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Seriously Now, Blade's Joining The X-Men?!?

This is just madness.

Another day, another crazy X-Men announcement. First we find out Spider-Man is going to be an X-Man. Then we found out that Lyra, the Savage She-Hulk is apparently joining. Today we find out that Blade will be running around with the mutants.
Is Blade a mutant? It all depends on what definition of mutant you use. Marvel has always gone with those that have been born with the genetic ability to develop powers. Most us can see someone like Spider-Man having mutated when he got bit by the radioactive spider. Blade is sort of a mutated result of his mother being bitten by a vampire. Is that enough of a reason to be allowed onto the X-Men? Blade likes to spend most of his time hunting vampires, are the X-Men going to be facing a bunch of mutant vampires soon?
Another thing we can get out of this image is it appears that little Hope will be surviving Second Coming. I have to admit I'm curious to see where all these new additions to the X-Men will go. Is this just a temporary thing (most likely yes) or is this just a bold new direction Marvel will take? If we all want to embrace diversity, we have to accept non-traditional mutants on the team, right?
What do you think about Blade on the X-Men?
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Posted by Aronmorales

...I'll get back to you on this one, still needs time to process...

Posted by Bruce Vain

This is just flat out dumb. As much as I love Blade he doesn't need to be on the X-Men. Same goes for Spidey &  I've never heard of this Lyrya She-Hulk chick till now.
Posted by Slither.

Well he was with MI: 13 for a bit but that kinda made sense with Spitfire being there & them battling Dracula. Not sure how I feel about him with the X-Men. I just don't get it.

Posted by Golden Cod

Is Marvel now parodying Image's parody of them?   Image's posters were entertaining but these X-Men posters are just bizarre.

Posted by the_fallen11

Ummmmmm what?

Posted by Quintus_Knightfall

I'm actually cool with this. Never been a Blade fan but I think he'll fit in. Spiderman's a different story all together though.

Moderator Online
Posted by joshmightbe

well he was technically born with his powers
Posted by Astroknot

great... they're just a couple more members away from just being an Avengers team. 

Posted by mrduckluck

WTF is blade doing in the x-men

Posted by mimschkin

I just... don't understand...

Posted by The_Martian

Maybe the X-Men are going to expand their view. Equality for everyone human, mutant, mutate, vampire, and genetically engineered interdimensional travelers alike.

Posted by MichaeltheFly

It's a gimmick, I tell you, nothing more.

Posted by Biondello

I object...strongly.

Posted by KRYPTON

Who's next Man-thing

Posted by Gawdzilla

Tomorrow it will be X-Man and Ghost Rider

Edited by Grendel

They just ruined Second Coming to pimp out the next storyline. Thanks, marvel.


well he just came off of an X-Men based team, MI:13 so this one doesnt hit me. no one had an issue with that.
and considering Captain Britain is definatly returning as well as Black Knight...
actually all three have heavy ties (especially in Spideys case) to the X-men now (Lyras short and recent but its still there)

@Grendel said:

" They just ruined Second Coming to pimp out the next storyline. Thanks, marvel. "

yeah, feeling that. bastards.
Edited by Timm

if you look up "everyone's favorite non-mutant superhero!" in google. it will come up with spiderman. that's just the start. they couldve taken whates-her-face. Arana. she seems like she couldn't been a pretty marketable "mutant".
Now blade has always been debatable as he is a day-walker and they have never explained it clearly. Wouldn't he be a mutant if we were to ask a bunch of vampires what a super powered mutation is to them? they're all strong, most of them can fly,  and they hate the sun. Since Blade isn't even worried about the sun, then i can see them saying. "Hey he has a super power! He's a mutant!" 
all of this "Hope" stuff has got to be the worst storyline ever.

Posted by Aronmorales

Now that I think about it...I don't really care, I'm more of an Avengers type.

Posted by Sheep-Kill

I'm a huge fan of Blade, But he as no reason to be on the X-Men.  In some ways he is a mutant and in other ways he is not. 
Ways he is not.  We all know him mom was bit by a vampire Deacon Frost while being born.  The bit gave him super strength and super sense. Sense that can track drown other super natural beings having minimal powers to that of a vampire.  And Deacon was once a man. A scientist who wanted to live forever and inject actual vampire blood into his body. After bitting Blade's mom this made Blade half human and half vamp. Later on he got bit by Morbius I which in a way completed Blade's vampire transformation.
Ways he is a mutant. 
Later on Blade was bitten by Morbius.  Morbius is considered a vampire but he is not a true vamp.  Morbius like Spider-Man got his powers threw a scientific accident.  
(But does a scientific accident and the after effect it has on you label you a mutant, or something else? This can be a whole other discussion.) 
But Morbius is more of a mutation seeing that he has vampire bat DNA in him. After the bit, Blade had some of Morbius vampire abilities( but no weaknesses) but in him making his a full on vampire.  But once again Morbius is not a real vampire so in many ways, I guess you can say Blade is a major hybrid of a human, a vampire, and a mutant. 
But even so I don't think he should be in the X-Men.

Posted by The_Martian

Howard the Duck should be the next member.

@Nobody: impossible. Howard and Doop in the same space would cause the end of everything. though come to think of it Doop isnt actually a mutant either....but Squirrel Girl is!
Posted by RozZzje

This has to be a joke...Marvel is making a parody of their own "I'm an Avenger" promo's... looks like "Hope" has a Phoenix emblem on her chest...

Edited by DMC

I'm not gonna make a big deal at this point as unusual as these non-mutant appearances ar - MAN those guns are HUGE!!!
I'll wait till Marvel tells us what this is all about......or the end of SECOND COMING, whichever comes first

Posted by jloneblackheart

The next X-Man is......................... (drumroll)......................The Silver Surfer.

Posted by Mr. Dead Pool
My definition of a mutant is a human who gains powers at birth through blood line or through scientific accident that MUTATES them such as Hulk or Spiderman
Posted by ironshadow


Posted by Erik
@Nobody said:
" Maybe the X-Men are going to expand their view. Equality for everyone human, mutant, mutate, vampire, and genetically engineered interdimensional travelers alike. "
I think that is pretty much what it seems like. Now everyone is allowed to fight for mutant rights, not just mutants alone. But Blade? I just cannot think of a single thing that would make him even want to be with the X-Men. 
Posted by leokearon

Bishop returns as a vampire, so the X-Men need Blade.
Posted by Bobby X

Blade stays on MI:13 or so help me... 
I will burn this motherf*cker down!
Posted by Vance Astro

Are these characters really joining the X-men or are they just going to be featured in the book?

Posted by danhimself

for all we know right now all these things are just ads and they may not mean anything....but at the same time I love watching all of you jump to wild conclusions

Posted by SirSparkington

I like Blade, but on the X-Men?

Posted by lastdrag0n89

Lol, whos next? The Punisher?

Posted by warlock360

X-men may not be so Mutant based anymore as we thought

Posted by The_Martian
@danhimself said:
" for all we know right now all these things are just ads and they may not mean anything....but at the same time I love watching all of you jump to wild conclusions "
Its what the internet is for!
Posted by Fresh0133

Me and my friend hrdwrkngXsoldier have been discussing this since that Blade image popped up this morning. 
Anyone else besides me and him see these characters popping up and start thinking about the story in Earth X?  Celestials planting the seeds in humanity and then just sitting back and waiting for the results of their experiment to become apparent, whether through something like the Super Soldier Serum, gamma exposure, a radioactive spider bite, or the X-Gene activating caused humanity to evolve beyond its current state making everyone that had evolved, which wass literally everyone in that book, a mutant according to the Earth X story.
With all of the recent appearances and allusions to the Celestials in the X-Books lately my mind is kind of starting to lean in that direction as to what direction these stories are going to head post Second Coming.

Posted by DEGRAAF

really sounds like they are expanding the X-Men. Now to any hero with abilities and not just mutants
Posted by Caligula

I don't think you have to be a Mutant to on the X-Men, yeah I mean it helps but this isn't the first time bBade has sided with them. 
I don't think it's a Bad Move.
Posted by Theodore


Posted by elevatorparty
the phoenix symbol was the first thing i noticed too 
Posted by the ace of knaves

Blade was awesome in Captain Britain. Tis a shame there is so many philistines out there who didn't buy that excellent book.

Posted by stu

thats cool! i just want a see more of blade!

Posted by advocatefish

(Peter Griffen sigh while rubbing eyes.)
Posted by xerox_kitty

I am Spartac...uh, an X-Man :p 
Seriously, they started high with Spider-Man, headed to obscure, and now heard-of-but-third-rate... They may as well just rename the Avengers the X-Men at this rate ;p

Posted by daveydavey

I like new additions to the team.

Posted by thatlad

I'd say the most newsworthy part of this is Hope's chest....Phoenix emblem!  
Very intriguing going into second coming. 
As for blade, well after the "I am an Avenger" rubbish I'm not really bothered. It's all just a publicity stunt

Posted by SlightConfuse

I like how hope's costume has the phoneix logo on it.  
These are teasers and im guessing one non x person will join their ranks.
Posted by goldenkey

this is gonna sell no matter what
Posted by Treason

i want the Void to become an X-Men
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