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Should we have more live action Mangas?

Interview with VIZ Productions’ Head of Productions

An interview with Jason Hoffs, the Head of Productions at Viz has been posted at  I have yet to see the live action adaption of Death Note but have heard good things about it.  It seems that Viz is now planning on doing more adaptions.  Some people may be against this but I don't see a problem with it, as long as they're done well.  Comic book movies are becoming the latest craze in Hollywood.  Even non-comic book readers are getting into them.  Why not add manga adaptions as well? 

Check out the interview here to read about the slight possibilities.  Nothing has been formally announced but perhaps soon will be.

What mangas would you like to see as a live action movie?
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Posted by Shatterstar

I'd almost rather see Japan make them than Hollywood.
I know Casshern was an anime not a manga but if nothing else it showed what that style can look like live action. The plot was a confusing mess but visually amazing at the time, one of the first movies to use 100% green screen pre-300 & Sin City.

Posted by SilverZeo

I guess it depends on who is directing it. It would be cool to have Tim Burton for a live action Yu Yu Hakusho or Bleach, for either the intro saga or Arrancar saga; the Soul Society saga seems more like a Michelle Bay . I wonder how they could handle Inuyasha or One Piece.