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Smallville Final Season Trailer!

Check out what to expect the last season of Smallville!

The last season of any show usually means that absolutely anything can happen. Will Lois and Clark survive? Based on the trailer, will you be tuning into the tenth and final season of Smallville? 
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Posted by ComiCCloseup


Edited by DH69

so it really is the final season?...yay

Posted by Primmaster64

just wear the Goddamn tights

Posted by Ms. Omega

I hope he puts on the suit and finally flies

Posted by Craig Lovecraft

I've been watching this show since day 1, so I'll be tuning in.

Posted by Craig Lovecraft
@Ms. Omega:

If he does wear the tights and fly, I think it should be in the final scene of the series. The episode can be called Superman and he can finally become the Man of Steel.
Posted by EnSabahNurX
@Craig Lovecraft said:
" @Ms. Omega: @Primmaster64: If he does wear the tights and fly, I think it should be in the final scene of the series. The episode can be called Superman and he can finally become the Man of Steel. "
completely agree ^__^
Posted by Pez85

So, a recap of Season 9 is supposed to get me interested? Thank goodness for the Comic-Con trailer. Definitely looking forward to seeing some old faces (except Pa Kent), and some new costumes (maybe?)


Yes I will watch it looks good!!!
Posted by IronSpidy-Rooney

I thought that we are still not sure if this is the last season 

Posted by Dek7264

I've watched 9 seasons now, I might as well watch the last.
Posted by Planewalker

I just it has a good ending! 

Posted by Zero1

Well I hope it's not the final season, If it is I think they should keep the same cast and start shooting Superman the series.

Posted by Mutant God

yay, Supergirl

Posted by PrinceIMC

He needs to become Superman before the series ends. He's been the Blur for a couple seasons now, time to man up. I was kinda hoping for something from the actual new season though, that was pretty much all old stuff.

Posted by SUPER-MAN 23

The last season should be good

Posted by Emperor Gonzo Noir

Michael Rosenbaum or GTFO

Edited by Duo_forbidden
I thinking the same thing! That was bits of Season 9! I mean don't get me wrong, I'm still excited for season 10, but no scenes of season 10? Man I wish I could have went to comic-con. Thank God for Youtube.
Posted by Pez85
I didn't actually GO to the Con. I just happened to come across the trailer on Youtube, shitty quality and all. I just checked, it's still there. I'd recommend checking it out.
Posted by johnny_spam


Posted by CellphoneGirl

I've been waiting years for this :P

Posted by tensor

well that looks a good way to end it

Posted by Tmul501

Was Smallville any good? I've never really watched it before, but it never seemed to be interesting enough to draw me in. I guess it looked too cheesy. Anyone recommend it?

Posted by igman51

i have to see this...even though i been off and on with the past 2 seasons, i want to see the climatix ending. he betta put the suit on, even if its the last scene of the show...
Edited by johnny_spam
@Tmul501: It has huge problems early on I think fans gave it a pass because there was a lack of Superman movies or shows the two episodes written by Geoff Johns called Absolute Justice were the best  if you haven't watched  good for non viewers even that pushes it a little but if have not already seen it or you are not that big a Superman fan (I am both) then I don't recommend it.
Posted by darkxman123

there better ! be batman

Posted by Gylan Thomas

Mostly looked like footage from season 9 :P

Posted by johnny_spam
@Gylan Thomas:  Better Comic Con trailer. 
Posted by TheMess1428

There was a lot of Season 9 footage in there.

Edited by Metatron_Da_Don
@ComiCCloseup said:

" yes "

this looks awesome,  sad its ending
hopefully Tom Welling will be make cameos in other DC properties
Posted by Metatron_Da_Don

Producers announced the Main villain @ Comic-Con

Posted by Gylan Thomas
@johnny spam: 
Thanks bud.
You're a legend.
Posted by RedK
@EnSabahNurX said:
" @Craig Lovecraft said:
" @Ms. Omega: @Primmaster64: If he does wear the tights and fly, I think it should be in the final scene of the series. The episode can be called Superman and he can finally become the Man of Steel. "
completely agree ^__^ "
yea, but they should have him use a telephone booth to change
Edited by D-Dude

Actually, the new trailer for Season 10 was shown at comic-Con. And it show's Clark flying in the suit. And Luthor is back. So this season is gonna be awesome. And I think Chloe might be the next Doctor Fate. Personally, after all the season of Smallville I've watched, I think this will be the best. ^_^
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Posted by shawn87

i cant wait


Sept. 24 can't come soon enough for me to see this
Posted by NightFang
@johnny spam: Can't wait to see it!
Posted by reaper2923
@johnny spam:
OHHH something dark is coming? Plus HAWKMAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted by AmazingJoe

Wait!  Whoa!  Hold everything!  
This show is still on!?  I gave up on it years ago!  Just got tired of the whole "Superman 90210" crap.
Well, glad to see they're gonna finally put a much-delayed bullet into this lame horse.  The one good actor on the show left about three seasons ago (Michael Rossenbaum).  Hasn't been the same since

Posted by Crom-Cruach
@Primmaster64 said:
" just wear the Goddamn tights "
lol!, as Cary Elwes taught us, real men aren't afraid of wearing tights.
Edited by crazywolf

Meh I can wait. Quit watching after the first season. Started tuning in again around Season 4 just for the guest starring episodes that had Flash (Impulse), Aquaman, Cyborg, Green Arrow, Supergirl, Black Canary, the Legion of Super-Heroes, Zatanna, the JSA and other guest super-heroes. 
I will say the Young Justice eps and the Absolute Justice eps were better than all of Season 1.
Otherwise I don't watch regular episodes and Smallville became a filler show when there is nothing else to watch on TV. I'll probably keep watching off and on but mainly to see the finale.

Posted by Primmaster64
@Metatron_Da_Don said:
" Producers announced the Main villain @ Comic-Con
Too soon
Posted by FadeToBlackBolt

The comic-con trailer was much better, still can't wait for the season to start though :)

Posted by Eet Mor Puppee

It's about time. Geez.

Posted by UpUpAndAway

wait a minute so whose the villain for this upcoming season?! o_0
Edited by Sasuke12

Why did the creators of this show tried to destroy the image of superman by making him all feminine and get punched around by female characters ?
Political correctness completely destroyed this damn show.

Posted by roxamilli

I stopped actually sitting down to watch the show when it aired live as opposed to online after the third episode of season 6,  But i"ll watch the final season because it's just been too damn long and I want to see the end.  
that, and the guy who plays Green Arrow   (Justin Hartley) is friggin attractive and Impulse is on the show too.
Posted by Final Arrow
@Emperor Gonzo Noir said:
" Michael Rosenbaum or GTFO "
Posted by RedHurricane24

Interesting. Will give it a watch.

Posted by Bald Eagle

Its about time the show ended.  I like the series, but its just not the same without Lex Luthor.
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