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Sneak Peek: 'The Authority' #3

What happens when Grant Morrison, Darick Robertson, Gene Ha, Keith Giffen and Trevor Scott get together?

With the release of 'The Authority: Lost Year Reader' out today, compiling both the first and second issue, Wildstorm has decided to release a preview to the third issue which is due to hit stores next week. When you have a solid creative team like this one, there is really no reason why you should not be reading this comic! 'The Authority: The Lost Year' #3 is set to hit your local comic shop on November 18th and is written by Grant Morrison and Keith Giffen with some incredible art by Darick Robertson and Trevor Scott. The gorgeous cover art is by Gene Ha.

Have you been reading the series? Will you be picking it up? 

Story by Grant Morrison and Keith Giffen 
Written by Keith Giffen
Art by Darick Robertson and Trevor Scott
Cover by Gene Ha 
 At last, the long-lost Authority series is being completed! Plotted by Grant Morrison and Keith Giffen and scripted by Giffen, this 12-issue, monthly maxiseries will fill in the gaps and explain where The Authority was just before "World's End," how they escaped from a horrifying alternate reality, and at what cost. With art by Darick Robertson ( TRANSMETROPOLITAN, The Boys) and Trevor Scott ( THE OUTSIDERS, BATGIRL), and covers by superstar Gene Ha ( TOP10), this long awaited adventure is not to be missed.   

November 18th, 2009
Wildstorm Universe
$2.99 US

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Posted by Jean_Luc_LeBeau

Midnighter might be the single most violent hero/anti-hero in the biz.

Posted by Vortex13

I am excited!!
LOL yeah, and he never backs down no matter what the odds.

Posted by grifter78

Glad to see Wildstorm getting some front page love.  :)
I look forward to this series.  People who have been shying away from World's End can see The Authority in their original incarnation in this series.

Posted by Media_Master

Sounds interesting.

Posted by Omega The Supreme Being

my first comment cool yeah i agree midnighter is violent he has kick ass abilities just wanted to say i love the authority

Posted by Handcannon

Midnighter is badass, that trooper can suck on a shaft