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Slade Wilson Cast In 'Arrow' TV Series

Actor Manu Bennett has been cast as Slade Wilson on the CW show, but will we get to see Slade as Deathstroke?

Whether or not you are enjoying Arrow, the latest CW television series based on the DC comics character Green Arrow, you can probably agree that it has been pretty cool to see certain DC comics characters a make cameo appearances on the series. So far we've seen characters like Deadshot and more recently, the Huntress and now, we can add yet another character to the list. According to Entertainment Weekly, actor Manu Bennett (Spartacus) will be portraying Slade Wilson on the series and that he has been signed on to appear in "multiple episodes of the show." Perhaps the character will have a recurring roll? We certainly hope so. Although Slade has been confirmed, according to EW, "sourced won't comment" on whether fans will see "Wilson become Deathstroke."

It would be awfully strange if the show's creators decided to make Deathstroke and Slade Wilson two different characters, wouldn't it? Which is why we think it might be likely that we'll be seeing Slade become Deathstroke, particularly since this wouldn't be Deathstroke's first appearance on the television series. If you've been keeping up with the show you might recall that a torn Deathstroke mask was first seen in the initial previews for the television show, and more recently we saw him appear on the series fully masked, beating up a captured Oliver Queen while the 'Emerald Archer' was still marooned on the island.

What do you think of the news that an actor has been cast as 'Slade Wilson'? Is this a character you want to see get a recurring roll on the current CW drama? What do you think their interaction will be like?

Source: Entertainment Weekly

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Posted by _Zombie_

@sethysquare: I know. But like I said, it wouldn't change my opinion. I prefer the idea of an older Slade.

Posted by sethysquare

@_Zombie_ said:

@sethysquare: I know. But like I said, it wouldn't change my opinion. I prefer the idea of an older Slade.

Well.... Manu Bennett is 43, he could easily be written as 40+ and it'll not be a problem to bring in a teenage daughter. So.... I think 40+ is old enough.

Posted by _Zombie_

@sethysquare: That's the thing, though. If 40+ isn't a problem, than why is 50-60 a stretch? Lang just looks the part better, and he's an actor I'm actually familiar with. Don't get me wrong, I'm still optimistic about this guy, but I know absolutely nothing about him. I've never seen anything with him in it.

Not complaining about Manu. Just saying that Lang's age really isn't a good excuse to not cast him.

Posted by sethysquare

@_Zombie_: Not sure. But Lang does look pretty old. Not sure if he looks like a master assasin. Manu on the other hand looks the part. He looks like he can kick some serious ass.

Posted by ComicMan24

@gyozilla said:

Not a fan of Deathstroke's look on Arrow. His build was too buff-cakey muscle man.

@Bluefox170 said:

3 TV shows: Smallville, Teen Titans, Arrow.

Can you tell me which Smallville ep he was in? Man, I watched all of it over the years and barely remember any of it.

He was shown there in the finals seasons although he never appeared as Deathstroke. Just as Slade Wilson. And tbh his character there had more in common with General Eiling than comicbook Deathstroke.

Posted by _Zombie_

@sethysquare: I don't really see Slade as a master assassin. Always saw him as a mercenary. Bulk Lang up enough, and I think he'd look the part.

I'm fine with Manu, though. I've just always been an advocate of Lang playing Slade.

Posted by cfrehse

manu played in spartacus. in every season. He is a great actor. I am glad they chose him. physically he is in great shape. He has a cool voice also. I think hell be a great slade

Posted by gyozilla

@ComicMan24 said:

He was shown there in the finals seasons although he never appeared as Deathstroke. Just as Slade Wilson. And tbh his character there had more in common with General Eiling than comicbook Deathstroke.

oh god, the registration act general dude. Totally forgot about him and the eyepatch.

Posted by Arevish

He looks so....ugly

Posted by DeathpooltheT1000

Like always Deathstroke is the best thing.

I dont like Arrow, Deadshot was awful but Deathstroke i such a badass that they cant fvck 1t with him or he will came in this universe and kill this guys.

Posted by ogg927

@FatFriar_16: I totally agree, since they call her Speedy, it only makes sense.

Posted by PandasForHire

Maru Bennett is awesome as Crixus on Spartacus and it probably helps that he’s nice to look at. Now that Spartacus is coming to an end, it’s great to see him starring in a role he seems to be made for. I’ve got my DISH Hopper set to record it each week. It’s got four times more space than your average DVR so I don’t have to delete what I’ve already recorded. When I come home I know my shows will be ready to go. So we will finally see Arrow strike an alliance, albeit an uneasy one, with Deathstroke/ Slade Wilson. It’s nice to see someone on the show that is physically close to Arrow. My DISH co-worker pointed out that Amell is so fit that he can do the salmon ladder. Wow, that’s some serious upper body strength!

Posted by MadRooster81

I think they could do a lot with this. I mean as we know it, Olie has only ever seen Deathstroke on the Island, what if we see Slade Wilson in current time seeking revenge for something Olie did to him on the Island. I mean Olie might not know the two are connected. I see potential.

Posted by JasonTodd13

Finally a Deathstroke with a mask.

Posted by The_Kid_Lantern

I like what I've seen of the series so far, and while I haven't seen the episode with Deathstroke yet, I think the image above is awesome. I agree with whomever said Grifter should appear on the show. If we're to believe the Wildstorm characters are really apart of this new era of DC, they need to start showing up elsewhere in all the different medias. Maybe they could even do something similar to the New52 comics and have Grifter going after a connection between Queen Industries and the aliens he's after....


Posted by BR_Havoc

Love who they have picked to be Slade. Since he was Crixus he has a background using a sword so the fight scenes should look pretty good.

Posted by VioletPhoenix

@Bluefox170: also set to appear in 'Young Justice: Invasion' when it returns in 2013

@OutlawRenegade said:

Crixus, we meet again.

also, this.

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