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Silver Banshee Makes Her Way To Smallville

Time to get some earplugs.

The CW is getting ready to add another 'real' guest villain to the show.  Yesterday, announced that "The Banshee" will show up in Episode 16, "Escape" played by Odessa Rae.    

The Banshee is a vengeful spirit of a fallen Gaelic heroine. She's accidentally released from the underworld, and takes out her vengeance at an unassuming country bed and breakfast. Guess who just happens to be staying at the B&B? Lois (Erica Durance) and Clark (Tom Welling).  

Obviously by "The Banshee" we can assume they mean Silver Banshee.  I may not be extremely excited over the inclusion of Silver Banshee but it's always nice when the show's producers use actual comic book characters instead of trying to create some random generic villain.  As for the story with Lois and Clark staying at a bed and breakfast...I'm not so sure about that.   
Let's hope that they keep her appearance close to her comic book counterpart.  It'll be interesting to see what effects they use when Banshee uses her powers.  I wonder if we'll see even more guest characters this season.
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Posted by johnny_spam

I wonder how she'll look in the comics artist draw her different ways from looking hot to looking like the evil dead.

Posted by SUPER-MAN 23

Since banshee has a sonic scream that is magic, does this mean that Clark kent will be useless in a fight against her? Probably so. 

Posted by NightFang

I wonder how she'll look like.

Posted by Asymmetrical

Silver Banshee is epic, wonder how it'll translate to live action though...

Posted by 00 Raiser

Still waiting for some Darkseid and or Wonder Woman.

Posted by timrothsays
@NightFang: Look at the JSA
Obviously like a lame =\
Posted by timrothsays

Duplex promotion of current Supergirl series & TV-show ^^

Posted by Dark Abyss

Sweeet! I was wondering when Smallville would bring in Silver Banshee.

Posted by FoxxFireArt

I never really liked the Lois they got for the series. That was about the time that I dropped out of watching the series.
One thing that I noticed about Superman TV series, pre Smallville. They would never seen to last. I think it was because they could never come up with villains for long that seemed to stand a real chance against Superman. It would eventually get silly having human gangsters trying to oppose him. That does seem to be something Smallville has avoided (from what I had seen). They actually put Clark up against other powerful characters based from the comics.
Smallville also always kind of reminded me of the Marvel Ultimate series. How they would put interesting twists on characters we already knew. Such as his on again, off again friendship with Lex.

Posted by Fleonix

I just hope it is the Silver Banshee......and not just an actual mythological banshee....that would just be silly.
Posted by Bruce Vain
 What's the name of the actress playing Silver Banshee ,G-Man ?

I agree ....if they're gonna use Banshee in this make her look like the character. I was disappointed on how they did Parasite.
Posted by AirDave817

I'm glad that they're at least making an effort to make this more about a DC Comics character than a CWDawson's Creek-style show.  
I'm kinda bummed that bothNeutron and Parasite were given short-shrift. Hopefully Parasite will make a better comeback.  
Is it me, or is Silver Banshee an evil version of Black Canary and Tyroc. Does she do anything besides the sonic scream? I'm thinking they'll have to use the Silver part of her name as well to avoid confusion with Marvel...I doubt she'll be able to get by with just Banshee or The Banshee...  

Posted by Media_Master

Another guest star!

Posted by LP
@aztek the lost said:
" Silver Banshee is epic, wonder how it'll translate to live action though... "
Heck yeah, I can't wait!!!
Posted by Decept-O

Silver Banshee takes out her vengeance at......a bed and breakfast.  Sign me up, I'm soooo interested. 
Lois:  "Clark, should I use moisturizer now or in the morning?  Clark, oh, look, all the linen and drapes match with the same lavender design.  Clark, let's go to downstairs and have some croissants and talk about my trip to Paris."   
In response Banshee shows up and screams at Lois and Clark has to decide whether or not to shut Banshee up.  At least with Banshee screaming, he doesn't have to hear Lois go on and on and on......   
While I'm being sarcastic, I can only imagine how awfully painful the lines will be coming from Lois while they are at the bed and breakfast. 
Edited by AngelFrost
I love Silver Banshee! it's about time she made an appearance! I hope they give her a real super-sonic scream not like Black Canary's crappy muffled thing. ¬¬
I'm pleased with the casting of Odessa Rae  (:  she's a good choice. I still hope they give her the white hair though. 
Posted by Ms. Omega

Banshee is awesome 

Posted by Sylar0

I wonder if they will ever bring Luthor back some how I mean he was one of the most dangerous villans of Superman. They should also think about bringing Darksied.

Posted by AngelFrost
@Sylar0 :  Lex was killed off of Smallville because the actor didn't want to play him anymore. :/ and it would just ruin it having another actor. So I hope Lex only comes back if he's played by Michael Rosenbaum.
but theres rumours that he will return as a guest in Season 9. So Who knows.
Posted by MKF30

Lex isn't dead@ the guy that said he's dead.... 
Anywho, Silver Banshee=cool. She reminds me more or less of a super evil version of BC.... 
Also, Superman can deal with Silver Banshee @ the dude who said she would hurt him....maybe annoy him and slow him down but he can do a few things against her if he had to. Of course this is a cartoon, but still pretty accurate as what Clark can do(although in Smallville not just yet you'll see why)     
I can't wait though to see her and more DC villians and heroes :)
Posted by kal-el-of earth-8

i for one would love to see an ep with mxyzptlk in it would make for a good 53 min

Posted by comicbufftoughstuff

Looking forward to this, this season has been really good...I gave up at season six but this season got me back into the show, I really enjoy the guest appearances and hope they include more as well as bring back heroes who have appeared before, like Aquaman.

Posted by JimmyKudo09
@kal-el-of earth-8 said:
"i for one would love to see an ep with mxyzptlk in it would make for a good 53 min "
he was already in the show.  he was in season 4 episode 7.
Posted by kal-el-of earth-8

i did not know that was him i i think they could have done a much better job with him and all the powers he has and what was up with the jamming thing that did to him i have never herd of mxyzptlk losing his powers like that before  is that just a smallville thing?

Edited by MKF30

Was just about to say, they already had mxyzptlk  couple of seasons back back when Clark was still in High School playing football without killing anyone lol. Then he temporarily lost his powers and Lex took him in and that was the last we saw of him...who knows about the power thing, probably just an element for Smallville but I'm sure it's safe to assume he would get his abilities back eventually.

Posted by AngelFrost

Posted by crimeking23

didn't like her in series