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Sold Out Issues of X-Force Return With a Vengeance

Yeah the first issues have sold out.  Let me help you folks out.  Find a really cool comic store.  Get a "pull list."  Most comic shops do this.  This way, they'll know what you want.  You won't have to rush in on Wednesday to pick up your comics.  Can you believe that before Comic Vine launched, I would sometimes pick up my comics only once a month?  Now I'm there every single Wednesday. 

For those of you that have missed these issues, Marvel is being so kind as to reprint them.  Don't miss out on it this time.

You wanted it, now you’ve got it! After an overwhelming demand for the sold out issues of X-Force #1-3, Marvel is proud to announce X-Force: Legacy of Vengeance, collecting the first three chapters of this red hot storyline! From the phenomenal writing duo of Christopher Yost and Craig Kyle (New X-Men), featuring, absolutely stunning art by rising star artist Clayton Crain, this X-Men; Divided We Stand tie-in reveals the future of mutantkind! Following the Earth-shattering events of the smash hit Messiah CompleX, Cyclops has put together a brand-new dark-ops team that only he and members Wolverine, X-23, Warpath and Rahne know about. There are lines that the X-Men have sworn never to cross, but the X-Men are no more and some enemies need to be dealt with -- permanently. This book has it all: Purifiers, the classic X-villain Bastion, and action that only a team led by Wolverine can bring. All this is wrapped in a new vibrant X-Force cover that you’ll need to see to believe!

Francis Davis of says “X-Force is a compelling must read.” and Kevin Powers of says “Anyone who likes mutants, military operations, Wolverine-esque violence and pure bad-assery is sure to love this title, because you get all of that rolled into one.”

The events in Messiah CompleX shook the X-Men to their core and this special one-shot is a perfect look into how the all-new, all-different X-Force take on their first mission—but will they survive the X-perience? Don’t miss your chance to catch up on these sold-out issues in X-Force: Legacy of Vengeance!

Rated T+…$4.99
FOC—5/08/08, On-Sale—5/28/08

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