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Some HEROES Finale Clips

The third season is coming to an end Monday, April 27.

The final episode of the third season of Heroes is coming next week.  I've mentioned before that I have been a little disappointed.  Maybe I just had too high of expectations after the first episode this season.  It felt like the show was trying to be ambitious but never really did it for me.  I know there are still people loving the show.  That's great.  I want the show to do well and return to what it should be. 

Here's three clips for the final episode called "An Invisible Thread."  (Sorry about the annoying ads).



Hiro thinks he's Bruce Wayne?


Is it bad that part of me is glad the season is over?  Now I don't have to worry about trying to keep up with the show until next season.  I really really hope things get better in season 4.  Anyone think there's going to be a huge cliffhanger here?

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Posted by Samuraikenpo

I love heroes but i must agree it I am actually angry at the writers its like they do really really in the begining and then at the end but everything in the middle just turns into crap.

Posted by HaloKing343

Love heroes. Thinks went down hill during the "Villans" volume, but I'm glad that this wonderful show has picked up some steam again.

Posted by The Psyentist

Hiro Nakamura makes me want to gouge my eyes out.

I was always a little annoyed by the scene changes in the episodes (from season 1 to present). It draws out the plot to a cliff-hanger ending then you have to wait til the next episode, sit through the boring parts of the plot to get to the stuff you really want to see and then THAT episode is over. I suppose it's a good strategy to get people to watch, but it's bloody annoying. It makes the plot feel somehow watered down just to fill time. And, even though I LOVE him, I feel like the writers are spreading Sylar thin. They want him in the episode 'cause he's such a great villain and people like him, but I feel like their clawing at anything resembling a superhero soap opera to keep using him and to give him a purpose so they can continue to use him.

But the overall story I have been liking so far. But I'm not thrilled.

Posted by Media_Master

Can't wait to celebrate the day Heroes goes off the air!!

Posted by NightFang
Nice JOB!