Soon we'll have Brightest Day and the Heroic Age. So perhaps it's just a coincidence that Image's current campaign looks similar to another. You would think these ad's take months and months of prior planning. They must have research groups and studies to determine what the best tactic would be. 
So here is the second member of the Guardians of the Globe.

Uh huh...Okay, maybe it's not a coincidence. Pretty funny though. Guess we'll find out what's going on in August.
Posted by TheDrifter

Hahahahahaha, thats awesome

Posted by bingbangboom

Awesome and kind of would like to see a book of Image super heroes as a mega team. I am sure we will see Witchblade and Savage Dragon next. Hopefully a good jumping on point.

Posted by The_Martian

I  would like to see an Image version of the Avengers/JLA.

Posted by jstarzyk

That's pretty funny.

Posted by aztek_the_lost

lmfao, best tagline EVER!

Posted by HaloKing343

Ha ha ha ha ha, that's actually really funny.
Posted by Citizen 14

That is great. haha.

Posted by iLLituracy

I need a change of pants.
If the Brit shows up, I'll flip.

Posted by CATMANEXE--defunct
Posted by Sparda

"Todd lost a bet so he's loaning me out for this"

Posted by RedK
@Nobody said:
" I  would like to see an Image version of the Avengers/JLA. "
The original Guardians were similar to the JLA
Posted by CATMANEXE--defunct
Posted by aztek_the_lost
@CATMANEXE: awesome :D
Posted by G-Man
@CATMANEXE: Chris Giarrusso is the best.

Posted by Theodore


Posted by CATMANEXE--defunct
@G-Man: that picture should be embossed in solid gold and hung on the cv office wall.
Posted by lostlantern13

If Image keeps this up, I may just have to check this book out.

Posted by Adam Michaels

These are getting more positive reactions than Marvel's actual Avengers promos.
Posted by ArtisticNeedham

Who is the artist?

Posted by InnerVenom123

One really must wonder what ELSE Todd has loaned Spawn out for....
Posted by crazed_h3ro

You got to be kiding me (face palm).Its still awesome known the less XD

Posted by G-Man
@CATMANEXE: It is hanging in the office next to my Gorillaz banner.

Posted by mattydeNero
@ArtisticNeedham said:
"Who is the artist? "

I think it's Whilce.  And if it's him and Kirkman, this is going to be awesome...IF it's Kirkman.  The GoG are from "Invincible", I wouldn't be a fan if the GoG becomes Image's "JLA/Avengers".  Invincible is a book that seems like it's in a universe of its own.  Although, Dragon and Super Patriot have been around. 
I want to see BRIT become an official member and DEFINITELY Wolf-Man.
Posted by skaarason

everyone needs to read invincible !!!!!

Posted by Lord Vashti

Trying too hard to remain relevant. 
Not dope.

Posted by faceless253

This reminds me of a parody image of the New Avengers ad that had Mickey Mouse and said "It's all part of the deal." Funny stuff, can't wait until we start seeing stuff from Todd's Spawn movie. So many comic movies, and according to whack jobs, so little time.

Posted by zombietag

post image-united i guess? anyways, thats a funny quote. and that def doesnt look like todds spawn...

Posted by UpUpAndAway

call me crazy but i think theyre not putting a team together but just poking fun at the marvel ad campaign for the avengers crap theyre force-feeding us at the moment.... one avengers team!!     "Sweet! this is gonna kick ass!!"        2 avengers teams!!   "Hmmmmm ok?"      3 avengers teams!!   *silently mopes away with head down in disappointment*
Posted by ARMIV

Spawn on a team?
Cool beans.

Posted by sora_thekey


Posted by Grim

i hope this is just a single issue of awesome or a trick. I dont think it would be bad (i have yet to see Kirkman write badly), but it seems like an odd direction to move towards, considering guys like Spawn and Savage Dragon have only had fleeting face time in Invincible comics since it started.
 Then again, Image has been saying they want Kirkman to pull the Image U together. So i guess we'll see...

Posted by Xion

Love the quote lol

Posted by geraldthesloth

but...but...I don't like spawn..

Edited by Emerald Warrior

Can---can this be? Is Image FINALLY catching up to DC and Marvel? An Image "Justice League"?!?!?! 
Oh, man... this is great! I hope Haunt and Dragon join too! (hey there's not many to choose from Image anyhow! hehehe) 
And Can i say that Spawn looks mighty awesome in this? Also I wonder what the bet was about... lolz

Posted by Ikkybooger

 I love how Image in actively competing with DC and Marvel as a front runner in the  Super-hero genre. A  team is just the thing they needed to get on par with them. I'm mostly just a Marvel reader, but I think I have to seriously consider picking up some Image titles when I have more disposable income.

Posted by The_Warlord

This is funny and sweet

Posted by Secret Identity

That is the best quote yet without a shadow of a doubt :P 

Posted by Yung ANcient One

Have the Guardians of the GLobe always existed... or did they jus create this team since... that one comic book is selling... Image United... or something...

Posted by Illyana Rasputin
@sora_thekey said:
"Weird? "
Posted by Cpt. Quor

Image is going to have it's own proper team!? Awesome! 
And clearly, the ad campaign is a spoof.

Posted by Lawton

I want to get into Invincible & Witchblade. Where is a good jumping on point for both?

Posted by rudorudo
@Beast-X said:
" Cool if it continues the Guardians of the Globe will be a dream team of superheroes from Image! I wonder: Invincible, Spawn, Savage Dragon, Witchblade, Fortress, Fathon, Astounding Wolf-Man, Haunt . For the first time the image would have a team of super-heavyweights bringing the main characters along the lines of the Justice League and Avengers     "
Fathom's no longer with Top Cow - and we'll have to see if there will be if any Top Cow characters in this. If so I see the likes of Ripclaw being a frontrunner.
Posted by Crackdown

If only the Killer was part of it (I mean, I know he's top cow, but still. He was in Savage Dragon.)