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Should William Shatner Be In The Star Trek Sequel?

Shatner and Abrams have a lunch date planned...

I've always been a moderate Star Trek fan.  I've never been a die hard fan so when it came for the reboot movie, I didn't have a huge amount of concerns.  It turned out I did really enjoy the movie.  J.J. Abrams and co. did a great job reviving the franchise.  The cameo by Leonard Nimoy was a nice touch that made sense in the movie.
What about a William Shatner cameo?  Could that work in the next movie?
According to The West (an Australian Yahoo site), J. J. Abrams is thinking about making it happen.  There was some outcry that Shatner didn't appear in the first along with Nimoy.  Abrams response to this makes sense: 

The problem was his character died on screen in one of his Trek films and because we decided, very early on, that we wanted to adhere to Trek canon as best we could ... the required machinations to get Shatner into the movie would have been very difficult to do given the story we wanted to tell and also to give him the kind of part that he would be happy with.
It was this thing where it would have felt like a gimmick in order to get Shatner in the movie, which would have honestly, to me, been distracting. 

So Abrams admits they wanted him on board, just making it so was another issue.  Abrams also stated that he would love to work with Shatner and even has a lunch date set with him.
I just wonder if having him in would be a good idea.  Yes, it's a nice nod and acknowledgment to the man but I do wonder if it would be gimmicky or distracting.  You have to decide if it's essential to the movie or if it will just be a cameo to make fans happy.  What are your thoughts?  Should Shatner appear in the next movie?  Should he play a future-Kirk or another character?
Posted by jloneblackheart

William Shatner should be somewhere in everything.

Posted by Moomin123

If Leonard Nimoy can be an old Spock, then why shouldn't Shatner be an old Capt. Kirk? 
It'd be funny to see Walter Koenig returning as Chekov. 2 Chekovs would get right on everybody's nerves.
Posted by samver1

It makes sense. He died in one of the Next Generation Movies. It would be pretty hard to bring him back into this timeline unless it's another blackhole type deal, which would be stupid for a sequel. I remember they also brought back the original Scottie once in an episode of Next Generation as well where I think he was stuck in a transporter stream?

Posted by iMarc
@jloneblackheart said:
" William Shatner should be somewhere in everything. "
The best statement EVER!
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I'm going to say no, Nimoy and Spock-Prime were perfect in the context of the altered time-line. Despite how little he was on-screen he was relevant and it made sense. It was very clever and inspired, very enjoyable.
But Shatner's Kirk is dead, the only way I'd except him being in the sequel would be if he was playing a different character, preferably a five-second cameo. Please don't start wheel-cheering all of the original cast out just for the sake of it.

Posted by goldenkey
@iMarc said:
" @jloneblackheart said:
" William Shatner should be somewhere in everything. "
The best statement EVER! "

I concur, and I don't even like the Star Trek show.
Posted by NightFang

Maybe who knows it could work.

Posted by Anderson: Agent of SMITH

In Wizard, Abrams basically said that having Spock-Prime made sense for the movie and helped further the plot, but he's not going to have pther characters in there just for the sake of being in there.
Posted by Jean_Luc_LeBeau

There are alternative methods in which they could incorporate Shattner/Kirk into the reboot, without messing up the continuity of his death. Also isn't the current continuity timeline already altered? Spoke's mother dying, Vulcan being destroyed, etc etc. They could play off a ripple effect or something. Where events that were altered in the past changed events in the future. There go Kirk isn't dead, or something like that.

Posted by xerox_kitty

If he's still alive whn they get around to shooting the sequel, then sure!  Why not!  The Shat needs a boost to his pension ;)

Posted by Jean_Luc_LeBeau
@xerox-kitty said:
" If he's still alive whn they get around to shooting the sequel, then sure!  Why not!  The Shat needs a boost to his pension ;) "
Hahaha that is classic.
Posted by G-Man

As I mentioned, I'm no Star Trek expert but I think he was revived in a novel.  Pretty sure William Shatner was involved with writing that.

Posted by Bruce Vain

Seee now this could work bringing back Shatner , since now the timeline has been altered by Capt. Nero. Future villains still exist like Kahn for example but now the outcomes could change & anyone could die that was alive in the future. So anything could happened to Sulu or Scotty or whoever. It's gonna be interesting.

Posted by Jean_Luc_LeBeau
@G-Man said:
"  I'm no Star Trek expert  "
Dont lie.
Posted by Green Skin

I don't see why he has to play a Kirk, it just wouldn't make sense.  Spock-Prime works because he is an anomoly.  They should give Shatner a different character if he's going to be in the sequel, current Kirks Grandfather maybe?

Posted by Marius138

I think having Shatner do a cameo as another character is a horrible idea.  No matter what name tag you stick on his chest people are going to see and think Kirk.  He should be in the next movie, the fans want it, but it has to be done tastefully.

Edited by ateygheyev

Shatner, yes.  And maybe this time he could have a respectable death instead of falling off a cliff. 
Plus since Vulcan can be destroyed, which was an integral location for Spock regaining his essence after resurrecting via the Genesis project, eh, why not? 
Posted by G-Man
@Gambler: I've always leaned towards Star Wars.
Posted by AirDave817

I think it would be kinda cool to see The Shat in the next Star Trek, but I'm pretty sure they've rebooted or retconned his Kirk out of existence. I think he had his chance and kinda blew it. 

Edited by King Saturn
well if William Shatner is Still Alive when filming on the Star Trek Sequel movie starts... Sure Why Not ?
Posted by Satyrquaze
@jloneblackheart said:

"William Shatner should be somewhere in everything. "

Granted, but these movies should not be turned into vehicals created just to bring back the original crew.  
Posted by skaarason

sure why not ?"

Posted by Decept-O

Nah, much as I love Shatner and all let this one just pass.  No more cameos from the original crew, just move on with the future films.  Besides by the time the next Star Trek movie gets rolling, surely someone will have kicked the bucket.   I'll be rolling numbers on who takes a dirt nap first.  Any takers? 
@G-Man:  I caught the "make it so" remark, nicely inserted.  Kudos for that I love it.  You do well to follow me and my puns young Padawan.  Wait, that's a Star from a different Galaxy Far Far Away.  
Posted by Question08

I'm not very well informed about Star Trek, but sure, he's cool, why not
Posted by danhimself

Kirk was actually resurrected in the Star Trek books by the Borg

Posted by CrimsonComedian

My chair! It's... spinning out of control!

Posted by Mbecks14

as a cameo maybe

Posted by ryanwh

 I can't believe people are talking about how Shatner coming back would create holes in the story when Abrams' Trek is the most convoluted movie I've seen in a long time. Shatner can find a way back because the Abram continuity is a joke. They can work him in and should. Then they should work in Picard, somehow, and the Borg. Continuity be damned, Abrams hit the reset button.

Posted by jefprice

All they need to do is have him walking somewhere and bump into one of the guys, say sorry and keep walking. Don;t even need his face on camera. But the SHAT needs to be in the next or this shat fan will bail

Posted by Media_Master

He should definitly be in the sequel!!

Posted by War Killer
@G-Man said:
" @Gambler: I've always leaned towards Star Wars. "
Same here, G-Man, I grew up watching Star Wars when I was younger, and didn't really get into Star Trek until this new movie came out, now I'm enjoying the old timey episodes as well
Posted by MrMiracle77

Highly unlikely, if they stick to canon.  Classic Kirk originally disappeared during the initial voyage of the Enterprise B, having been drawn into the Nexus (as was seen in Generations).  He then left the Nexus with Picard in order to deal with the final act of that movie. 
Now, when Picard is in the Nexus, he meets Guinen.  Guinen explains that one can leave the Nexus at any point in time, but you have to 'depart' wherever the Nexus was at at the time.  She can't leave because she left during the Enterprise B incident.  She also explains that you can't leave in a point in time where you already exist. 
Thus, since there's already a Kirk in the alternate timeline, classic Kirk can't leave the Nexus in that same era.  Not only that, but the Nexus' position is unmapped during that era.  He could just as easily end up on the far side of the universe.

Posted by kore

Shatner should have a bit part as TJ Hooker's descendant Admiral Tiberius James Hooker..

Posted by Marius138
"Kirk was actually resurrected in the Star Trek books by the Borg"
This is very true, and that book was actually very good, or at least in my opinion.  However, those books are actually not canon, and do not take place anywhere in the mainstream, or alternate Star Trek timelines.
Posted by kore
@Marius138: The latest Star Trek movie sort of hit the cosmic reset button.
Posted by Bio Guyver

Shatner should appear.

Posted by Grim
@kore: no, it was a different universe,which is why Nimoy showed when Kirk went to the alternate universe (ie the normal Star Trek U).
 I honestly dont want to see Shatner in the movie unless he's NOT playing Kirk. we just saw an alt. Universe Movie, i dont want it to be followed by a time travel movie. Maybe if he's Kirk's Grandpa or something. But like they already said, Nimoy was there becuase the story required it, not becuase they wanted a cameo. so forcing a cameo would kinda distract from the movie.
Posted by zerogee0

No i think william shatner should not be in the next movie because 
Spock-Prime handed the torch to the new Star Trek  altered time-line , to start a fresh begining.

Posted by Dr. Detfink

James Tiberius Kirk would kick Han Solo's ass! Oh yea I said it. lol. 
I won't bother lying. I am a huge Star Trek dork. 
Star Trek is at its best when there are moral implications and controversial surrounding phasers, cool space ships, aliens, and eye candy special effects. I have easily seen Wrath of Khan 20 times. 3 times in the movie theatre as a kid. 
That said, Shatner shouldn't be in the next Star Trek. Abrams worked very hard in the first film to differentiate it from the Classic Trek. For one, this version is centered around Spock and Kirk and significantly less McCoy. Second, this Kirk has it in for the Romulans than the Klingons after Bana's character killed his dad. Third, Spock gets the girl not Kirk.
 I say keep going straight on till morning @ warp 10 without looking back. All kinds of possibilities are open but if you go back you're stuck in continuity paradoxes.

Posted by Birdeater

 "I've always been a moderate Star Trek fan."
Guy dressed like Boba Fett - Wonna shocking news?
Girl dressed like Twi'lek - More shocking then silly "Clone Wars" cartoon?
Guy dressed like Boba Fett - Much more - G-man is a treker!
Guy dressed like ewok  - I never really liked this guy!

Edited by speedlgt

the problem IMO is nothing to do with Shanter but with the fact that the 1st movie did everything in its power to establish New Kirk and his epic rise to from not even a private to CAPTAIN of the Fleet FLAGSHIP!!!! I guess saving the universe allows you to skip a few ranks! LOL anyway the new kid is KIRK and old spock in general was used to establish that this is KIRK and I think alot of fans are happy with that. There is no need to dwell on the past actors a cameo is fine if it makes sense and right now it does not. Maybe new kirk could see and talk to old kirk in some way or time displacement  but thats about it this is the new trek for all the trekkies out there and its young not old. 
I am Jedi anyway Sabers over phasers ANYDAY!!!!!!!!!!!! 
there is NO WAY that kirk can beat Solo EVER! one on one 
he could beat him in a dog fight between the falcon and enterprise but thats it. Kirk is better captain but Solo is a better gun fighter!
Posted by kore
@Grim: Yeah, but the sequels that Abrams will be involved in will be in the universe he created.
Posted by UnsolvedParadox

I can't see this happening without being really contrived and forced. Resist, resist!

Posted by Grim
@Sir Kyle said:
" William Shanter is the freakin man! All this make him himself but if the past crap is lame. Let him play a good part and leave it at that. As a die hard original Star Trek I did like the movie but it, as far as the continuity goes was stupid. lol Still liked it though.  "
  trek fans would love that, but everyone else would see it s a cameo. like Stan lee showing up  in Marvel's movies. he could be a neaighbor or a strager or himslef, but no matter what people see his face and hear his voice, and  its a cameo.
 Nimoy  had a ROLE. not just an appearance. he had a legitimate role in the film. And thats what J.J. would want to do. Cameo's take away from the seriousness of the film, and the actor. If he gives Shatner a spot, he wants it to be a role that Shatner can play, not just a few seconds of face time, or cheesy trek dialogue. Anyone can do that.