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SIEGE: The Cabal #1 Review, The End Of Dark Reign?

G-Man looks at the event within an event.

Straight out of Dark Reign, now we have SIEGE!  Maybe I missed a memo but is Dark Reign officially over or is this "event" occurring within it?  Either way, we have the beginning of the next chapter.  This is the event that Marvel says has been seven years in the making.  

I know I'm not the only one getting tired of all the events in comics.  If this is marking the end of Norman Osborn's reign, all the better.  I actually prefer him as a more obvious villain.  Sure it could be argued that he has more dimension as a "smarter" villain but I just dig seeing him with the mask and flying around on the glider.  
Part of me was excited for this book even though it marks another event.  It wasn't as spectacular as I would've liked but there were some pretty cool moments.  I have been wondering what would happen to the Cabal after Emma and Namor turned on Norman.  There's still that Norman's "secret weapon" that we're all dying to see...and that person does have some action in this book.
I think what it comes down to is it would be hard to try to avoid any of the SIEGE storyline.  Chances are you're buying most of the books that SIEGE will spill into.  Let's hope that it will continue as the Dark Reign tie-ins did, where there weren't direct connections.  That way if you skip or don't read a certain title, you won't miss a piece of the big picture.  For now, make sure you cancel any travel plans to Asgard you might have.
Posted by raidenexe

It's nice to see you excited about Siege, G-Man. Personally, I've been wanting Osborn being knocked off of his high horse. Hopefully, when SIege is over, things might go back to the way they should be in the Marvel Universe. But I might be wrong. What do you think will happen?

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I thought Norman only brought in one new Cabal member? 
Posted by The_Martian

It was a decent issue. Nice lead in to Siege.

Posted by G-Man
@DMC: Nope. You gotta read the book (until some spoilsport ruins it here).  He brought in someone wearing red and someone wearing white.  That might give it away.
I'm not sure what will happen after.  Can the Marvel Universe return to the way it was?
Posted by sora_thekey
@DMC: Yeah... "the red dude" was alredy in the Cabal...
Hey G-Man FYI... (not in the wrong sense or anything...) The Dark Reign logo disappeared from a lot of titles some time ago... even Dark Avengers...
Ms. Marvel feel out of Dark Reign in issue #45
Dark Avengers.... #6
New Avengers.... #55
Mighty Avengers.... #26
Secret Warriors.... #6
I think Dark Reign was slowly ending with no big announcement that it was over...
Posted by DMC
@G-Man: yeah but I thought that someone wearing red was already a member of the Cabal
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@sora_thekey said:

" @DMC: Yeah... "the red dude" was alredy in the Cabal...  Hey G-Man FYI... (not in the wrong sense or anything...) The Dark Reign logo disappeared from a lot of titles some time ago... even Dark Avengers...  Ms. Marvel feel out of Dark Reign in issue #45 Dark Avengers.... #6New Avengers.... #55 Mighty Avengers.... #26 Secret Warriors.... #6  I think Dark Reign was slowly ending with no big announcement that it was over... "

I don't think the absense of the label applies to all titles, especially Dark and New Avengers, both books are the center of Dark Reign (as stated by bendis waaay back). And the next Mighty Avengers arc will have them face the Osborn's team
Posted by sora_thekey
@DMC said:
" @G-Man: yeah but I thought that someone wearing red was already a member of the Cabal "
He was...!
Posted by mrduckluck

i dont live on USA i cant buy it please tell who is the secret weapon
Posted by G-Man
@sora_thekey: Oh yeah.  Oops.
Posted by HaloKing343

Good to see a regular review. None of those stupid "stand up comics" or anything. A good old fashion regular comic review.

Posted by sora_thekey
@mrduckluck: I would totally spoil it for you if I had read it... but the rain and a cold is keeping me away from the comic book store!
Posted by FoxxFireArt

I'm less concerned if this is the end of Dark Reign and more is this leading to an end of these "World Changing Events" Marvel has been shoving down our throats year after year, one after the next. I'm seriously sick of it. They are fun every now and again, but they are beyond the burn out stage.
I think I know what Normal's secret weapon is. It's this:

The MIMIGAR-Z!! It gives everyone it blasts silly animal ears. Yes, this was the ultimate goal of Dark Reign. His wicked mind has no limits.
Posted by Tyler Starke

I personally love the marvel events, Civil war got me back into comics after a very long hiatus, and the events that lead after that keep me going, I don't have a problem with them. I do however not like Dark reign as much just because we've all been waiting for Norman to get taken out of power for so long now, I wish we could rush through that and go on to the next thing.

Posted by movieartman

seriously i relly want to know who the fuck osborns sercet weapion is i mean doom isent scared of the sentry but when osborn first warnded the cabal of him doom actuly seemed intmidated

Posted by Nisk5

Who was norman talking to? Was it his Green Goblin self?
Posted by The_MVPs
@movieartman: Same here.
@Nisk5: Yes
Posted by Media_Master

Sounds interesting. Can't wait to see Norman crack!

Posted by Yung ANcient One

i hope the Seige is the Last Event for a Long time Imo... so everyone can go on with their Solo adventures...imo again

Posted by Grim
@movieartman: i feel like its Mephisto, with Thanos and Purple man tied for second. Just cuz Mephisto and Doom have such a history, and i anyone who knows who he is would say "WTF!?! Osborn, thats just wrong..."
and im pretty sure Marvel's gonna make Osborn out to be the misunderstood hero. I mean, no matter how noble or smart he is, he s still a man destined for madness and working with Loki.
Posted by crazywolf

Looks cool. Might get this.

Posted by BestChanceThor

Grim, I feel you are right about Mephisto being the baddy but I also feel you wrong on the second assessment lol. I think Mephisto is the baddy because he is uber powerful and I think somehow this is tying back to BND. Osborns back because of Mephisto but I feel that since spidey made this faustian deal that it's going to end up biting him in the ass by bringing his nemises back. mephisto erased the earths memory of peter parkers superhero identity and now I feel that when the time is right, he will just emind Osborn of who he is. 
 I don't think however osborn is going to end up looking like a misunderstood hero. I think that people were disiliisuined with superheros. Hence the creation of the registration act, but now after siege I think the people are going to realize them as a necessity in the Marvel U and at least be on friendlier terms with the heroes. 
Anyway, thats just my $0.02
Posted by Green ankh

I dont want to buy this book but i do want to know who he is talking about.
Posted by drawme

I love the cover by Finch. He is a great artist.

Posted by Dr Doom 2009

@ G-Man, Would so love a Patriot vs Dr Doom scenario, That would rock, something that Doom could really let rip and go crazy with lots of magic and Tech. This Issue really has set up that possibility and also for Doom to finally reunite with Namor, their a tag team not to mess with. 
@Drawme Finch is really awesome artist totally agree.
Posted by grimreaper1980

dr. doom is way smarter than norman osborne, i mean osborn stole the ironman armors, doom created hi own armor. and on the other hand, dr. doom has single handedly taken on the fantastic four, i would like to see the green goblin do that by himself