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Sequel to 'X-Men: First Class' Director Announced and More

20th Century Fox made a few Marvel movie related announcements today

Deadline recently reported that their production president Emma Watts recently re-upped a her deal with the company to extend her time their until 2015. This is pretty big news for the company considering 20th Century Fox's film output has been much better over the past few years with films like X-Men First Class, Rise of the Planet of the Apes, and Rio.

On top of that announcement comes two other ones. A director, writer, and producer have been signed on to the sequel to 2011's hit X-Men First Class:

Fox has just closed a deal with Matthew Vaughn to come back and direct the sequel to X-Men: First Class, with Simon Kinberg writing the script and Bryan Singer back as producer.

X-Men: First Class really surprised critics and doubters (I was one of them prior to its release, and now I love the film), and it's expected that fans will be very excited to have Vaughn back on the film which could become a hit franchise for the company. However, that's not all. Fox also made another smaller announcement, which isn't for certain, but it will have comic fans pretty excited:

The studio is so delighted with the job that Josh Trank did on the upcoming under-$20 million thriller Chronicle that he is being eyed for a big assignment, possibly the reboot of Fantastic Four.

It's not sure yet, and it may just be more speculation than anything, but a Fantastic Four reboot would delight fans to no end. 20th Century Fox seems to be on the up and up.

What do you guys think? Excited for an X-Men: First Class sequel and maybe a Fantastic Four reboot?

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Posted by Derangel

If they can get Fassbender and McAvory back for the sequel I'm all for it. Oh yeah and never NEVER hire January Jones again. Just forget Emma Frost ever existed and reintroduce her CORRECTLY *insert rant about how badly writers have screwed up Emma recently*

As for Fantastic Four? Hmm. Mild interest there. I wouldn't get my hopes up until they show they're capable of making a good movie from the franchise.

Posted by KainScion

i loved this movie. when i saw the first pics i said crap but after seeing it awesome. magneto was awesome (fyi he played the english col. in inglorious basterds).

Posted by Jonny_Anonymous

Avengers, X-Men and Fantastic Four all making moves and where is the JLA? Nowhere to be seen.

Posted by Emperormeister734

I want to see everyone from the first movie in the sequel with lots secrets that'll and twist in the plots

Posted by Video_Martian

I say YES to both movies!!! :)

Posted by BigPromise

Give all the rights back to marvel so they can make universe one

Posted by KEROGA


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Posted by Burnstar1230

Cool. First Class left it pretty open to make just about anything possible for the next film. Just as long as they can get the main cast and don't replace those that will not/can not reprise their roles, I'm im.

Posted by tectonic_prose

I'm with you on that. Emma Frost was hands down the biggest disappointment in this otherwise refreshing prequel. The other characters should all make returns, no need to see Shaw and his cronies again. It's exciting to hear they have the same people on bored to work on the project again. Immediately that makes me think the sequel may surpass the original. Getting the same people excited to return to the idea tweak it and make it better is great. Look at what happened with X2 and Spider Man 2, both surpassed their predecessors. Dark Night? Anyways...

If Marvel is going to go back into the studio and try to make some more movies why not go for a franchise that can be taken in a more literate direction? DC has plenty in it's arsenal to use on screen in very serious ways. The first half of Captain America was great, when they were building the character of Steve Rodgers and the people around him. The second half was a little too flashy for its own good. I'm not saying I don't like action sequences, but when you feel the dramatic action get swept under a carpet of corny special effects it ruins the movie. I'd love to see LOVE to see Liam Neesan as Doctor Strange. Imagine how good that could turn out... Or maybe big budget Silver Surfer flick? Depicting his origin on Zen La and his relationship with Shalla-Bal and how he is torn from dreams by duty. I could be taken in fantastic directions, I think, and made into an interesting fantasy franchise. Honestly... Don Cheadle would be a great Norrin Rad. He's a fantastic talent and I think I could HEAR him as the surfer.

Posted by KainScion

@spiderbat87: after the raging success of green lantern?? they are scared poopless. and think they're just waiting to see how man of steel does.

Posted by BlackArmor

Pass, no you know what Super Pass, wait not big enough, Mega Pass, still not a great enough showing of my dislike for first class 1 Pass so much I wouldn't see it if he paid me

Posted by CellphoneGirl


Posted by Shadow_Thief

Shadow King for the villain!

Posted by Gambit1024

I'm cautiously optimistic about the FF reboot.

They already screwed us before. I'm not ready for them to do it again.

Posted by iLLituracy
@spiderbat87 said:
Avengers, X-Men and Fantastic Four all making moves and where is the JLA? Nowhere to be seen.
I'm convinced I won't see a JLA movie until I'm old and gray.
Posted by Inverno

@Derangel:Can you actually imagine that Emma Frost was the part was I most looking forward to? But turned out she was the worst in that f*&¨&g movie. Not because of the writing, but January Jones was really bad you know. She looks so dull and boring that killed that movie for me.

Posted by Derangel

@CaioTrubat: The writing for her was bad too. They clearly tried to make Emma into something that suited Jones. However even when handed something on a silver platter she ruined it. There was nothing to her delivery. She looked like she had no idea why she was there and only wanted the paycheck. The sad part is she looked like Emma Frost.

Posted by haydenclaireheroes

I would love to see a Fantastic Four reboot. Fantastic Four is one of my favorite marvel movies.

Posted by Decept-O

I finally got around to seeing X-Men: First Class last week after defending it based solely on the trailer I'd seen. It had minor points to gripe about but overall, I was impressed and felt it was well done even with all the continuity and canon changes. So I am hopeful a sequel will be done well.

Regarding a new Fantastic Four movie or re-boot ( so tired of that term ) I am not so optimistic. Yet I hope another one can get done. Perhaps Fox is finally paying attention to the fans and even those who aren't comic book fans. In a perfect world, all the characters would go back to Marvel/Disney but if we have to tolerate another studio giving their spin on the characters, at least do it right.

I agree with Inferiorego, Fox has improved their track record, so I am hoping it continues.

Posted by Galathanos

First Class made me loose my lunch and the original is always better than the sequel so I'm scared of what would come out this time around, no thanks I'll pass

Posted by Meteorite

Matthew Vaughn is a great director, this is good! Still, I'd rather have Marvel Studios get the rights to Fantastic Four...

Posted by RainEffect

I actually liked the first Fantastic Four movie - from a pure entertainment standpoint. Sure, it was a giant piece of scripted bollocks, but the cast did alright.

Posted by sora_thekey

FF Reboot! Woot...

X-Men: First Class sequel sounds good but I really wan First Class to be around Beast, Jean, Scott, Iceman and Angel!

Posted by Uncanny_Doom

First Class was great, and I trust Fox with the franchise as long as they're bringing back all major players. A Fantastic Four movie that isn't horrible would be nice too.

Posted by Weapon-Alpha

Anything to keep the rights huh

I liked the movie but i would really just like a Full Reboot with the right characters with the right stories and right actors i could pick some people for the right roles but for Wolverine im not sure who else could pull it off now

Posted by shawn87

Let the casting begin. I'd love to see Mr. Sinister as the villain but I highly doubt they'll ever use him 

Posted by RedheadedAtrocitus

Lets just hope Fox can still manage to hold onto the fire of their successes so far rather than just rest on their laurels. A lot of work needs to be done, and already Bryan Singer as producer has me wincing. An FF reboot would be perfect. Just perfect. My only word of advice to Fox should the reboot happen..please follow this rule, just because the woman is visually appealing, it doesn't mean she can pull off blonde hair and blue eyes. Get the real thing. It's not that hard.

Posted by SpidermanWins

Yes! Singer is back in the cockpit finally!

Posted by JulioBalooMamalu

First Class had such a unique tone to it, especially due to McAvoy's performance. I'm excited to see more. The way I look at reboots, they can make as many superhero movies as the want! New actors, directors, writers for movies is kind of like new artists and writers in comics. Some renditions are just better than others.

Posted by goldenkey


I can see that. I could work. But Magneto is going to be the villain......................................again. He got his own little brotherhood at the end of the 1st one.

Posted by KidSupreme

If i got a dollar for every time someone said that... wow!!

Posted by jordama

This pleases me

Posted by fables87

I agree with most people. Do another X-Men movie with more mutants that haven't made it to the movies though. Also do another Fantastic Four movie. Off topic, but an Inhumans movie would be sick too.

Posted by tiggertoga

@Derangel said:

If they can get Fassbender and McAvory back for the sequel I'm all for it. Oh yeah and never NEVER hire January Jones again. Just forget Emma Frost ever existed and reintroduce her CORRECTLY *insert rant about how badly writers have screwed up Emma recently*

As for Fantastic Four? Hmm. Mild interest there. I wouldn't get my hopes up until they show they're capable of making a good movie from the franchise.

Overall, I don't think January Jones did that bad of job as people make it out to be. Emma's character was written very poorly throughout the movie, her personality had none of Emma's characteristics which wasn't a fault on Jones, but on the writers. January played the part well given that there was no focus on building up Emma Frost's character in the movie. But anywho, I do agree that they should reintroduce her character correctly. ------- As to the sequel, i'm all for it! Would like to see how they introduce Scott and Bobby. And I hooopeeee they bring Namor into the reboot of FF.

Posted by tiggertoga

@shawn87 said:

Let the casting begin. I'd love to see Mr. Sinister as the villain but I highly doubt they'll ever use him

Mr. Sinister as a villain would be great! I hope they bring in Apocayplse for a movie or two before they introduce Sinister as a villain on his own though.

Posted by evilvegeta74

@iLLituracy: They have to get Superman corrected first, exploit his true power ,more violent, with a touch of boyscout push him over the edge.

Posted by iLLituracy
@evilvegeta74 said:

@iLLituracy: They have to get Superman corrected first, exploit his true power ,more violent, with a touch of boyscout push him over the edge.

I'm all for making him more violent. But "a touch of boy scout" isn't right. 
I feel like Superman's character, especially in the books as of late, has been kind of compromised. 
Posted by Edgeworth_11

Namor should be in this one :D

Posted by RigorMortis

I love what Vaughn did with first class and the reboot was necessary after X3 and Wolverine but anytime Bryan Singer is mentioned I just feel this gut wrenching pity for the man. What a sad waste of such a fantastic director. He went from classics like The Usual Suspects and the first two X-Men movies to Valkyrie and Jack the Giant Killer. For shame...

Posted by tiggertoga

@Edgeworth_11 said:

Namor should be in this one :D

Hey...Thats what I said. :p

Posted by Tigerstriper

Fantastic 4 Yes

X-Men FC sequel No

Posted by jubilee042

@mr.obvious said:

I say YES to both movies!!! :)

Posted by LordRequiem

Any comic fan could pick apart First Class because of little things here and there and roster changes etc, but it's just such a well made film. The only person who I couldn't really stand was Angel Salvadore, she didn't really do much. Everything else was top notch.

Posted by Eyz

X-Men: Second Class?


I liked First Class so I'll take another helping.


As for F4, I need to know more. I didn't like the series as they did it, but I think much of it stemmed from being very personal about Dr.Doom and feeling he was too far removed from his comic book counter-part. I really want a solo Doom movie, and support the idea that it could work. But, my mother really liked the F4 film and said that it really captured the feeling that the comic came off when she read, which of course was in it's era of placement proper. I do question whether the movie studios are evaluating whether or not a movie was actually poorly done due to the criticism from fans in the live actions depiction of the comic books, as we do represent the minority of the film viewing audience worldwide, and that's their angle for going to such lengths with reboots, or is it them taking advantage of the fact that audiences have become accepting of reboots in the first place and using that as a springboard to make a film twice, and of course make a profit twice as well? I would say in most cases at least the comic readership generally will declare that the reboot is better in every case. But, I note that this declaration is also always made prior to the film being made at all. What I'm saying is it possible we predetermine our expectations of reboots and therefore automatically fins them better than their formers by proxy? Personally, I would rather the resources be pushed towards entities that have not yet been tapped for films, then for reboots. That is of course not to say that an F4 reboot would not be a good film either, as no one could.

Posted by MooseyMcMan

I'm very happy that Vaughn is returning, as that was easily my favorite X-Men movie.

Posted by pingclang

Hoping for a full appearance of Angel, not just 5 minutes. Should be good either way.

Posted by Watcherg6

@fables87: They need Galactus for another Fantastic Four MOvie

Posted by Watcherg6

I'd hope for a Better James Madrox, He didn't do a whole lot, a Cain Marko that was left out. and Maybe if were are Lucky a

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